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Seems to be my monthly hobby.

Date Posted: 27th Jul 2011 at 3:46 AM

I seem to mess up my HDD partitions by playing with it, don't I? And happens each month, too! Wonder if I can put the blame on the full moon or something. Bwahahah.

So the Lion kicked my ass, and with tail between my legs have gone back to Snow Leopard. VMWare works but no GPU support like I needed. Still some tricks up my sleeve I haven't tried, just need to get TimeMachine back up and running first. The Penguin has been my savior with the rescueCD and partition fixes, well still analyzing sector by sector, but it's looking promising. *crosses fingers. Surprisingly, the Windows have been blameless in all this. Just messed up some user profiles upon boot, but Windows Easy Transfer to the rescue.

I should go and get separate HDDs for all this stuff I wanna test, if VM/VB idea fizzles out.
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Arrgghhh! Well...hasn't that been a productive week? NOT!

Date Posted: 6th Jun 2011 at 3:13 AM

Sums up my week: How to Fix Any Computer... And Quietly Weep

Except I'm not that gullible to spend money on an Apple hardware (no, I don't own an iPhone, TYVM). 6mths have shown much improvement in the Hackintosh arena. Especially with the new MacPro refresh, SandyBridge kexts and Nvidia updates.

Now if only the stupid partitions don't get overwritten each time. I think I'm about to give up on EASEUS Partition Manager.

All that due to RMA "fun" for a couple of my HDDs. I hoped all the re-partitioning has no long-lasting negative effects. Well, as long as it happens within the warranty period at least, huh?

The only good thing? My Sims 3 folders are pristine clean. Heh heh heh.

My GF setting me straight:
her: Generations cannot run?
me: WTF you talking abt? Mine ran!
her: Crashing?
me: Nope.
her: Yeah! with no CC you b*tch.
me: I do, too! I have nointro.

It's good to be back!
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HD 5830! Squueee!

Date Posted: 10th Jul 2010 at 6:08 PM

There goes my shopping list again!
They've introduced a new card to bridge the gap between the 57xx series and the 58xx series.

My dilemma was the 5770 didn't present a long term solution while the 5870 was way out of my budget, and was considering the 5850. Now, with this 5830, the budget won't at least be blown to bits and still have room to grow for future expansions.

This has always been an issue for me, being tempted with new shiny! Looks like another delay, until I can read some consumer reviews and comparisons of 5830 vs 5850.

I despair my new gaming PC would never get built!
I can at least console myself all the delays have meant I managed to go up a level on the CPU hierarchy chart and with a better motherboard, too, when the prices dropped slightly.
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Download Links

Date Posted: 8th Jun 2010 at 8:29 AM

Search by model, OS. take note of desktops or mobile cards.

Intel driver downloads

Nvidia driver downloads

AMD driver downloads

For StandardAnswers, can copy+paste the whole quote. The find it easier to read when the block of instructions are broken up into clearly marked areas...remember to edit the spaces out!

Update Safe Mode - easier to preempt issues than when new drivers do not "take"

[ QUOTE]Update in safe mode
- Download the driver file
- boot to Safe mode (press F8 during boot-up),
- uninstall old driver via Control Panel
- reboot (You'll be defaulted to standard VGA drivers at low resolution)
- install new drivers
- reboot again[ /QUOTE]

DirectX download link
===================== [MS landing page, provide link below is better]

[ QUOTE]Also update DirectX.[ /QUOTE]
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Informative article on laptop manufacturers

Date Posted: 9th Apr 2010 at 7:43 AM

Who Really Makes Laptops and What is behind the name of a laptop? (The industries hidden secret)

I thought this was a good read back when I found it last year, during my research on the laptop vs desktop debate.

But, just as always with info on the 'net, especially since this is posted on their website and is a marketing tool, I'd take their rating numbers with a grain of salt (well, unless the same numbers have been reported by an independent body).

The article explained what old those crazy hardcore gamers were modding with, on notebook forums since way back in early 2000. And I did more research on the ODM brand names when local importers started popping up in my hometown offering these ODM models. Hooray! Yippee! About freaking time! Which means I don't have to deal with overseas support to xoticpc, high shipping costs and exchange rates!

Alas, since with the same amount of money, I could have better desktop options that also offer longevity in terms of usage and upgradability, the laptop debate fizzled.
After 10 years of
  • a local brand I should know better than to try with (lasted less than 2 yrs),
  • 2 Acers (13" lasted 2.5yrs was replaced by the Toshiba Satellite, 17" still using, abt 5yrs now with 3 trips in for repair due to LCD screen in its lifetime so far; my bro plays Football Mgr 2010 on this one) and
  • 1 Toshiba (my current machine, abt 4yo and no trips ever to Svc Ctr and I've upgraded this baby many times over [RAM, HDD, Fan]; with a keyboard F11 key missing and the headphones/speaker audio port has to be clamped now - yes my baby is sick and dying ),
the decade of laptops is over!

Donations welcome - click on "Yes, this is a genuine donation drive - help Ella get a new computer mission - we don't care about other countries' suffering 'cos celebrities have already contributed while the celebrities don't know Ella existed" button coming soon! Please stay tuned!

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more updates coming

Date Posted: 8th Apr 2010 at 3:38 PM

I just realized I haven't been faithfully updating this.
It's because I found a new toy to play with - Mediawiki!
I just installed that since I already have xamp on one of my machines, it just needed a PHP update and off I go.

Too bad though that I downloaded and installed the latest version as my entries had to be adjusted after being copy+pasta'd to SimsWiki.

And my initial idea to keep my ToDo list on my local EllaWiki had to be scrapped as the Wiki software had its own way in recognizing images - pointing to files on my secondary storage required some tweaking of config files and if I wanted to upload and use the wiki notation for easier export to SimsWiki, means that I would end up with multiple copies of images on my HDDs. Waste of good space!

But at least I can keep embarrassing edits off SimsWiki now! Do all the mistakes on my local machine, and no one would see an editor's off-the wall craziness except myself.

I also evaluated WikiPad...similar issues in terms of doubling the image files. But for keeping notes, this is excellent. I'll probably transfer my txt files of FAQ notes and bits and pieces of info to this App, it is already using a wiki-like syntax, so that's a plus.

Also contemplating journaling my next desktop purchase's research and finds here...compile all the price comparisons, reviews and shootouts, etc. How much do I want people to know how finicky I am and my always constant need to change my mind and over-analyzing every little thing?
Hmm, could be embarrassing and full of commentary!
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Driver download links

Date Posted: 6th Mar 2010 at 3:41 AM

Note: this was pertaining to a specific desktop config answering issue in Help. Maybe need a general entry for latest versions from Nvidia, too?

Download links for latest from
ATI Catalyst 10.2

Nvidia ver196.21 released January 19, 2010
note: the 196.75 version, released Mar 02, was removed from server due to fan issues

Update in safe mode
- Download the linked driver file, to Desktop or convenient location
- shut down and boot to Safe mode (press F8 during boot-up),
- uninstall old driver via Control Panel
- reboot (You'll be defaulted to standard VGA drivers at low resolution)
- install new drivers
- reboot again
This is the current drivers for Sound

Official Realtek's download page

cnet mirror: Realtek AC'97 Driver (Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003) A4.06 (10/01/2008)

cnet mirror: Realtek High Definition Audio Codec (Windows Vista / Windows 7) R2.37 (11/20/2009)

Broken links, only valid with cookie and there's a time limit on the ftp user/pswd
Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs Vista, Windows7 Driver(32/64 bits) Driver only (Executable file) R2.43

Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs: Vista, Windows7 Driver(32/64 bits) Driver only (Zipped file) R2.43

and instructions (PDF) from their ftp server

In summary, it says:
Setup Driver at first time:
Windows 2000 , XP :
Step 1. Before installing the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver, Press the
[Cancel] button if Windows detect the Multimedia Audio device.

Step 2. Run the setup.exe program to start the installation.

Step 3. Click on [Next] to continue the procedure. If the Windows popup
"Digital Signature Not Found" message, press [Yes] to continue the

Step 4. Finally, select to restart the system and press [Finish] to complete
the installation.
Windows Vista, Windows7 :
Step 1. Run the setup.exe program to start the installation.

Step 2. Click on [Next] to continue the procedure. If the Windows popup
"Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software" message,
press "Install this driver software anyway" to continue the installation.

Step 3. Finally, select to restart the system and press [Finish] to complete
the installation.

Update Driver:
Windows 2000 , XP :
Step 1. Follow Step 2,3,4 described in [Setup at first time] above to complete
the procedure.
Windows Vista, Windows7 :
Step 1. Run setup.exe, it will remove the original driver in your system.
Step 2. Click "Next" to remove the original audio driver in your system.
Step 3. Once after the original driver removed , reboot the computer.
Step 4. Please go back to the new driver package after computer restarted.
Step 5. Run setup.exe, it will install the new audio driver then.

Remove Driver:
Windows 2000 , XP :
Step 1. Go to Start\Settings\Control Panel.
Step 2. Select [Add or Remove Programs] icon.
Step 3. Select "Realtek High Definition Audio Driver" and press [Remove]
Step 4. Click on [Yes] to finish the uninstallation.
Step 5. At the end of the procedure, select to restart the system and press
[Finish] to complete the uninstallation.

Windows Vista, Windows7 :
Step 1. Go to Start\Settings\Control Panel.
Step 2. Select [Programs] icon.
Step 3. Select [Programs and Features] icon.
Step 4. Select "Realtek High Definition Audio Driver" and press [uninstall] button.
Step 5. Click on [Yes] to finish the uninstallation.
Step 6. At the end of the procedure, select to restart the system and press
[Finish] to complete the uninstallation.

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Downloading and installing CC FAQ

Date Posted: 2nd Mar 2010 at 8:27 AM

Another common one. Holding area until I edit the wiki...or sticky. Oh! note to self: Delphy has a new Helper Monkey in Modding...have to watch that too - need to update the Install Package wiki page.

Maybe update the Fracking pages to have a TS3 section? I should really be maintaining a list of pages that needs updating to include TS3 portions. Jeezz, talk about scatterbrained!

Download the CC
  • Where is the file you downloaded? Most people just download to the Desktop
  • You can create a subfolder on your Desktop if you want - call it "Sims3Downloads" or something you can easily identify to keep your downloads organised
  • If it is Store/Exchange items, they will appear in your Downloads folder (in \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3) when you're done downloading - see .Sims3Pack section below

What file format is this download?
  • What file did you download? .zip or .rar or .Sims3Pack?
    1. if .zip or .rar, you just need one program to extract the contents; winzip is fine
    2. right-click on this file and choose winzip and then "Extract Here"
    3. you'll get another file that has been "extracted"
  • if .Sims3Pack - see .Sims3Pack section below

What file format is the "extracted" file in?
  • What content is this "extracted" file in, in Sims3Packs or .package file format?
    1. If Sims3Packs
      • see .Sims3Pack section below
    2. If .packages
      • install the CC Framework first
      • see .package section below

Install CC Framework
  • Download MonkeyBars Framework Installer tool onto your Desktop
  • create a folder called "MonkeyBars" on your desktop
  • double-click on the "MonkeyBars" folder you just created and cut+paste the "MonkeyBars.rar" into this new folder
  • right-click on this file and choose winzip and then "Extract Here"
  • double-click on the extracted "FrameworkInstaller.exe"
  • click the big "Install" button at the bottom-right corner
  • take note of the "The Sims 3 Games I have:"
    • we're going to need this path for "The Sims 3"
  • leave this program opened

Is the file a .Sims3Pack?
  • put the file in the Downloads folder in your User documents path (in \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3)
  • use the Launcher to install this item

Is the file a .package?
  • open a Windows Explorer window or double-click on My computer
  • go back to the Framework program, and copy that path I asked you to take note of
  • switch back to Windows Explorer
  • in the Explorer's address bar, press CTRL+V to paste the path you just copied
  • press ENTER
  • you should now be in the \Program Files(x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ folder
    • if you do not have a Vista or Windows 7 64-bit Operating System, you will not have the "(x86)" in your Program Files path name
  • double-click on Mods
  • double-click on Packages
  • switch back to the "Sims3Downloads" where you had extracted the .package file
  • cut+paste this .package file into the \Program Files(x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages folder

Load up the game and test!
  • you do know where to look for the item, I hope?
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Date Posted: 2nd Mar 2010 at 8:16 AM

Some common FAQs that I'd formatted too nicely to lose or forget, once the thread is archived.

Things you can try:
  1. Initiate the download in EADM and cancel and then download via a browser from your download history in your EA Account at site.
  2. Install via the in-game Store button.
  3. What Firewall and Antivirus programs are you using?
  4. Have you allowed the EADM executable in the Firewall?
  5. Have you tried rebooting the machine if that helps?
  6. What privileges does your User Account have on this machine? Are you an Admin? Have you tried right-click and running EADM as Administrator?
  7. What EADM version are you using? to check for EADM version: see post#6 in this thread
  8. Have you tried uninstalling, redownload and reinstall? Seems that certain earlier versions of the EADM (v6.0.0.88) is problematic.
    • Manual Uninstall - here
    • Redownload - here (v6.0.0.113, v6.0.4.4 v6.0.4.10 journal entry updated [03/22/2010])
  9. Files being downloaded are in a cache folder that might be hidden on your system. You need to enable/show Hidden files and folders for your OS. Completed Downloaded files would appear, I guess in the Downloads folder in the Docs/EA/TS3/ path (adapt to whatever OS you have). This EA thread has steps showing how to clear your corrupted downloads cache. (I don't use EADM, so I cannot vouch for the accuracy and validity of these steps in this EA forum page.)
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attempt#6 - direct patch to 1.9

Date Posted: 25th Feb 2010 at 4:15 PM

I know! I know! why can't I ever be satisfied?

Try#6: v1.9.22 + WA v2.4.7 + HEL v3.0.38 Installed
  1. install TS3
  2. test CC-free
    • load OK
  3. applied 1.9.22 patch
  4. test CC-free
    • load OK
  5. Installed framework
  6. Restore CC from 1.10 install (see prev journal entry)
    • opened Launcher
      • pre-installed CC (those done in previous attempt at 1.10 patch version) all showed up
      • new items can be installed
      • but tiki/riverview is gone in-game? Quit.
        1. reconfirmed in Launcher - yeah, thumbnails missing
        2. retried with backup S3P file (suppose a redownload would work, but too lazy to logon to the site plus they having site maintainance tonight (24th)).
        3. uninstall and reinstall didn't work
        4. had to delete whole .dbc file and reinstall all the stuff over again
        5. tiki was ok on reinstall w/o decrapifying (I think I might have redownloaded this recently)
        6. had to run riverview through the recompressor to be decrapify before it would install; the 1st try had a "Done-ButNoIcon" status
    • placed some new .packages
    • swap sliderhack for 1.9 version
    • those that are tagged with WA-compatible do not show up as expected
  7. disabled framework and renamed DCCache folder
  8. backup, especially the .exe files
  9. install WA
  10. applied 2.4.7 patch (cannot run on 2.0.86, coz would get the "incompatible" msg)
  11. test CC-free
    • load OK
  12. Re-enabled CC
    • restored DCCache name and opened Launcher
    • oh! a potential clue? Installed Content tab did not take as long to load the CC list as before when tiki/riverview didn't show up in-game
    • CC appears intact in Launcher
    • re-enabled Framework
    • went through mods list to see what needs updating
    • only mod is sliderhack, do not need updating because it is a lateral patch version, not going UP/DOWN a level
  13. test game chockfull of CC
    • load OK
    • CC in both formats appear intact
    • CC previously not showing up because tagged EP-compatible are showing up
  14. same routine for HEL
  15. no patch needed
  16. started Launcher
    • yeah...HEL's Launcher is busted (both in 3.0 & 3.1; I could have ended up with a bad disk? but game works fine); get the "Sims3Launcher has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience" error
    • something about the TS3SP01.exe is not playing well with Sims3Launcher.exe, because the same Sims3Launcher.exe when copied over to the "working_launcher" folder works with TS3EP01.exe.
  17. started Launcher from "working_launcher_1.9"
    • CC appears intact
  18. re-enabled Framework
  19. test game
    • load OK - CC all present & accounted for.
    • quit
  20. confirmed cannot install Sims3Pack (even decrapified custom, not store)
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