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PANDAQUEEN 25th Oct 2021 1:33 AM

How Was Your Day?
Well, seeing as the original "How Was Your Day" went supernova...

I decided to bring it back because it was the nice part about this subforum

I have been 34 for a day and tomorrow I have a Wal-Mart run with my mom.

Today was a lazy day and I found an 8 pack of blueberry seltzer in the pantry, so it wasn't a total loss.

Freefalldreams 25th Oct 2021 3:52 AM

Happy birthday! What's it like being so old? (Not meant badly at all; I'm 31 myself!)

I...may have unintentionally served as the iron shard that set off that supernova. I was away from MTS for the past few days, but apparently my sliding out of lurker-mode just before that to say something nice to you and agreeing about the junkiness of junk mail set off a cascade and broke something (or someone)? Anyway, thank you for fixing this mess! There is a very special place for people who delete content that other people were using because they no longer have a use for it. day? I discovered that instant chocolate pudding mixes well with chocolate protein powder, so I guess that's a slightly healthier way to eat it. Also, I think my greatest barrier to success is my lack of motivation to stay on one task at a time. I've found three jobs (and really good jobs, at that) where this tendency may be a good thing...but having a chance at them requires writing cover letters that can both convey my scatterbrainedness in a good way while still fitting the accepted format well enough to get through the AI filters this kind of company can be expected to have, so that a human has a chance of seeing them (complicated by the fact that the existence of at least one of them implies an HR department still under construction, so I have no idea who that human would be!). And that...requires staying on task rather than thinking that it's time to wash my hair, or that I want to eat pudding, or daydreaming about how the interviews will go when I haven't even done the cover letters! (Or browsing MTS!)

PANDAQUEEN 25th Oct 2021 5:12 PM

Originally Posted by Freefalldreams
Happy birthday! What's it like being so old? (Not meant badly at all; I'm 31 myself!)

No problem. You may want to stay up on your health if you have a speed dial with 15 specialists.

Yes, I am currently struggling with a diet. But bear with me, I am making sure to eat a healthy meal once a week and increase as I go. I also cut sodas out of regular rotation and leave fast food for my trips to the doctor, which are infrequent.

simsample 25th Oct 2021 6:28 PM

Originally Posted by PANDAQUEEN
Yes, I am currently struggling with a diet. But bear with me, I am making sure to eat a healthy once a week and increase as I go.

I'm trying to eat healthily too, do you cook your own meals? Any tips for me?

PANDAQUEEN 25th Oct 2021 11:21 PM

I rarely cook anything resembling healthy food. Mostly, I eat vegetables in crudite trays. I try to eat healthy, but usually that's reserved for our Monday night dinners as a family (I live at home with my parents because my money doesn't go far. SSI is a pathetic joke for those who value privacy and don't want to live in group homes.)

Otherwise, I need to re-think what goes in my mouth.

andes 26th Oct 2021 1:30 AM

Hello! I'm just bursting in here. It depends on what you want and why. I always eat 'healthy', but I of course add a lot of cookies and candy, coffee and cakes on top of that; but a few tips are beans (contains everything); eggs (also has everything you need for a day). I don't like to cook, but love tomatoes and napa cabbage and often make sallads of that and beans, sometimes adding eggs and other things, it's quick and cheap and good, with spices and oils and dressing. For cooked food I mostly eat vegetable stews, also the principle of easy and fast to cook, everything can be thrown in a pot and its fun to experiment. Fish I eat sometimes, and meat, but not often. Tomatoes make a good sauce base, onions fried in oil as well. For oil: rape seed, sometimes a little olive; for bread: rye has a lot of fibers; cooked/steamed vegetables I think is better than fried. I drink lots and lots of water (tap). I think the key is moderation and allowance to indulge yourself, it'll never last otherwise.

Oh, and my day was fine, I've played the sims, been to the library and done some errands, enjoyed the sun, and read a little.

PANDAQUEEN 26th Oct 2021 8:52 AM

Originally Posted by andes
Oh, and my day was fine, I've played the sims, been to the library and done some errands, enjoyed the sun, and read a little.

I really should get back to my Sims, but my room is wrekt from cleaning up.

I have been sorting dolls and the clothes\accessories they come with as I have some OCD tendencies since I was a kid that never really been broken. But then again, people have OCD tendencies to a certain extent as said in interviews with the cast and crew of "Monk". My OCD tendencies is sorting by color, number, letter, rankings, order, etc., Putting things in neat little piles or bagging them up, labeling them and filing them in shoe boxes.

Edit: I received a check from one of my aunts. It was $50. Same as the one from my grandparents and parents. Freed up a lot of shopping money.

andes 26th Oct 2021 11:57 AM

I'd just call that organizing and not bother with the diagnosis; they are often just applied to create abnormality, instead of trying to describe it. Real dolls somehow beats the virtual ones though! That is at least how I would describe me playing the sims, moving dolls around in a doll's house.

Graveyard Snowflake 26th Oct 2021 5:30 PM

*pops in* 3 is yellow, August is sky blue, physical therapists are lime green, Germany is a grassy hill with an old cabin and two cows in the distance, France is purple for some reason, December is icy blue, 'M' is a sorta crimson color?? *poofs out in a cloud of smoke*

simsample 26th Oct 2021 5:36 PM

For me, 9 tastes like sausage meat.

PANDAQUEEN 26th Oct 2021 6:24 PM

Okay, enough fiddle faddle. I get you guys are happy to have a positive space.

With $150 in birthday money, a doll in my collection and sorting the remaining money in investments for my future plans, I can say my 34th birthday was a success.

Graveyard Snowflake 26th Oct 2021 7:30 PM

*poofs back in* I forgot to mention, X is a brownish-black and Z is a blueish-black and in school subjects, math is red and science is blue and language arts courses are all green. *poofs back out*

Bigsimsfan12 27th Oct 2021 11:20 AM

I'm just really sad and deflated. The landlord came round yesterday, ever since covid she has become more and more hostile with every visit. She consistently blames random household repairs on us - this time its the broken patio tile, she claims both that it was done in the past month, but also that my partner must have done it with his motorbike (which he hasn't owned in 2 years). I'm pretty sure it's been like that since we moved in. In fact it's clearly visible in a video of Ivy learning to walk from May 2020

She was particularly rude and shouty this visit. From the moment she entered the property she was rude, demanding why my partner was carrying Ivy and why she wasn't with me (bare in mind, I have to cuddle our dog every time she visits because he's incredibly nervous. Also I'm heavily pregnant and very ill with anemia and a chest infection). I think she's going to finally going to evict us because she was pressuring us into ending the tenancy. She started asking about our finances and told us this house wasn't appropriate for us anymore and we would be better suited for social housing (bare in mind all rent payments have been on time). Also she knocked over my beloved snake plant, spilling soil all over the carpet and wall and then instead of apologising, started yelling about how I shouldn't keep plants on windowsills.

I'm just scared and upset. We can't afford to find somewhere else to live and it would be such a hassle moving. My inheritance money still hasn't been sorted, and I'm giving birth in 4 weeks and our wedding in 16 weeks. I'm also coughing up bloody rubbery phlegm today which has been suuuuper fun, but I might finally get my antibiotics that the Doctor prescribed/pharmacist cannot find any record of.

andes 27th Oct 2021 12:38 PM

That is just horrible, and I cannot relate not living in England, which I'm guessing you are. I found this though, and in well meaning naivety I'd recommend looking up your country's specific laws on renting property etc. I hope you filmed her, if not do so next time.

Bigsimsfan12 27th Oct 2021 2:07 PM

Wales - You call a Welsh man an English man and you're looking for a fight

I've written her an email making a formal complaint about her behaviour in our home and informed her that I will be recording future inspections (havent sent it yet because it feels like its just going to poke the bear). That was citizens advice's recommendation, and that social housing can be arranged but not until the eviction notice has been served. Also I mean beggers can't be choosers, and there's a huge possibility we'd end up living in the same council estate as my mother in law who we are no contact with... which would be an absolute nightmare, but I guess we cross that bridge when we get to it.

andes 27th Oct 2021 3:21 PM

Oops, I'll be sure to keep my tongue straight! There was a link to Wales in the page I found as well though, in my defense..
Sounds like good advise you've been given, and without knowing the background I'd say that one reason for threatening harassments are that the actor has no real grounds to do anything official and is trying to provoke a situation. I am amazed they are allowed to show up like that. I wish you luck.

Bigsimsfan12 27th Oct 2021 4:07 PM

Thank you for your advice @andes - Hopefully you're right and the reason for her harassment is because she can't do anything official. I'm just worried she'll become worse and worse the longer we live here. We've lived in this house since November 2017 and never had any problems at all until September 2020. We denied her access to the house ONCE because my partner had been in an accident, and ever since she's just been increasingly rude. Not sure if its because of the time we denied access or if it's because of covid, or something else entirely (she went through IVF the same time we naturally concieved our daughter so partner thinks its that, but she did have a healthy son so I don't see why that would be the reason). Ugh I'm tired of it, she causes such anxiety and unneeded stress and she always seems to want to visit at the worst possible times (partner in an accident, family member dies, I'm in and out of hospital- its like she knows!)

andes 27th Oct 2021 5:02 PM

I got curious, and read about the 2014 housing law in Wales, "Code of Practice issued by Rent Smart Wales", and the required registration and licencing of private landlords, and that they need to show that they are 'fit and proper' by giving information about themselves and learning the 'best practices' of renting. I read 'Code of Practice for Landlords and Agents licensed under Part 1 of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014', and under 'Access to the property – Requirements' it said:

It also said that landlords can be, anonymously, reported for breaches. I don't know if these are the correct facts; or if they can be applied to your housing. Perhaps we'll get back to the thread's main subject though.

PANDAQUEEN 28th Oct 2021 2:54 PM

Just calculating some numbers for my shopping day on Monday.

andes 29th Oct 2021 9:02 AM

My day starts off nicely, I woke up early, the sun is shining through the windows, the coffee tastes great.

PANDAQUEEN 29th Oct 2021 11:10 PM

I received a second package for the second day in a row and killed a termite queen while she still had wings. (I live in the countryside of the Mid-Atlantic, wealthiest county in my state of NJ, and pest control is a must for Main Street, which has countless Victorian houses.)

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to receive memo notebooks for my note taking. If Wind is weak against Rock, what immunity is between the elements of Light and Shadow and the elements of Space and Time? (Working on a fighting elemental game.)

Graveyard Snowflake 30th Oct 2021 6:27 PM

@ PANDAQUEEN Light and Shadow can do more damage to each other (think 1.75 - 2x), but in astronomy, Space and Time are essentially intertwined, so Space would be immune to Time's power, and vice versa.

PANDAQUEEN 31st Oct 2021 12:40 AM

Third package for the third day in a row.

Also had a bipolar episode. My father and I both suffer from it and it means reading books and treating it with pills and trying to stay separate from each other when tempers flare. My father was right. I am an unhappy individual. I'm like Walter Mitty or Doug Funnie: the kind of people who are the last kind of people who grab life by the reins and do crazy shit because I am shy and otherwise weak against the most confident of the employees in a corporate setting.

Bigsimsfan12 31st Oct 2021 11:46 PM

Pregnancy has me miserable. At least tomorrow I can say I'm due this month, albeit at the very end.

Gargoyle Cat 1st Nov 2021 2:48 PM

I wasn't planning on posting over here anymore, but if I find myself in a situation that gave me a headache and can prevent somebody else the same headache, I'll post it.

I put in a order with a company called Wayfair. The first part of the order arrived with no problem. The second part of the order was said to be delivered about a week later, but UPS did not deliver it to me. I don't know who got my package, but when I called Wayfair about it, they told me they have some deal with UPS that they called a 'buffer'. According to Wayfair, 'buffer' meant waiting 6 days after a package is marked as delivered. If the package still hasn't arrived by day 6, a person can call and either have a new replacement shipped or get a refund.

Long story short, I did not wait 6 days; I called my bank. They told me to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau since there is nothing a bank can do in this situation as there is no fraud involved. After filing a complaint with proof of the order showing that it was delivered and a email talking about the whole buffer thing, I got a email from Wayfair about 24 hours later asking me if I wanted a replacement or a refund. I told them I wanted a refund, which they did give me even though I had to fight with them to get it.

Going back to that whole "buffer", wait 6 days nonsense...that is not a actual thing. Either they're doing some really shady crap with UPS in the background or outright lying people. It is gross and should not be tolerated either way. The UPS website says the following:

My shipment shows as delivered but I can’t find it. What should I do?

To help ensure the safety of your package, the driver will try to leave your package out of plain sight. We recommend that you check all exterior doors and any locations where the package could be placed, including the porch, back patio, garage, and any area out of potential weather hazards. You should also check with anyone who might have retrieved the package. If you’re still unable to locate the package, contact the sender to start a claim.

Note: UPS urges package senders (rather than receivers) to initiate claims, because package senders are in receipt of the most essential claim documents (invoices, receipts, detailed merchandise descriptions, tracking numbers, etc.).

UPS tracks their drivers and packages. If Wayfair really thought I was lying to them for some reason, they could have found where the package went as they were the shipper. They could have taken care of this whole problem in less than 24 hours, instead they had to give me lip service and expected me to be a rug and put up with it. Yeah, no. I digress.

As previously mentioned, I don't know who UPS delivered to, but I do know it wasn't the post office where all of my orders are sent. I asked the post master to search where UPS said they dropped it, there was no package. Then there is the fact that the post office I use is 15 + minutes away, so there is no way I was going scour the neighborhood looking for it.

If WayFair is getting away with this BS ( and has been for awhile since they were so casual about it) there is no reason to think other companies are not doing the same thing; buyer beware! Don't be a doormat if you find yourself in a similar situation. Wayfair will get their money back through UPS, they're not going to lose anything.

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