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Default A Monopoly Game Town
I decided to start a new hood.
I like to plan them in advance and think the details over and over again, but this time I "recycled" an old concept I played many years ago.
Back then I did not play college and had a completely different set of mods to customize my game, so this is gonna be a totally new game.

The concept

This is an story about several people joining forces (or maybe not) to create wealthy lineages in a thriving little town. Which is actually this wonderful Monopoly hood
Which one is to be considered the "founder" of the hood? Which ones will get prosper? Which ones will get a longer line of rich descendants?

It all starts at college. Four different people from different parts of the Simnation learn together about this little town with so much potential. (Later they'll all claim it was their idea, and everyone else is just a copycat.)
After college (meaning: after graduation or dropping out) they move there and follow their dreams of richness.

There are so many houses there, from the most affordables ones to the fanciest ones.
They will be moving from one to the next as soon as they can afford one - the house being the most obvious sign of richness,

The founders

There are the three students who are meant to become my hood founders.
From left to right:
  • Francisco Pardo: His surname means "brownish". He is a Family Sim, and has a puppies-related LTW.
  • Sonia Rojas: Her surname means "red". She is a Romance Sim, and wants to become a Professional Party Guest. Her personal inheritable feature is freckles.
  • Isabel Blanco: Her surname means "white". She is a Knowledge Sim, and wants to become a Media Magnate. Her personal inheritable feature is short-sightedess.
  • Daniel Rubio: Her surname means "blonde". He is a Popularity Sim, and wants to become an Icon.
They all have a Fortune secondary aspiration, so they roll money-related wants that fix them in the path of the story.
Also it's worth noting that because I play with shorter semesters it's gonna be kinda hard for them graduating...

First rotation

Plenty of pics, just setting the college subhood.
First of all, the four of them moved into a dorm - that's the best thing they can afford.

The game started spawning NPCs and townies.
First of all, the Garden Club member, and then the cafeteria guy.

Then the rest of the students living in the dorm. It's a qtie large one, so there are five of them.

Also the matchmaker and the cheerleader.

They did socialize and tried to raise their aspirations, but I did not take pictures because most of those interactions will be meaninless after all.
They went to class for the first time and they all met their professors.

Just back from the lecture, Sonia (Romance) flirted with Daniel. Who plain rejected her.

If this guy ignores her, she just moves onto the next one.
She had a better chemistry with Domingo Álvarez, so she asked him out and had a pretty decent date.

Francisco (Family) also wants to meet someone special. Talked and talked to Margarita Alonso, and became friends - but unfortunately there is no chemistry between them.

And thus the story begins.
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Rotation #2

The first semester finished and they all passed.
Isabel & Daniel got a B grade, while Sonia & Francisco (who spent more time looking for partners) got a C grade.

That meant a little money for each of them, but hardly enough to pay the huge bills that just arrived!

They decided to get an student loan. They asked for 1500 simoleons each, which was enough to cover the bills, and will hope to save up enough to pay the ones coming on Thursday without another loan...

Daniel is the one who socialized the most, became a friend of roomie Joaquín Carrasco.
Sonia tried to hook up with Domingo, but there seemed to be different schedules and she did not manage to spend time alone with him.

Francisco spent quite a bit of time phoning Prof. Lidia Ros, he is interested in being her friend (but she also might be a partner in the future, who knows).
The dorm was getting very messy, and in between phone calls he decided to hire a maid - someone called Catalina Martí will come over tomorrow.

The only one who actually spent a lot of time studing was Isabel, who managed to write a term paper. That probably will mean a good grade!
(Makes sense because she's a knowledge Sim.)
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These "rotations" are extremely short because there is only one household
That's why there are so many of them in a single post.

Rotation #3

Exam first thing in the morning - and Isabel scored an A+!
The time she spent studying was worth it.

Daniel as social as ever. Not much of a surprise, as his aspiration is Popularity.

Sonia's interests are focused on Domingo. They made out for the first time

Isabel keeps working hard, and once again she's written a term paper.

And Francisco is being very very friendly with Prof. Lidia Ros. She seems nice. And since he's no longer interested in Margarita this could be the beginning of something...

Sonia influenced soemeone to write her term paper while she enjoy the intimate company of Domingo. (No whoohoo yet.)
She expects to improve her grades without doing hard work

Rotation #4

Fourth day, that's Thrusday, and more bills must be payed.
Their bonus will be enough to pay them, but they still have a 6000 simoleons (1500 each) student loan to pay off.

Daniel, Isabel and Sonia scored a B. But Francisco failed to get the required skills and now is on probation!
They all decided to choose a major: Maths for Isabel, Drama for Daniel, Literature for Francisco and Psychology for Sonia.

Because, you know, he's been thinking more about certain professor than his own studies

Daniel on the other hand is working hard, writing his term paper.

And there was a fire! No big deal, the spinkles got in action.

Rotation #5

Everybody managed to do well, specially Daniel who scored a B.

That means extra money in the pocket, so they decided to pay part of their student loans - 500 simoleons each.

And finally LOVE! Sonia completely seduced Domingo

Rotation #6

Another semester ended, everybody got at least a C.

Which means extra money, which means they can afford paying another bit of their student loans

A dinner picture, just because

And.... whoohoo! Relationship between Sonia and Domingo reached another milestone.
I wonder what she'll do about it, she's a Romance Sim after all and may not be interested in a long-term relationship.

Francisco on the other hand is looking for one, and now Lidia (he no longer calls her Professor) and him are in love.

She seems quite nice, she also gets along with other students such as Daniel, the social one.

Rotation #7

Another semester ended. Sonia and Isabel did well, but both Francisco and Daniel failed to get the skills required to pass...

Francisco decided that something good ought to get out of this, and he proposed Lidia!
Let's hope she encourages him to finish his studies, she's a professor after all.

He used the influence he had earned to get someone (actually Domingo) to write his term paper while he learned about the required skills, so he's in the good way.

Also they finished paying their student loans - and they are still in college. Something to celebrate!!

Rotation #8

The semester finished, and surprisingly Isabel failed! It's a bad hit, because she's a Knowledge Sim...

The problem is that she got quite obsesed about her Body skill, and no wonder - even while she's exercising the trainer comes all the way shouting "harder, harder, hardeer!!!"

It seems that the best student after all will be Sonia, although she is a bit of a cheater - she keeps using her influence to get someone to do her term paper every now and then.

And this is all so far.
I expect Sonia to graduate in the next rotation, and she'll be moving to the main hood.
I'm not sure whether Isabel will manage to pass or will be expelled. When I saved the game she had not reached the skills treshold...
Daniel has a semester left to finish, and Francisco has two. The last ones are trickier, we'll see how they manage.
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This rotation began with bills. Damn bills, they are so hard to pay for my poor poor students!

Daniel wanted to meet the maid, and used a tip as an excuse. But don't think he's generous, he just tipped §1!

The money from the college bonus was enough to pay the bills, which is good.
But not everyone managed to earn it: Daniel is on probation!

Daniel & Francisco both have two semesters to finish, Isabel only one and Sonia graduated!
The random new look does not fit her but she can't afford to change it - she leaves the university with only §25 in her pocket!

Let's go to the main hood!

Sonia is effectively poor, so she decided to move into Cheapdale Place. But even the rent there was too high and she needed a §500 loan!
She looked desperately for a job, any job, and was lucky enough to get one in the Slacker career (her LTW is reaching the top).

She also invited Domingo over, and they had a good time together
Then she thought it would all be (economically) easier if she got a roommate, and of course living with Domingo could be pleasant... so he asked him to move in with her.
I fancy Sonia regreted it right away, despite Domingo bringing in §6000!

But there was more to regret in her near future, because I made sure to give him a Family secondary aspiration (for funsies, Family + Romance is often amusing) and he did not hesitate to propose to her!
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College dorm

Isabel was focused on getting the skills required for her grade, but unfortunately it was not enough.

The semester was a total disaster, Francisco and Isabel on probation and Daniel was expelled!

Main hood

Daniel rented an apartment in Cheapdale Place too, but he had only §33 in his pocket and he needed a loan to get started.

Because he can't afford to pay anything at all (he is in red numbers!) he decided to get a roommate.
Isabel Gimeno is a Popularity Sim too so they'll probably get along nicely.

Back to the college dorm

Complicated times for only 2 students and no savings. More bills came, the maid took a mirror in payment...

Isabel managed to write her term paper and that allowed her to graduate, but Francisco was finally expelled!

Main hood

Francisco and Isabel graduated with only §5 in the pocket each of them.
Even so, Francisco decided to buy a house - he's a Family Sim and may want to create a family of his own very soon.
Of course he could not afford one, but he asked for a §20k loan (those shrubs ain't decorative!) to buy the cheapest one.

He asked his fiancé over - and also a friend of them (a professor too) - but did not ask her to marry him yet.
It should not take him long, because she's got a good salary and would be an economical advantage. (Plus they love each other.)

Isabel was a bit depressed about having to rent an apartment in this cheap cheap building. But there are no other options avaliable - and required a §500 loan anyway.

She needed a job, and did not hesitate to pick whatever she was offered. Gamer, ok, not her dreamt life but she can do it.

She also got a roommate, an elder named Raúl Soto. He seems a bit grouchy but she does not care as long as he pays his part of the bills.

News in the Rojas household! Sonia and Domingo got married!
He is quite happy about that, she is resigned I guess.

Domingo wants to be an sports star, and has not found the proper career yet.
Because they are the wealthiest family of all them he does not rush to accept any other jobs yet, but he'll eventually want babies and they'll need a bigger place.

Last but not least (or maybe yes ) Daniel spent some time socializing with his roommate.
They both want to become friends, so it's likely they won't have any problems sharing a place
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New rotation, everybody is stablished in the main hood now.
I've decided I would start playing in a "richness" order, meaning that Francisco Pardo would go first (he's the only houseowner, despite the huge loan) and the rest afterwards.

It's Tuesday for Francisco, and bills arrived. They are quite moderate because he does not own much, but he does not have any means to pay them.

There are more important things to think about, rigth? Such as love and marriage!
Francisco and Lidia finally tied the knot - and she has a good salary so it also helps. And I learned she dreams of having many grandchildren, so it makes sense she'll want several childre.

Anyway there were some expenses, such as rebuiliding the house. They could not fit a double bed in the existing bedroom!
Lidia also bought a computer to contract a house mortgage that can be partially cancelled (shrubs are more limited in that sense) and convinced Francisco to get a job ni the Education career - as a playground monitor - hoping she might help him out a bit from her position.

And finally, this old-fashioned couple, had their very first whoohoo

The day in the Rojas family began with good news: Domingo got a job as a team mascot (his LTW is reaching the top of this career).
Also he's very sociable and Daniel's roommate got them an discount in their rent. Which is a good thing, the more they save the sooner they'll be able to afford a house.

Sonia has been interested in tinkering for a while, but this is the first time she really had some problems with her hobby.
Not only she was electrocuted, the TV was set on fire and the fireman came to extiguish it.

They all (family and neighbours) run outside, and Domingo started talking with this other neighbour... who gifted him a TV!
Isn't he a lucky one?

Despite being socially active, Daniel is not doing so well.
He got a a job in the Culinary career, but paying his debts is not gonna be easy.

Same with Isabel. Her job as a gamer won't make her rich soon, she does not even have enough to pay her bills!

And while playing Isabel's turn, I witnessed a fight between Sonia and a townie! Oh, drama already!
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The loan the Pardo family asked for is being paid, a little at a time.
They still have a long way to go, but considering Lidia's salary they probably can feel quite safe.

The Rojas family is saving up money too, but Sonia still finds time to socialize.
Not silly enough to date one of the building neighbours and risk her relation with Domingo, but still tryng to befriend some guys.

Domingo on the other hand is focused on his career - and just got a promotion!

Daniel Rubio is interested in Nature, but sometime Nature is not interested in him

He also enjoys the company of his roommate, Isabel Gimeno.
Maybe something else in the future?

Isabel Blanco also promoted, which is always good, even if you are not particulary interested in the career.

What she enjoys the most is stargazing, I'm starting to think she would like having a fancier telescope in the future
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One of the things I like about having my Sims use Monique's computer for loans is that the interest is added to their bills, so if they avoid paying it they'll get in trouble.
Hopefully not the Pardo family, because Lidia's job has a nice pay.

Although she won't work for a little while, because she's pregnant!

Sonia Rojas is a Romance Sim, and despite her good behaviour until now... she asked out a former professor!
Domingo was not at home and she was careful, but if he ever finds out... or asks why the hell someone gifted her a card table...

Also late at night, while Domingo and Sonia were aslept, a burglar entered the (tiny poor) apartment and went directly to the bathroom to steal the cheap mirror
She also took the chairs, cheap too, and the police arrived too late to catch her. What was lost was not expensive at all, but the Rojas family is definitely looking forward moving to a better neighbourhood.

And Daniel Rubio keeps struggling to pay his bills. He just got a notice from the SimCity Collection Agency, but he managed to pay the bright-red bills before it was too late.
Maybe he needs to find a proper partner. And he enjoy the company of his roommate Isabel... he flirted with her... and something sparkled between them

No pictures of Isabel Blanco though, nothing to note in this rotation. Working, stargazing, all that stuff.
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Francisco arrived home very very happy, but also sick!!!
He is the very first sick Sim in this hood, and he soom passed it onto his wife Lidia.

She gave birth to their first son, Fernando Pardo Ros.

Later they decided that they needed something to throw the diapers in, and because a compactor takes less space than a trash bin they chose it.
But it broke soon and Francisco tried to repair it...

Lidia was already in bed but she run to him. And convinced him that hiring a repairman was the safest way to go - and that they still had money to pay a bit more of their mortgage.

Sonia Rojas' husband Domingo got promoted. He loves his career!

He grabbed some microwaveble meal and it turned into a bonfire.
Burglars, now a fire...
They have not saved up enough to buy a house, but probably can afford a mortgaged one, so they are ready to move!

Daniel Rubio got a promotion too. A bit more money, but he's still quite poor.

But at least he's found love - pity they don't have room for a double bed.
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Playing from wealthiest to poorest house, the first turn would be for the Rojas family.
They needed a mortgage, of course, to buy their house. They afterwards replaced the shrubs for the computer load because I like it better.

And now that they have a proper place (which they already had to rebuild a bit to hold a double bed) they decide to go for the baby - Domingo really wants to have a child!

The Pardo family is taking care of little Fernando as well as they can, having in mind their sickness.

He is already a toddler and he'll be more time consuming, we'll see how they manage!

Daniel Rubio (no pictures today) and Isabel Blanco still live in the apartments building, but there seems to be quite a bit of fight there lately.
For example, Isabel just hates the guts of this guy, I think his name is Mario.
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Domingo is the kind of guy who goes running very early in the morning, that's why he's so fit!

First bills are arriving, and now that they have a house and a mortgage to pay, it's a lot of money. They'll have to work hard to pay it.

Also there is another mouth to feed!
It's a baby girl, and her name is Paula Rojas Álvarez.

Both Sonia and Domingo love their careers, but Domingo tried to earn some extra money by writing articles. Let's hope they do well.

The Pardo-Ros household were sick, and they decided some good ol' granma soup could help them - it's great they are both Family Sims!
Now they'll be able to take better care of little Fernando.

Daniel Rubio is staying another week in the apartment building, so he had to pay the rent.
It's gonna be hard to earn enough for a house, the cheapest avaliable one is already worth §30k!

He's a nature fan, and sometimes bees don't like being watched, but his idea of running into the pool was quite hilarious!

And last but not least, Isabel Blanco is socializing with one of her neighbours.
She's quite an introvert but I think making some friends will be good for her.
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Paula Rojas grew up
Her parents are having some trouble keeping up with the bills btw, the mortgage increased them and now they are too big for their salaries...

The Pardo family is economically a bit better, Lidia's salary is quite good and they manage to dimish their loan a bit at a time.

Also Fernando is learning a lot, and he does not require as much attention as he did before.
So they are thinking about having another baby... Let's see if they are lucky soon!

Daniel Rubio dancing with roommate and lover Isabel Gimeno.

And Isabel Blanco paying the rent, because she means to stay in this cheap apartment building a week longer.
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The Rojas family is definetely having trouble to pay their bills!
The don't have money to pay them, specially not with the adition of the loan fees, and their salaries are still so low...
If their yellowish bills change to red they might even need to get a little extra loan.

Bills also came for the Pardos, but with Lidia's great salary it's easier to handle them. Lucky them.

Fernando is growing up and will start going to school soon, so Francisco and Lidia are decided to go for another baby - not pregnant yet, but looking forward it.

Also a friend gifted Lidia a new computer, but since they already have one (and need it for their loan) it's gonna get stored until they have room enough for a second desk.

Last, in the apartments building, one of the already usual fights.
Daniel Rubio watched his roommate Isabel Gimeno fight with this annoying neighbour, while Isabel Blanco talked to a nicer one.
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Sonia Rojas wrote a novel - and it became a bestseller!
This is always great news, of course, but even more so when bills are piling up and the collection agency has sent a notification.
Sonia managed to pay the most urgent (ie. red) bills but there are still other yellowish ones waiting for their turn...

Francisco Pardo got demoted (bad chance card) but he's just so happy to be back home

Prof. Lidia still stays at home (using up her days off), and enjoys playing with Fernando now that he's a child.

On the other hand, Daniel Rubio got promoted! He's saving up some money and hopefully in a few days he'll be ready to find a new (better) place to live in.

Maybe the next one won't have a bee problem?
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Both Sonia and Domingo got promoted, which is awesome for two different reasons: it's extra money to pay off the loan, and it's also an step closer to their LTW.

The Pardo family should pay more attention to Fernando doing his homework, because he's getting poor results at school.

Francisco still struggles at work, but Lidia's salary is good enough to keep paying the loan.

Even though she stays home, now taking care of Fernando and his homework...

And soon also taking care of a little baby who is on the way

Daniel Rubio is ready to move out of these cheap apartments next week - getting a huge loan to buy one of the houses, the cheapest avaliable one is 30k!
But he does not plan to do it alone - he proposed to his roommate Isabel

She has the bad habit of stomping on roaches, so I'm hoping she is not sick

The other Isabel of the game, Isabel Blanco, is the poorest one and the only one without a partner so far.
She does not love her job either, but anyway she got a promotion.
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I love chance cards!
They can destroy a family economy or save it from disaster, and you can predict them.
In this case, Domingo got a really really good one! 20k!! That's what they paid for the house!

Sonia decided to pay off the whole loan, and they still have money. They may consider upgrading to a better house soon!

Their daughter, Paula, is doing better at school (although she does not seem satisfied) and invited home Francisco Pardo Ros.
Since they are the only two playable children, it's likely they'll become friends in due time.

The Pardo family was waiting for a new member, and a pregnant Lidia invited her colleague over.

Then the baby was born. It was a baby girl and her name is Carlota Pardo Ros.

There is no room for the double bed, Francisco's single bed and a crib in the only bedroom of the house, so they decided to try to build a new bedroom.
So far they could only afford the foundation but Fernando already likes playing in what was promised to him as "his" bedroom.

Daniel got promoted. That's good, first because it's always nice to have a bonus, and second because it means his salary has improved.

So he's ready to move out from the apartments and buy a house. Which means getting a mortgage. Probably a large one, because they cheapest ones are not empty right now.

Isabel decided it was time to find a partner.
She was in good terms with Joaquin Carrasco, found him reasonably attractive... and some flirting was all that was needed

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The Rojas family is finally living a quite preasurable life.
They run out of food - buy groceries, no problem. They want a car - buy one, no problem.

Carlota Pardo Ros grew up!
A toddler means a lot of work, but Lidia keeps staying at home and Francisco loves being with his children too, so it should not be a big problem.

They still have a §12k loan, but even so they decided they ought to finish Fernando's bedroom. They really need the room!

Daniel Rubio moved out of the apartments. The house was mortgaged, of course, but at least he has a proper house now.

He married Isabel Gimeno right away, having a house was the only one thing they were waiting for.

Isabel got promoted the very same day!

The money she brough with her plus the promotion bonus really help. They have already paid off a good chunk of their debt.

It was a great day for them. And, of course, the cherry on top of the cake is having enough space for a double bed

But the really really eventful journey was Isabel Blanco's. So much happened!!
She woke up very late and because she loves stargazing she decided to check out the heavens, in case she could find an UFO.

Do you know what? She did!!
All of a sudden she was gone, and retuned hours later... dropped onto the street from an alien saucer.

A little later she realized that she had returned kind of different from her journey... she's pregnant!!

Her roommate, Raúl Soto, died of old age. Righ in front of the building - the grave was sent to a community lot.
So now Isabel is pregnant and alone in her apartment. This is definetely a time for changes!

Isabel is a pragmatical woman, and she's decided to move out this apartment to raise her children, but doing it alone would prove very hard.
She likes Joaquín, why not propose to him?
She explained the whole situation to him: The baby is not his, nor anyone else's for that matter. Being a building resident, Joaquin knows the crazy saucer story to be true - and he believes her.
He accepted her proposal, and her invitation to move in (so he grows into an adult, for he technically was a YA) and they will be ready to buy a house and start a new life together in the next rotation.
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Second day in the new house for the Rubio family, and the first bills arrived. Plus the loan interests.
We'll see whether they manage to pay them easily...

Daniel wanted to throw a party and invited many of the neighbours; it turned out quite well.
In the meantime Isabel received a phone call offering higher wages at her job, and that's a very good thing!

At the Rojas' the issues were more academical.
Paula's grades are slipping and Domingo decided she needed some help learning to do her homework.

Early morning in the Pardo household, and the family enjoys their (large but empty) garden.
Lidia plays with Carlota while Fernando blows bubbles.

Francisco went to work and Fernando to schoo, while Lidia stayed home with Carlota.
Fernando's grades are improving but there is still a long way to go.

Time flies (specially in small hoods ) and Fernando is growing up into a quite handsome young man.
He's got Fortune aspiration, so he'll probably want to pursue a more expensive lifestyle...

Francisco and Lidia keep paying their debts without much problem, but it's still gonna take a bit longer.

While Lidia takes care of Carlota during the daytime, Francisco likes to spend time with the little one when he's at home.

And last the Blanco family, which I'm loving!
They moved out the poor apartment building (which was demolished afterwards) and bought a nice §30k house - with a nice mortgage too, of course.

They threw a wedding party and invited all their friends.
They were all having fun when - all of a sudden - Isabel started to suffer labour pains...

... and not one BUT TWO alien baby boys were born.
Their names are Ezequiel Blanco and Zacarías Blanco. They won't be having Joaquín's surname because he's not their father - but he promised he'll help Isabel to raise them as if they were his own.

The birth of alien twins is quite an event, but even so a wedding party would not be a proper party without the wedding!

This hood is finally taking shape :D
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First set of bills as homeowners for the Blanco family.
It's quite a bit, but luckily Joaquín just got promoted!

Also the little green beans (Zacarías and Ezequiel) are now two llovely time-consuming attention-demanding toddlers.
That's gonna be a lot of work for Isabel and Joaquín!

No pictures of the Rubio household, no relevant events there.

Paula Rojas keeps getting poor grades... She's not resting too well (very cheap bed in a shared bedroom) and that might be causing problems.

The only luxurious item they have is a large TV, and only because a friend gifted it to them...

At the Pardo's there was a roaches problem, and even them (both being Family Sims) prefer professionals to deal with them. Just in case.

Bills for them too, but in their case they're always up to date in their payments.

Also their son Fernando found a job - a job in his favourite career, adventurer!

Lidia spends most of her time attending to Carlota...

... but soon there will be another baby on the way!
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Isabel and Joaquín spent their day taking care of the twins, and sleeping whenever they could.
Twin toddlers is exhausting!

Bills at the Rubio household, but they don't appear in the pic
Daniel and Isabel both work from 9 to 15, and then they do a little here and a little there but there is no time for much.

Paula Rojas retuned from school, and she's not happy about her grades. Again.

Her father was quite happier though, because he got a promotion!
Will they be able to afford a bigger house by the end of the week?

And on the afternoon Paula grew up! She's a Fortune Sim - which is a good trait for this poor hood.

Double blessings in the Pardo household! They wanted anothe baby but they had twins. The baby boy is Leonardo and the baby girl Maricarmen.
This is gonna be a lot of trouble, because they had some space for one baby but definetely not for two...

I usually leave my Sims to grow up autonomously, but when your fathers are exhausted after taking care of two little babies it someone forces you to grow up a bit early - and be able to sleep in a "normal" bed instead of a crib.

Fernando got promoted. The bonus (and salary) in teen careers is small, but since he's on his LTW career track this is great for him.
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Bills for the Blanco family. The beginnings are always hard.

Specially if you have two toddlers to take care of!

The Rubio family had guests for dinner. This is quite usual in my game, but this time I took a pic because I hardly have pics of Daniel and his wife.

But maybe now that they are expecting a child I'll take more
Daniel was the last of the founders to have a child, so I'm looking forward playing this family now.

No pictures of the Rojas family this time though.

Bills for the Pardo family too. Things are a bit tight with a family of six in a 2 bedroom house, but they are doing their best.

School isn't great for Fernando and Carlota.
Fernando should focus on his studies if he does not want to lose his job!

But instead he asked Paula Rojas out...
The date was so-so because he had to leave early and go to work, but they get along so well that it's easy to see they may have a future in common.

The fridge was empty!
But as soon as they received Francisco's and Lidia's salaries they ordered groceries and paid the most urgent bills. (Other bills will be paid as soon as they have funds.)

And babies Leonardo and Maricarmen are now two lovely toddlers.

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Twins Ezequiel and Zacarías Blanco grew up!

It was already nighttime when mom arrived home, and one of them run to her.
I must give some kind of makeover to one of the twins, right now I can't distinguish them.

They have enough money for groceries and even paying the bills, although they still owe a lot...

Daniel Rubio got promoted! And he paid a good chunk of his loan.

It's perfect timing, now that the little one is here there will be more expenses!
She's a baby girl and her name is Mila Rubio Gimeno.

Do you know who are doing economically great? The Rojas family.
They had already paid off their loan, and now both Domingo and Sonia got promoted.
Definetely time to move into a new larger house!

The Pardo family is a crowded nest.
Young Fernando is doing bad at school. And he needs to improve his grades if he does not want to get fired!

Lidia decided it was time she returned to the workforce.
And it was such a good idea, because she got a promotion - which means a huge bonus! Paid those pending bills right away!

But the house is still a mess. Too small for 6 people, appliances broken here and there, two toddlers to take care of...

Late at night, Francisco paid another chunk of the loan. But maybe they ought to consider getting another mortgage and buying a larger house, because this is a hell of a household!
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The rotation began great for the Blanco family because Isabel sold a novel.
Not a best-seller, true, but still a lot of money.

One of the kids invited Carlota Pardo Ros over, they both talked and played with her.
(There are not many kids in this hood yet, they are somewhat forced to either become friends or enemies!)

Right before bedtime Isabel decided to pay a bit of the loan, they still have a long way to go.

At the Rubio household, a picture of Isabel bottlefeeding Mila just because I find hilarious (and sometimes annoying) the insistence of my Sims to bottlefeed their shit-smelling babies

Mila grew up and now is a baby! Which means plenty of work for her parents.

The Rojas family just moved into their new house (the last one of the 30k+ houses).
Living in the best inhabited house and with no mortgage at all, they are definetely the wealthiest family of this hood!

Paula walked to school (it was a bit late to catch the bus) but it seems her grades did not improve yet.

The house is way more spacious than the previous one and offers some entertaiment options for all the family, such as an easel that Paula liked.

Domingo decided to use the punch-thing to get in shape, he needs to gain some body points if he wants to get promoted!

Later, Paula did her homework. She wants to get a job, and her grades are the only hindrance.

Only one picture in the Pardo family (this is so unusual!) and it's Francisco teaching to one of the toddlers.
Outside, of course, they go outside whenever the weather permits because it's so small inside.
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The Rojas family received their first bills in the new house, and they are quite a lot.
Since they invested all their money to buy the house they can't afford to pay them right away, but surely they'll be able to save up for them in time.

Paula is still not satisfied with her grades - no job for her yet. Keep it up, Paula, you'll get good results in the long run if you keep working!

And... Sonia is an elder! The first playable elder of this hood!
Which got me thinking that I ought to install some small graveyards for the families to buy, and that now that some townies are growing up there ought to be some housing for them as well.

Some pics of them socializing with Prof. Lidia, just for the sake of taking another picture of elder Sonia :D

Life at the Blanco household is getting easier now that the twins are kids and find their own entertaiment.

They still have a large loan to pay, but decided to splurge and buy a car for Joaquín - working on Politics you gotta show off

Joaquín loves his step-children, and never even considered having another son who would be also "his". It's a nice family.

Daniel Rubio teaching his daughter Mila to walk.

And finding time to finish writing his novel!
Not a great one, ok, but still a very nice paycheck.

Wife Isabel Gimeno also takes care of Mila, but she's more focused on the talk want.

And they also managed to pay a nice bit of the loan. Still 9k to go though.

Last but not least the Pardo family.
Fernando asked Paula out again, and this time it was more than a friendly outing... Love! First kiss!

In the meantime the parents were focused on the twins, toddlers need so much attention.

Luckily they have already grown up.
And apparently everyone else will be celebrating a birthday soon too!

More kids mean that you need more beds. There is no room for them, so they decided to buy some bunk beds - and now four children can sleep in the second bedroom.
Francisco is delighted.

Late at night, and everybody is at bed but Fernando (whose motives are high after a great date) and Carlota (who napped until late in the afternoon) so he decided to help his little sister with the homework.
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Paula Rojas improved her school grades a little bit. Not a lot, of course, but enough to be able to get a job!
She is not interested in any specific career so she chose a position in the Slacker career - same as her mom!

Twins Ezequiel and Zacarías Blanco are doing quite well in school.

They also invited Leonardo Pardo Ros home, and played with him. (I don't think they've met Leonardo's twin sister Maricarmen yet.)

Mom wrote a novel - and it sold very well indeed! - which means a nice bonus income.

And dad got promoted, earning another nice bonus!

So here they are, paying a large amount of their loan off, and seeing a brighter future ahead!

Paying the loan is important because bills are not so big anymore, as happened in the Rubio household where they were able to pay them right away.

Unfortunately they spent all their money to pay their bills and at this point they could not afford to buy groceries - living on leftovers for a day or two, I suppose.

Other than that they are doing well, taking good care of little Mila.

Lots of pics for the Pardos, as usual.
Fernando's grades improved, still so-so but there is no risk of losing his job for this reason which is what worried him.

So he asked out Paula again. They really had a great date this time.

Prof. Lidia grew up, she is an elder now!
She could retire, of course, but not yet. They do need the extra money to be able to afford a larger house.

And Carlota grew up too.
She's a Family Sim, as her parents. And I think that she needs a new hairdo, this one is just too common.

Teen socializing, ain't it nice?

And Francisco paying a little bit of the loan again.
They are almost there, but I think by the end of the Sim-week they might consider getting another loan and moving into one of the 40k+ avaliable houses. They are so expensive but they do really need a larger house!
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