Updates on My Blog

Date Posted: 15th Jan 2009 at 3:45 AM

I just wanted to let you know that I've added a large set of 55 tiled walls with matching floors and fireplaces which you can see and get at my blog located here: http://netseeker2sblog.blogspot.com/
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Starting Anew in the New Year

Date Posted: 1st Jan 2009 at 8:09 AM

Happy New Year to All!

I just wanted to announce, that because my stuff is so scattered around the place, that while I will keep what is here at MTS2 here, I have also started a page (a blog really) of my own, where I provide links to all of my stuff that is currently available online.

Though I have to warn you, while the links to my stuff, are easy to find - in the top of the lefthand sidebar, the blog is rather eclectic, because I have so many different interests, so it's not strictly about and for my Sims 2 creations.

For those who wish to check it out and maybe find a few other creations of mine that aren't here on MTS2, I'm inviting you to visit my blog at:

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Terms of Use of My Stuff

Date Posted: 29th Oct 2008 at 9:02 AM

Occassionally, I get PMs asking if it's alright to use something I created and posted in someone's creation. My answer is and always was a YES! No matter where you downloaded it from you're allowed to use it in your own creations and post those creations wherever you wish EXCEPT on TSR (as I do not want my stuff there). That's why I posted it to begin with, so others could get and use it however they wish. No credit is necessary, but is appreciated.

As my stuff is no longer on TSR and most of it is not available elsewhere, there is no link for 99.9% of my stuff to link to - so you can link to this post in my journal if the site absolutely requires a link.

How to tell if it's my file? In the case of my homecrafter material I usually signed the file in the description area in the build mode catalog and that description usually only read as follows "by netseeker2" . And in the case of recolours I made, all my files starts like this: "nts2_filename.package" where the "nts2" was my "signature".

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Today I Have Left a Message to the TS2 Community

Date Posted: 17th Sep 2007 at 11:34 AM

Today I have taken the time to leave a message to the TS2 community at large explaining things that happened to me on TSR with supporting documentation. It explains ALL of what happened and why.

You may read about it and get the documented evidence here:


Those who do go and read it and wish to disseminate it elsewhere on the net has my permission to do so, so long as all the accompanying supporting files (the rars) go with it.

Those who are here or on other sites (other than TSR) also has my permission to use any and all of my homecrafter material or recolours that they wish in their lots (even if they downloaded it off of TSR). Since it's not on TSR anymore, that should not cause a problem here with Delphy.

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