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December 2011 Stuff

Date Posted: 29th Dec 2011 at 11:43 PM

I submitted a new mod for Sims 3 Generations although Pets has been out for about 2 months now. But this mod is specifically made for Generations to prevent new imaginary friends and dolls from being generated in the game for every new child in the game. Helps reduce the clutter and hopefully smooth out the gameplay. The mod is pending approval (I hope!).

Hope your holidays had been great! Looking forward to New Year? Awesome! I hope your New Years will be safe, fun and happy. Remember: Don't drink and drive or let friends drive drunk!
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June 3rd, 2011

Date Posted: 3rd Jun 2011 at 3:54 PM

Generations is out, but I don't have the EP yet to update my mods with. Do expect the mods for Sims 3 to be 'iffy' until I check them for compatibility.

Until then, keep in mind that I will update them in the following week or two. Summer is here, and I am sort of busy.

Have a good day!
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March 2011 Stuff

Date Posted: 10th Mar 2011 at 3:35 AM

Released a completely rewritten mod for Outdoor Living Stuff. It's called "Children Can Make Meals - OLS". OLS stands for Outdoor Living Stuff.

That was the only mod that needed to be rewritten since the WA version broke my game for me.

The other mods I posted to share with the good folks at MTS seem to be safe for use with OLS. If you have Late Night and Outdoor Living Stuff, you can use the LN versions (if available) from the mod threads in my section.

Remember to post issues in the appropriate threads! Use Delphy's Dashboard to check for mod conflicts!

If you find something not quite working with OLS, please use the threads to write about those issues. Remember, I only support my own mods! And no one else's!

Have a good, windy March! :D
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February 27th 2011

Date Posted: 14th Feb 2011 at 3:04 AM

I am aware of the new SP that came out recently: Outdoor Living Stuff.

I was told that some of the mods don't work with the latest SP, but I do not have it yet. I might get a certain file from a friend to use until then.

For now, use the mods at risk.

Plus I just built a new computer, and I don't have everything set up to work with the mods. It will be some time before I get back into the modding scene.

Again, use the mods at risk until they are updated or verified to be used with Outdoor Living Stuff.


I finally obtained Outdoor Living Stuff (OLS) to check for updates that I might need for my existing mods.

ETA: Pending on which mods are easiest to update

Check back for further updates!
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Projects For Late Night

Date Posted: 31st Oct 2010 at 5:38 AM

October 30th 2010:

I am currently working on a project called Vampire Stuff - Late Night that will basically improve many aspects of life as a Vampire.

There is a discussion on another site where some of us got together to share information and mod Vampire-related stuff to fit our different play styles. Mine will not be autonomous whereas a couple of the other modders will have their mods made autonomous. So it is going to be a plethora of choices when we're done.

The other modders at where Twallan host his NRAAS mods have been fantastic. Thank you Blue, Sanati and others for the discussions and information sharing.

The new Vampire Stuff - Late Night mod will be done very soon.
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October 2010 Stuff

Date Posted: 26th Oct 2010 at 10:25 PM

I finally got my Late Night EP, and I will be looking into updating the mods for Late Night. Please do not PM me about updating them because I am already making plans to do that.

Check back here for further information on what mods are compatible or not compatible. Also check back here for further information on what NEW mods will be available when MTS approve them.

Expect at least a week to two weeks for them to be updated since I have other RL stuff too.

Incompatible Mods:

All that have been released by me here on MTS.

Do not take other players' word claiming the mods work for Late Night because 99% of the time, the mods will not work with Late Night due to the changes in the scripts done by EA.

New Mods:

Children Can Read Skillbooks - LN - Uploaded
Children Can Read Skillbooks And All Buyable Books - LN - Uploaded

Replacement Mods:

Unlocked TV Channels And More Fun - LN (Uploaded)

Compatible Mods:

Faster Novel Writing For Sims 3 - Use either WA mod
Less Hygiene And More Fun From Gardening Tasks series
Faster Garden Tasks series


Upgrade Times series
More Fun Activities

The above mods are large files containing more than 10 to 20 tuning and/or XML files. These mods will require more time to be checked for compatibility.

If you don't see the mods listed above in any of the categories, don't assume they are safe to use with Late Night!
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Fall Stuff 2010

Date Posted: 27th Sep 2010 at 2:51 AM

I am skipping Fast Lane and getting Sims 3 Late Night instead to check out the cool stuff I was hearing about. I really looked forward to playing vampires again and seeing what I can do to improve the lives of the vampires and other things.

I heard some negative stuff about Fast Lane from various people who say there weren't enough content or new interactions to justify the cost of getting Fast Lane. I will get it eventually. Probably at the same time I get Late Night.

That is if you wondered why I didn't update anything for Fast Lane or created anything new. BUT I did make sure the mods work for the latest patch which is equivalent to Fast Lane.

Game version is

I have the Fast Lane icon in the game launcher but it's darkened since I don't have it. However, I did get the Vehicle Enthusiast trait and the ability to develop a relationship with the vehicle.

Look for new mods coming next month when Late Night comes out!
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NOTICE - June 8th 2010 - NOTICE

Date Posted: 8th Jun 2010 at 1:32 PM

My policy had been stated time and time again:

Do NOT upload my mods anywhere and everywhere. Ask me for permission or I will have those unauthorized mods removed period. This means both Sims 2 and Sims 3 mods.

I have to state my stance right now after finding out that a particular person ripped one of my Sims 3 mods and uploaded it somewhere claiming it as his own work. I have petitioned to have it removed.

If you want to improve by adding unique scripts that will alter the way the mods will function to improve the game or to change an attribute of the game, talk to me. What I mean is using a program to edit the core code that will affect certain interactions, tuning and/or XML files and mods, then that is considered as something unique to add on top of the existing code in the game.

I'll be happy to listen to those ideas you have in mind.

BUT talking to me doesn't automatically give you the assumption that it is okay to upload them somewhere or even screw up the mods and then later complain to me they don't work.

Keep in mind that if you are going to add something to the mods I or others have made, they are your problem. Don't come to me or to others and complain about the mods not working for you because you messed with them. Keep in mind that we will provide support for our mods, but if you added something to our mods, then we won't support those mods anymore.

It is like a car warranty. If you modify something on a car that's not covered by a warranty, then you void the warranty. Same concept with our mods.

Thank you for taking the time to read the notice and hope your day/night has been a good one.
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June 2010 Stuff - 6/13/10

Date Posted: 3rd Jun 2010 at 1:09 AM

The latest patch should work with Ambitions. So try those first and let me know in the appropriate threads if something is amiss.

Keep an eye out for the updates in the next few days.

New Update Information:

June 13th, 2010:

The More Fun Activities project has been completed and is available with four new packages:

More Fun Ambitions Activities - AM
More Fun Activities - June 13 2010 - Sims 3
More Fun Activities - June 13 2010 - WA
More Fun Activities Collection - AM

Details will be available in the More Fun Activities thread.

June 11th, 2010:

I can now focus on updating my More Fun Activities For Sims 3 mods to make them compatible with Sims 3 Ambitions. Only one interaction needs to be deleted since it is no longer used by the game and is incorporated into the Private Investigator career.

Check back within a few days.

June 11th, 2010:

Upgrade Times - AM has now been updated to include several more objects: stylist station, tattoo chair, solar panel and windmill. The mods should now be complete with all upgradable objects available with Ambitions.

I could find no more upgradable objects to include with Upgrade Times - AM.

June 8th, 2010:

Upgrade Times - AM has been updated to include two more upgradable objects: fire alarm and fire extinguisher.

Re-download if you have the previous version.

Mods Compatible With Ambitions:

Children Can Read Skillbooks (WA versions can used with Ambitions)
Faster Garden Tasks (WA versions can be used with Ambitions)
Faster Novel Writing (WA versions can be used with Ambitions)

Mods NOT Compatible With Ambitions:

Updated Mods For Ambitions:

MoreFunActivities (Before Ambitions)
Children Can Make Meals (Finished But Not Uploaded Yet)
Less Hygiene And More Fun From Gardening Tasks - AM

The updated mods will be uploaded later after I put them into zipped (rarred) files along with documentation.

New Mods In The Works:

More Fun Activities - Ambitions (Completed)

The above will only contain the stuff from Ambitions and nothing else.


Updated Upgrade Times HELS and AM are now available.
Unlocked TV Channels And More Fun - AM is now available.
Less Hygiene Decay And More Fun From Gardening Series - AM is now available.
More Fun Activities - Now Availabile
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May Stuff - 2010

Date Posted: 7th May 2010 at 11:47 AM

I'm waiting for the new expansion pack to come out this summer for Sims 3 before I can update all (if they do require new changes) of the mods for Sims 3. This time, they will be labeled in a way to stand out as the new version for Sims 3: Ambitions.

This is one EP worth to have because I love to have a bit of variety in owning businesses for the Sims franchise (Sims 2 and/or Sims 3).

I am planning to get approval for the updated Monique computers to be uploaded here where more people will find them easily. Hopefully the descriptions and whatnot will be clear. I am still testing an idea I had to put all of the computers into a single folder with the other files (banking, purchasing, etc) to make it easier to load the game and to reduce the conflicts. It is just a "maybe" to see if I can get approval or not.

Other than that, have a happy May! As they say, April Showers Bring May Flowers.
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