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Date Posted: 25th Feb 2010 at 6:48 AM

  • Thought I'd go directly to 1.10.
  • Backup as usual, before proceeding.
  • And then from 1.10 to install WA, and then to 2.5.
  • Everything when fine, installed some S3Ps and .packages with WA-2.5's Launcher.
  • Backup as usual, before proceeding.
  • From 2.5, installed HEL, patch to 3.1
  • started Launcher - it is broken again [same error of "...has encountered a problem..."].
  • Setup the "working_launcher" folder with WA-2.5's TS3EP01.exe and HEL-3.1's \Game\Bin\ set of files.
  • installing CC
    • "working_launcher" works fine - can install and uninstall Sims3Packs
    • framework works in recognizing previously placed .package CCs (same \Mods folder's contents from previous attempts), just needed to swap out the sliderhack to the 1.10 version
    • new sims3Packs and .packages show up just fine
  • all 3 Launchers from each game's \Game\Bin\ gives the same error once HEL-3.1 is installed
  • uninstalled HEL and WA-2.5's Launcher works again.

so is that conclusive evidence enough that HEL is wreaking havoc in all areas? especially with the digital version.
need a confirmation - next test - direct patch to 1.9 and so on.
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Have coffee - will patch!

Date Posted: 17th Feb 2010 at 3:43 PM

As SpongeBob would say: I'm ready! I'm ready! I'm ready!

Here we go....patching to 1.101.9 (decided to do it step-by-step)...
  1. backup -- hit a snag -- Houston, we have a problem!
  2. ran out of space on my secondary storage HDD
  3. need to shuffle some more stuff around, dare not use my crc-ridden HDD
  4. stay tuned, boys & girls...
    -----------------updates @22nd Feb 2010-----------------
  5. all patched up to 1.9/2.4/3.0
  6. checking sims3packs: Launcher gave the "Sims3Launcher has encountered a problem and needs to close..."
  7. luckily had backup \Game\Bin of BG+WA with working copies of Sims3Launcher.exe and TS3.exe, TS3EP01.exe
  8. copied all files under \Game\Bin\ of HEL except for Sims3Launcher.exe to "working_Launcher" folder (from GnatToSplat's post @ maty)
  9. started Launcher from there, works fine with TS3SP01.
  10. with .dbc(s) renamed to disable .sims3pack content and framework disabled via MonkeyBars to disable .package content,
    • HEL loaded with stuff showing up fine with the HEL custom icon,
    • stuff with WA icon still present with WA icon
    • riverview stuff gone because .dbc(s) disable
    • no custom Sims3packs and .packages as expected
  11. .dbc(s) re-enabled by removing .bak from the name; all items are showing up in Launcher
  12. started up game
    • store sims3packs gone
    • custom sims3packs ok
  13. quit and started launcher to uninstall/reinstall sims3packs
    • the TS3SP01 Launcher is still giving the same error "Sims3Launcher has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience"
    • the "working_launcher" folder's Launcher gave a "Service Initialization Error (0x6224dd27)" error
      • rename old Sims 3 folder to The Sims 3 Backup [1.0-2.5-3.0] and restarted game
      • started game and new User files created
  14. have to take a break, all this loading and quitting the games has raised temps to 60°C, YIKES! I forgot to place fpslimiter and start via the 3booter!
    -----------------updates @23rd Feb 2010-----------------
  15. before uninstall Sims3Pack to be reinstalled, just remembered "Launcher Sticky!".
    • Moved *.dbc(s) and *.world to appropriate folders and all items reappeared! Hooray! (no uninstall needed, just without the green custom content diamond indicator)
  16. tested counters (+island; normal positioned+corner positions) are CASt-able
  17. pools/basement build tools didn't crash
  18. no sliders or dal's beauty spots and other makeup because framework still disabled (as expected)
  19. custom pre-made sims still there
  20. houses in Lot Bin still there
  21. what else to check??? before re-enabling framework and installing new stuff
  22. framework re-enabled, .packages all fine
  23. started launcher ("working_launcher") to install more stuff
  24. still get svc init error codes (different one this time)
  25. switching different .exe (TS3EP01-1.5 or TS3-1.7) and editing Sims3Launcher.ini to match still no difference in outcome
  26. time to uninstall

Mood: Confuzzled
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Erm, yah, I'm a glutton for punishment

Date Posted: 16th Feb 2010 at 6:58 PM

So..I've never been able to ignore a good puzzle.

Attempt#3: v1.7.9 + WA v2.2.8 Install
  1. did backup of CC I want to restore, userPresets.package I wanted to test
  2. uninstall WA, then base-game with all content removed
  3. ran ccleaner
  4. verified folders are cleared plus entries in Start Menu
  5. reinstalled base-game - loaded game on 1.0.631 CC-free
  6. fired-up Launcher - still show 2 sets + 1 Lot installed
  7. installed framework
  8. restored same CC used in attempt#1
  9. loaded game on 1.0.631, all CC as before ie same ones showed up and the same ones still missing
  10. placed pre-made Sims created before Dec15 '09; all showed up with Gabriel missing his hair (forgot to restore the hair package), Lara is fine while Ziyi defaulted to base-game clothing and slider settings (I had not downloaded her CC-required-shopping-list)
  11. patched directly to 1.7.9
  12. Launcher still showing same items as installed
  13. installed WA and patched to 2.2.8
  14. tried Sandstone Lot again - still same message
  15. same with newly downloaded gizky's Renovated City House
  16. fired-up the game - no black screen (should have realized something went wrong when this appeared in attempt#1), WA's yellow and green loading screen
  17. objects on "no show" list now showed up, including newly-restored skins
  18. those objects that showed up in 1.0.631 still there
  19. checked Gabriel again, now with hair after I've extracted it, the 2 ladies still there
  20. crashed after selecting a pre-made sim (Autumn_MacGaren1)
  21. have not checked the CAS-parts content yet, before it crashed
    -----------------updates @12 hrs later-----------------
  22. removed Autumn_MacGaren1, restarted and no more crashes in CAS
    • will need to retry after the shopping-list is done
    • suspect cause might be the sliders were on core-mod settings
  23. quit game and added more content uploaded from Dec period onwards
    -----------------updates @20th Feb 2010-----------------
  24. since I haven't completed my HDD housekeeping, I can't continue with the newest journal entry and decided to update my notes with some CC additions I made to the game in this entry
  25. forgotten this note on the Lots
    • extracted .package and dumped in Library
    • icon in Lot bin changed to folder instead of CC indicator
    • both lots the Launcher cannot install are placed in-game successfully with no crashes
    • also tested editing pool(only renovated house had one) and create a basement (both houses had none), all A-OK
  26. added more Sims using sliders to ensure my non-crashing was not a fluke; all showed up and no more crashes

Store Sims3Packs
  • installed via Launcher with 1.0.631
    • Tiki_Fullset (released Jun '09)
      • showed up in 1.7/2.2 with no tweaks done
    • Minimalist_Fullset (released Dec '09)
      • was a no show on 1.0.631 in Buy mode catalog even when extracted and placed in \Mods\Packages\
      • showed up in 1.7/2.2 with no tweaks done
      • the bar stool showed up in Counter category? D'oh! Someone at EA is sleeping on-the-job! Now need to re-download a fixed pack if they had one.

Lots Sims3Packs
  • added with 1.0.631
    • ruthless_kk Small_Suburban
      • pre 1.8, before Dec15 '09, Edit town -> Lot Bin -> 9 Sun Song Ave
      • still there after 1.7 update
    • Sierra221 Sandstone House XS 3
      • "Built with Game Version:", uploaded 03rd Feb 2010
      • requires latest update error msg
  • added with 1.7.9/2.2.8 patch
    • gizky Renovated City House
      • "Built with Game Version: 2.5.12", uploaded 16th Feb 2010
      • requires latest update error msg
    • Riverview
    • kiwi_tea's NiuaSimoa
      • same error as Lot needing game to be updated first (as expected. New CAW-created worlds need my game to be on 1.8/2.3 or later)

Custom Content Sims3Packs
  • added with 1.7.9/2.2.8
    • hudy777's Madonna Kitchen furniture set
    • stylistsim's living room free set
    • stylistsim's kitchen clutter set

  • added with 1.7.9/2.2.8
    • (no version number on thread, all added with their shopping-list content) --updates @20th Feb 2010--
      • Jessica_2020's Autumn_MacGaren1.sim, uploaded 3rd Jan 2010 [caused a CTD]
      • BasTyra's Ariadne Gianakos, uploaded 8th Jan 2010
      • monca533's Simply Johnny Depp, uploaded 12th Feb 2010
    • (these 3 are pre 1.8, uploaded before Dec15 '09)
      • FREEDOM_55's Gabriel_O'Hara.sim
      • Rosalie_Q's Lara_Croft27.sim
      • harryishere's Ziyi_Zhang.sim

Packages (pre 1.8, before Dec15 '09)
  • installed with 1.0.631 (all still there on 1.7)
    • FP Garage cluter
      • show up as stated in Desc on Download thread: by Function -> Decor -> Misc Decor
      • showed up in 1.7/2.2 with no tweaks done
    • Anubis360 NoukSideBraid
    • motleyCrew shortenedBoots
    • lurania tatoo
    • pbox SimpleSiding
  • added with 1.7.9/2.2.8
    • skins
      • SXS2_DBCAB_amBottomNude
      • SXS2_HystericalParoxysm MoreDetailedBodies-Female
      • SXS2_HystericalParoxysm MoreDetailedBodies-Male
      • SXS2_oykawoo HPsSkinForDBCABsMeshVeryHairy
    • Arisuka' BloodyMask set
    • daluved1's layerable moles
    • Rez_Delnava's CASMoles
    • LadyFrontbum's Romance_Eyeshadow
    • shady's DEFAULT-multicolor-eyes

Packages (post 1.8, after Dec15 '09)
  • installed with 1.0.631
    • HL CribLittleSister (was no show on 1.0) no tweaks, just showed up once patched
    • cmomoney ModernWallClock (was no show on 1.0) no tweaks, just showed up once patched
    • Arisuka FemmeFataleEyeliner
    • Arisuka FemmeFataleEyeshadow
  • added with 1.7.9/2.2.8
    • hazuitokage's thicker transparent glasswall
    • orangemittens glasswall
    • TheJim07's HalfColumn
    • Hydroxide's lusetiles
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D'oh! Patched to v1.5.82 for base game to install WA

Date Posted: 16th Feb 2010 at 3:37 AM

Oh shit!
I forgot to load Launcher and the game to test for the CC status with 1.5 before running the WA installer.

Funny, that the patch do not create the DeltaBuilds as in patch 1.4 did back in Aug. Wonder if it will create issues down the line with future patches? Meh..I'm sure I'll have to reinstall Sims 3 over again when the next rumored 'big patch' is out.

Aargh! Now it crash upon WA start-up.
Guess that answered my question!
Back to the drawing board....

hhmm...maybe a different strategy?
1. Patch direct to 1.7 or
2. Incrementally from 1.4 some of the forums claim is necessary?
While one of the Gurus already claimed it is not, as patches are accumulative and all the earlier ones are included in the next and so on.

The question is - am I that bothered enough to test them and find out? Means 2 reinstalls, at least! Sheesh! they really should have a rollback button as a feature with all the crap the patches causes.
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Attempt#2: TS3 reinstall v1.0.631

Date Posted: 15th Feb 2010 at 5:18 PM

Initial startup went fine.
Changed to Windowed mode and tweaked other options.
No other mods/CC except those tested below.
Cache+thumbnails refresh at each game load.
Path to pics <D:\Wiki-work>

v1.0.631 Installed
Tiki_Fullset (released Jun '09)
- via Launcher as <Docs>\DCCache\dcdb0.dbc
-> have CC-green diamond icon
- via Launcher, moved <Docs>\DCBackup\* to <Prog>\Mods\Packages & <Docs>\DCCache\dcdb0.dbc deleted
-> no CC-green diamond icon
-> corner counter not CASt-able, even after replacing with new counters
-> cannot apply presets in CASt via drag-n-drop, to previous counters until removed and new counter placed
-> no issues with corners on base game counters
- <Prog>\Mods\Packages\* deleted, a copy of dcdb0.dbc placed in <Prog>\Mods\DCCache
-> no CC-green diamond icon
-> corner counter not CASt-able, even after replacing with new counters
-> cannot apply presets in CASt via drag-n-drop, to previous counters until removed and new counter placed
-> no issues with corners on base game counters
- extracted .packages via 3Viewer, placed in <Prog>\Mods\Packages
-> still same issue with corner counters
- extracted .packages via MS3PE, placed in <Prog>\Mods\Packages
-> still same issue with corner counters
-> restoring <Docs>\DCCache\dcdb0.dbc reverted corner CAST-able counters as per normal
Minimalist_Fullset (released Dec '09)
-> dcdb0.dbc increased in size from 8MB to @14MB
-> showed as Done in Launcher Installation
-> no show as well when moved <Docs>\DCBackup\* to <Prog>\Mods\Packages\Minimalist\
- ruthless_kk Small_Suburban
-> pre 1.8, before Dec15 '09
-> show up in Edit town -> Lot Bin -> 9 Sun Song Ave
- Sierra221 Sandstone_House_XS_3
-> post 1.8, after Dec15 '09
-> requires latest update error msg
Packages (pre 1.8, before Dec15 '09)
- FP Garage cluter
-> TXTC flagged as corrupted in Dashboard, except for the 2 *mulch*.packages
-> both mulch no show in Catalog under Room -> Dining -> Misc Decor
-> show up as stated in Desc on Download thread: by Function -> Decor -> Misc Decor; also in Outdoor - uhm - what's that thing called....Lawn Decor?
- Anubis360 NoukSideBraid
- motleyCrew shortenedBoots
- lurania tatoo
- pbox SimpleSiding
Packages (post 1.8, after Dec15 '09)
- HL CribLittleSister (no show)
- cmomoney ModernWallClock (no show)
- Arisuka FemmeFataleEyeliner
- Arisuka FemmeFataleEyeshadow
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My notes on Riverview install

Date Posted: 15th Feb 2010 at 4:53 PM

Back in Sept, while working out my strategy to organize CC and limit headaches when uploading Lots here, I decided to put the sets and worlds in folders for easier cut+paste as and when needed. Encountered the blue lot issue thing when Riverview was installed wrongly via Launcher and when the packages were just dumped into Mods.

This snippet showed which solution I ended up with.
Riverview.Sims3Pack [size in Launcher 92.81MB] is packed with 28 items listed below.
[contains 27 packages + 1 png]

Overalls with long sleeve shirt x4

Buy Object
Checkered Silo
Round water trough
Leftovers by Faus Pas Furnishings
Lotsa Lumber by Faus Pas Furnishings
Long water trough
Not-so-little boxes
Mr Turnwillow
Wildly western door
No Fishing!
Contented Cow Advertisement
Ye Olde Water Tower

Build Object
Sunflower spa
City Hall
Truelong Community School
Country care General Hospital
Rock of Ancients
Athletic Announcement Sign
Doo Peas Corporate Towers
Water Tower with Checkered Border
Soil and Water Research Facility
Fort Salas Military Base

Install via 3Viewer/S3PME
- dumping .packages result in overlapping areas in world, but it loads, no crashes.
Install via Launcher
- installed just to get at the .world file, then copy it and uninstall from Launcher to keep things clean,
- dumped the extracted .packages (sans the 76MB, which is the world file) into the Riverview folder in \Mods\Packages\Nhoods\. The objects are without the green plumbob CC indicator in the Buy Object catalog.

Uninstalling Riverview Objects
You'd get an "Unsuccessful" error message - cannot uninstall while there are dependents.

Correct Sequence
- Uninstall Riverview world (made a copy to try restoring without Launcher)
- Uninstall Riverview Outfits
- Uninstall Riverview Build/Buy objects

Disk Sizes after uninstall
DCCache reduced to 8MB from 14MB
InstalledWorlds reduced to 0MB from 76MB

  • Uninstalled in Launcher with in InstalledWorlds folder
    - results: **** and numbers in Name and description; but game still playable
  • Uninstalled in Launcher with in Mods\NHoods folder & edited resource.cfg to accept .world
    - results: not recognized in New Game, only Sunset Valley is available
  • Uninstalled in Launcher with renamed to Riverview.package in Mods\NHoods folder
    - results: Sunset Valley and Riverview map overlap each other with blue areas
  • Uninstalled in Launcher with in \GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Worlds folder-- [soln: with stbl to overwrite base-game's]
    - results: **** and numbers in Name and description; but game still playable

For s3pe: in InstalledWorlds [0xd535a1c25e231c854401ac15e7ae1bb2.package]
WLID 0xf609fd60

cobbled together STBLs via s3pe [0x007332F0CD633F8D] (too much work with frequencies of patches, find alternative??!!?? meh)
--> 1.3/1.4:
--> 1.7: ellacharm3d_s3pecombined_DeltaRiverviewSTBLs.package
--> 1.8: ellacharm3d_s3pecombined_DeltaRiverviewWASTBLs.package
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Salvaging some notes

Date Posted: 15th Feb 2010 at 4:32 PM

So, a CRC corruption mess cause me to lose some files and data I've been working on for the Wiki GCCTSU pages. I managed to retrieved some snippets of my notes and will just dump them here before I lose more of it. Managed to swapped out the CRC-ridden 120GB with the original 80GB HDD the lappy came with.

Finally done with moving files around and restoring the OEM's OS, updated XP to SP3, install the most essential stuff only at this point. First reinstall of Sims up to 1.10 causes Launcher to protest with a "process timed out" error. Google-fu suggested .net, but the .net 3.5 SP2 seems fine and the 2.0 repair didn't find anything wrong. Now on 2nd reinstall of Sims 3 in a week! That is simpler than redoing all the XP crap again.

Now with this latest patch 1.10 for HELS seems to make installation of CC even more of a trial and error task. And now looks like the Helps forums are getting more posts on CC not showing up - better get cracking on the GCCTSU again!

Hmm...onward onto the salvage hunt to back stuff up and deal with HDD RMA redtape to look forward to..ooh what FUN! Yippee!
And it is only February...sigh.
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TS3 CC Organization Strategy - Part 2

Date Posted: 9th Oct 2009 at 8:38 AM

The strategy
You can edit the resource.cfg file to suit your organizing preferences. The items loaded by the game all have low priority (in the negatives), so the priority levels set here will determine that the packages will overwrite game data. Mine is setup like this:
Priority 500
PackedFile Mods/Packages/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Packages/*/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Packages/*/*/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Packages/*/*/*/*.package
PackedFile Mods/Packages/*/*/*/*/*.package
Priority 499
PackedFile Mods/ModTest/*.package
Priority -50
PackedFile Mods/Probation/*.package

and my folder structure is like this in my game root \Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 :
\Door, Window, Column
\Stair, Fence, Rail
\Hacks <---- awesomemod, nomosaic, etc here
\Misc <---- HUDNavigation, etc here
\NHoods <---- Riverview here
You do not have to specify the folder name in the resource.cfg (the * will accept anything), just the folder's structure needed to be categorized by content-type (otherwise, why bother). I have only gone down two levels deep, as I do not organize by site or creator name; you can do that if you prefer.

Downloading...., else what is there to Organize?
I organize my Downloads folder by site and creator name outside of the game folder structure. But I don't organize the creators' creations by content-type as I would do that in the mods\package. Well...unless the creator is a prolific inventor and I love ALL and HAVE to have them, then it is organized so I can easily see at a glance what I already have (usually by following the creator's categories on their site).

My downloads folder is in my backup drive F:\ with this structure
\mts (no creator sub-folder because download has it in the filename)
\ (to remember where I download from, matches the sitename on my browser's Bookmarks)

Some tips:
  • Removing CC is a simple matter of deleting the .package file from the folder, and That's It! No cache/thumbnail removal bla bla bla. Only when I get a crash-to-desktop when loading a saved game, do I do that whole procedure, but normally the 3booter.exe does it for me.
  • If you're on Vista OS, and am not so computer literate, do not install games in the \Program Files\. Even if UAC recognizes you as Admin, some of the settings are just too wonky to be fiddled with, especially if you don't know what you're doing. Install games outside the system's folder structure that will not check for security permission, like in C:\Games\ for example.
  • When building lots or creating Sims for uploads, if you want to control the amount of CC links you need to credit, move ALL Buy/Build/CAS/Sets CC out of the \mods\package\ folder, and you are left with base-game content. If you want to use certain CC, then leave ony those behind. You can then create to your heart's content with manageable amount of CC creators to credit. Remember to restore the CC after you've uploaded your creation.
  • If you get downloads in .Sims3Pack format, use an extractor utility to get at the .package files and you can then move them into the appropriate CC sub-folder for that CC type
  • I occasionally drop by to check on sites if the downloads have been updated due to bugs or incorrect behavior in-game. Before removing the previous version, I'd back that up to desktop and load the new .package into modtest and then verify if the claimed corrections do not crash my game even worse.
  • Do not install CC in one go - very, very bad idea!! TS3 is still new and some CC are known to cause problems because we still do not know how the game's innards will be affected. Some CC will also clash with others as noted above. So, always try to load one type at a time or in case of hacks or hair (known to be most problematic), load one-at-a-time.

So that's it! Thanks for sticking with my rambling...
do comment on your own experiences in organizing CC, which strategy your prefer (Launcher or manual), questions/problems you have or just drop a note if I helped or give you some ideas to create your own CC-organizing strategy.

Happy simming, all! :D
Mood: Luff
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TS3 CC Organization Strategy - Part 1

Date Posted: 9th Oct 2009 at 8:13 AM

If you want your CC to have the green plumbob indicator, STOP right there and you don't have to read what I'm rambling about here....go on...move along...see ya, thanks for dropping by.

So, decided to stick with me didja? Well, don't say I didn't warn ya...

Well, I've had to reinstall more times than I can count, because the game developers have seen fit to change how the game will allow and recognize custom content. Don't get me started on the speculations on WHY they do this...lots of people have already commented on such on various blogs/forums.

So, we know from the research done by the community's mod-developers (you know who they are, by now, I'm sure)
we need to
  1. organize it in the \Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ (normally referred to as the game's root folder) and NOT MyDocs
  2. setup(any text editor)or download the resource.cfg file and place it in your game's root folder
  3. have a dll hook if you're using a core mod (like awesomemod) in the game/bin folder (provided in the downloads from 2 sites mentioned below)
  4. a folder structure to match the contents of the resource.cfg (1st level created by the Helper Monkey, if not create manually)

The first time I ran the Launcher to install Riverview, established a love-hate relationship faster than you can say "EA Games: Challenge Everything". Well more like Change Everything and most times to the annoyance of loyal simmers as what they change is usually not for the better. CC removal is not so straight-forward, an uninstall from the Launcher does not guarantee that CC is chucked into the ether. You have to do this whole song-and-dance of clearing caches and thumbnails and restarting and saving your game at least twice to get rid of the CC.

So I nixed that idea immediately, and proceeded to uninstall. I've played without Riverview until recently, when I figured out how to get the strings to show up properly in-game (another journal entry...? soon? maybe...)

So, the basics is, to setup the game's CC system:
  1. DO NOT touch or modify the already existing resource.cfg files located in other sub-folders.
  2. download either the Helper Monkey from MTS or the framework from MATY or your favourite CC download site
  3. verify you have the resource.cfg file in your game root folder of your TS3 installation path. For most people this would be
    C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\ 
  4. verify you have the \Mods\Packages folder, if not create it manually
  5. open the resource.cfg in notepad to see what version you get
    • single line of *.package : means you dump all your downloads in one unorganised lump
    • five lines of *.package : means you can organise it into a four-level deep folder structure.

Then, what?

Go on a downloading spree, of course!

But wait! Caution is needed in using CC, especialy if you have/have NOT patch your game.

Understanding CC categories
So, CC can be categorized into mods/hacks or extra content you use in game.
The mods/hacks can be sub-categorized into
  • core - add, remove, correct "features" of the game (only one core at at time)
  • XML tuning - changing settings like disabling visual indicators (eg: music/ZZZs), time or price tweaks, etc
  • objects - adding new functions to game objects (eg the SuperComputer, the Dexter Bear)
  • global config - tweaking camera angle, lighting, weather, etc

Core mods/hacks must be patch-compatible - meaning that your game must be patch up to the version specified by the creator and you cannot have a game on a different patch-version.
If you have already patched to the latest version, but the creator has not maintained his/her core mod, you have 2 choices:
  • stop using that mod
  • uninstall and reinstall up to the patch-compatible version of that mod

The other types of mods might be patch-independent if the creator has not make any changes to the game's core dll files. The download page and installation instructions would highlight all this. Some tuning, object and global mods can clash with each other if they make changes to the same core dll, so you have to choose which one you cannot leave without and remove the others.

The other type of CC are those you can access via the game's buy/build catalog, the library bin for Lots, the respective CAS parts for Hair, Clothing, Accessories and CAS pre-made sims for Sims. When bypassing Launcher to install CC, you will not get the green plumbob icon that indicates it is a CC, so there is a trade off.

TBC - The strategy
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Date Posted: 8th Oct 2009 at 1:44 PM

Come one, come all. A place to rant about me, ask questions, give feedback, comment on stuff, whatever really....
Mood: Luff
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