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Default Death Becomes Them

Olive Specter
Lazlo Curious
Dina Caliente.

Summary: A story of love, greed, deceit and murder. When Dina hatches a plan for herself and Lazlo to steal Olive's money, things go horribly awry. Who will find their happy ending?

Author's Notes: If you want to see spoilers of game play and how I carried out certain things click the spoiler tags. If not and you just want to read this as a story then sit back and enjoy.

Our story begins...

A beautiful spring day had befallen Pleasantview and young Dina Caliente was enjoying the weather. Things were going well for her, or so it seemed. She was having a romance with the wealthiest man in town, Mortimer Goth. She was fast approaching sealing the deal, which couldn't happen fast enough with the bills piling up. She and her sister, Nina, were down to just under 1000 to their names.

Dina sighed heavily as she walked the streets of Bluewater Village. She couldn't buy anything of course, but window shopping was a good stress reliever. She came across the Mercantile Mart and noticed how different it looked. Dark wood and a scary looking tree outside, all new sidewalk in old worn stone. Who was this person trying to fool? This place was as ridiculous as socks in summer. She scoffed and went inside anyway, seeing some old worn shelves with...charms and jars of things.

She was soon approached by what she assumed was the shop owner, a nice looking guy with dark hair and tan skin, much like Don, her other boyfriend...

She liked his look and shook his hand as he greeted her warmly. “Hey, there. Welcome to the Specter Shop.”

“Specter?” Her eyes peered over to an older woman, in clothes WAY too young for her, selling the wares.

“Yeah, Olive Specter. She owns the shop. I just help run it. I'm Lalzo. Lazlo Curious.”

She smiled. “I'm Dina Caliente,”...soon to be Goth, she added in her head. “What exactly does she sell?”

He faltered. “Uhhh, well...”

“I sell things people want but won't admit it,” came an elderly yet smooth voice from behind her. She jumped and was face to face with a woman who quite frankly, was very beautiful. “Lazlo, get back to the cash register.”

Curious shrugged and did as he was told, leaving the two women together. “So what kind of things people want?” She continued.

The older woman just smiled, eyes twinkling. “Mostly charms that aren't useful to anyone but people like myself. I also sell some home grown mushrooms.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Mushrooms?” She looked at the shelf behind Olive and saw several baskets of mushrooms. Under the shelf was a basket of bright red mushrooms, and beside the shelf was a barrel with a single jar of the same red mushrooms sitting on top of it.

“The baskets here have delicious mushrooms. And the red ones...” The woman chuckled, darkly. “Well don't buy those unless you have a reason...”

She crossed her arms. “A deadly reason, perhaps?”

Yes, she knew who this woman was. The famed Black Widow of Strangetown. Every time Olive Specter married or got engaged to someone, they ended up dead. There were also rumors of several people going to work for Olive and never coming back. The woman before her had a confidant air about her and almost seemed to glow with whatever magic aura she was carrying.

Said woman just shrugged. “Perhaps. Don't knock it 'til you try it.”

And with that, the disturbing conversation was over.

She felt sick and left the shop, heading back home, but not before a salon caught her eye. She was low on cash but was in dire need of a makeover. After all, she would be getting married soon and would have to look her best.

When she got back home, a nice new newspaper was waiting for her...well, it was new this morning but as usual, Nina didn't bring it in.

On the front page was something that made her scream...

~To Be Continued

A/N: Should I keep going? Any comments on my style? I am actually playing out this senario with no redos or take-backs. I plan to update soon!

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I like your style .You should keep writing . Are you playing a mega hood with Strangetown & Pleasantview?Or did you place Lazlo & Olive in BluewaterVillage?
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Oooh, creepy. Olive in the Pleasantview plot, that's bound to leave a mark.

But Lazlo is not evil! He is a nice, fun-loving slob who keeps flooding the bathroom just so Vidcund has something to get mad at and distract him from Circe!
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@pannisim This is a megahood. It has several 'Hoods attached to each other, but not all Maxis 'Hoods. When I came up with this idea, I just had to write it! Thank you!

@Ovenhole My Lazlo's are usually a bit different lol They are usually playas. And nothing distracts Vidcund from Circe!

"Oh look, my grandchild is now an elder. They grow up so fast. Gee, I wonder when I'll finally graduate college." Sims 2
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Default Chapter Two
Death Becomes Them

Chapter Two

X -x-x-x-x- X

She screamed causing Nina to run out of the house in her underwear. “What happened?!”

Papers went flying everywhere as she scratched at the front page, opening it to fully read the story.

Millionaire Mortimer Goth Marries Strangetown Alien Native

This wasn't happening. It simply was not. This was some kind of cruel joke being thrust upon her. Her lover did not just marry some nasty...She looked closer at the photo.

Blue? This chick was blue?

Strangetown was...well, strange. The rumors of other beings were now nothing more than truths as green skinned folk just waltzed around in the daylight with everyone else. It became common knowledge. No one cared anymore.

That being said she had never seen a BLUE alien.

She read further and the reporter that wrote the article had thought the same as she.

“I asked Mr. Goth, 'aren't the...other people here usually green?'

He simply chuckled and said, 'yes they are, but my lovely is from another place. I'm worried because her kind doesn't get along well with the green people...So, I'm glad to have brought her to Pleasantview.'”

She was seething in rage by now. The pictures showed her way out of this dump macking all over some ugly blue witch in a tacky wedding dress.

“Fine, if you won't tell me...” Nina grumbled, going back inside.

Her whole life had come apart at the seems. All she wanted was to get out of this nasty small house, away from her sister and be...somebody. Be rich and respected. Sure, she would have her own career and be successful on her own right, but it would be easier with her husband's money to fall back on.

Plus Mortimer wasn't that long for the world anyway...

That aqua gold digging hussy! She probably had the same idea! Her eyes scanned the paper further.

“Miss former Violet Bloo, now Goth smiled saying all she wanted was children with the man she adored.”

“Oh, that is just SICK. I hope all your kids with her are just as fugly and freakish as her!” She ripped the paper into confetti and stomped on it.

This was a hell unimaginable...

Nina walked back out in a sexy short dress and waved. “I'm off for a date with Don. See ya!”

Her eye started twitching. Oh, that's right. She hadn't told Nina she was seeing Don too.

So she'd lost two lovers in one day. Well, Don was an asshole. But Mortimer...she expected more from him! It was almost like he met this woman and married her on the same day!

There had to be something she could do.

For some reason that crazy bat's shop flashed on her mushrooms...

No, she couldn't possibly...she couldn't...Mortimer wouldn't't...hate...

She looked down seeing a piece of the photo, the happy couple smiling together.

He was getting old anyway.

She made her way back to the Specter Shop and when she arrived, she ran into Lazlo again. She had to admit he was pretty cute and now with Morty and Don out of her life, she could entertain the notion of maybe...

But no, it was too soon. Much too soon. She walked in the shop, looked around and quickly chose the red mushrooms. She was happy to see a new person at the cash register and not Lazlo so she quickly paid and ran out, ignoring the grin she saw on Olive's face.

She almost ran face first back into the Curious man and sheepishly laughed. “Oh, hey.”

“Find something you like?” He asked coyly.


He chuckled. “I see. Don't get into too much trouble with whatever you bought.” Olive barked his name with some sort of order and he sighed. “Okay, babe.”

She blinked. “Babe? You two are..together?”

He nodded, rubbing his neck. “Yeah. We've been together for a while.” He shrugged.

“Oh.” She paused. “Why? That woman...surely you know the rumors...”

He made a “tsk” sound and shuffled his feet. “She's gorgeous and we get along great. I haven't seen any evidence that she's anything else than really cool. I mean, the digs are nice and she's filthy rich, so that helps.” He laughed nervously.

“Yeah, I get what you mean.” She sighed and turned around to leave. “See ya.”

What a loser. Using an old woman for her money. Despicable.

That being said, she was off to call Mortimer over to her house. She had a nice surprise for him.

After soaking in the hot tub to relax, she called him over. He accepted her invitation, probably thinking he could still keep her on the side and when he arrived she promptly alerted him that was not the case.

“You jerk! You were supposed to marry ME! How could you?!”

He stuttered and rubbed his face. “I'm sorry! When I met her I just...I fell in love with her...then we decided to get married. It happened so fast, I could swear it was all the same day! Please forgive me, Dina, dear...”

“Don't ever call me that again. I'm NOT your dear,” she growled. She paused and looked him up and down. “You really love her, huh?”

He nodded. “Oh, yes. I've never been this happy. Not even when I was with Bella...She only wanted me for my money, you know.”

A wave of guilt washed over her and she sighed heavily. “Just go back to your wife. We're over. I won't bother you again.”

He smiled sadly and walked away after apologizing again.

She didn't really love Mortimer anyway. Now that he was gone and Don was a cheating idiot...

Oh, DON. She had a few words for him as well.

But...she couldn't help her mind from wandering back to the cute Curious boy...and the fact that he was living with a rich old woman...hmm...


A/N: Oh, what does Dina have planned? Will she woo Lazlo or will Olive step in and stop this acquaintance before it blossoms into anything else? Stay tuned!

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I can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
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Default Chapter Three
Death Becomes Them

Chapter Three

X -x-x-x-x- X

Dina laid in bed thinking about the last few days, wondering what she should do with her life. It wasn't really going anywhere and she had to admit she was getting tired hearing about how Nina's was going so well.

Speaking of, she had managed to give Don quite a talking to and after a round of goodbye hate woohoo, she kicked him to the curb. Hey, one for the road never hurt anyone. He might have been a jerk but he was the best lover she'd ever had...

She sighed heavily. This was getting depressing again. She fiddled with her cell-phone and sat up in bed looking at the numbers in her address book. You know what? Screw it!

She dialed Lazlo Curious.

She was about to hang up after the 5th ring, but he finally answered. 'Hello?'

“Um, hi...this is Dina...Dina Caliente? Remember me?”

A pause. 'Oh, yeah. The cute blond that bought something mysterious at our shop. I remember you...'

They ended up talking for 3 hour straight. She found she had so much in common with him, so much more than she had with Don or Mortimer. She went to bed with a smile.

They ended up calling each other a few times that week, and each time she felt her like for him going up. She even considered him a friend. Then out of the blue, he asked her out. She was shocked since he was in a relationship with Olive, but honestly that didn't bother her. She liked him enough to say yes.

The date was simple enough. Dinner at a restaurant. “This is nice,” she sighed. “I needed this.” He reached over and touched her hand.

“So did I.”

It was that moment she realized she was falling for him.

They found they had even more in common when it came to eating habits.

After desert, he asked her to dance. The music was lame but the way he twirled her was devine. Don never took her dancing and she found herself melting in his arms. And that's when he dipped her and tenderly kissed her on the lips.

Thank goodness Nina wasn't home when she brought Lazlo back to the house...and she soon discovered Don was not the best lover she'd ever had...

The next day she woke up alone understanding that Lazlo had to get back or Olive would get suspicious. Nina was home making breakfast and for some reason the smell made Nina nauseous as she ran to the toilet to puke, the pancakes smoking on the stove.

Dina screamed and grabbed the pan, frowning at the blackened cakes. “What has gotten into her?”

Nina came back in. “Oh, I think I have the flu...” Dina shook her head and ate the burnt meal anyway.

A few days later, the sisters realized with a bump on the belly, it wasn't the flu Nina had. And a few days after that, Dina realized she had caught the same thing...

Uh oh...


A/N: Sooooooo sorry for the long wait! I have had massive writers block for a very long time and just didn't have the juice in me to write anything! I have played the story all the way out and already have the pictures taken to prove it, so hopefully I will get the story written out to show you guys! It was really awesome how it all worked out.

Sorry if this seemed rushed but the Sims do go fast sometimes!

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Default Chapter Four
Death Becomes Them

Chapter Four

X -x-x-x-x- X

The next few days were awful, especially since Nina had twins of her own. But once Julian was born, Dina knew it was the right thing. She felt the happiest she had ever felt.

That is, until the new wore off. Here they were with THREE babies and neither of them had any help or knew what to do. Hours upon hours, no sleep, hunger bottoming out, green diapers everywhere, and screaming infants.

It was too much. The world was spinning. Things seemed red. At one point she dreamt a strange looking doctor fell out of the sky and told her funny things like to quack like a duck.

And then, everything broke and went wrong. A woman was yelling at her. The woman was taking her baby. “No! No!” She was screaming, chasing after them. Julian was gone...

She was inconsolable. She had one chance and she ruined it. What was worse, Nina still had HER babies. Her babies with DON. What had gone so wrong? How could she had been so happy one minute and miserable the next?

There had to be something that could be done...the only thing she could think of was Lazlo. He was so excited about Julian, how could she tell him she'd lost his only son?

She sighed heavily and gave him a call.

X -x-x-x-x- X

How could this be happening? How could his boy be in foster care? He had never planned to be a father no, but he didn't want to lose his kid! He sat down with his head in his hands, moaning at it all.

Olive came walking in and saw him crying on the couch. “Why, whatever is wrong, darling?” she asked in that knowing tone she always seemed to have.

He sniffled and looked up at her. “I have something I need to tell you...I...I slept with another woman and she had my baby.”

Olive had no reaction. None whatsoever. “Hm. I see. You wish to be with them?”

He looked away as tears built in his eyes. “My son got taken away by the Social Worker!” he cried again, hiding his face in shame.

There was a brief reaction on the older woman's face. A wisp of emotion; a twitch of the eyebrow, and an ever so slight lowering of her mouth. “Your son...The Social Worker...what a lovely young woman you mated.” She crossed her arms and sat next to him on the couch with a heavy, irritated sigh. “Lazlo. You could adopt the baby back...but you have no money and this is not your house. It's mine. You have nothing to show for a baby.” She paused as a grin slowly appeared on her face. “But I have quite a large fortune...if we were to marry...we could adopt the baby together...”

She knew she couldn't adopt the baby with her record of having lost one. But if they got married she had the chance to be a mother to a little boy once again. Of course, Lazlo knew nothing of any of this and she intended to keep it that way.

He looked up at her. “Us? Get married?” He chewed his bottom lip. He really didn't want to marry Olive...He kinda loved her, but he really loved Dina...but if this was the only way to save his son... “A-Alright...l-let's get married.”

Olive snapped her fingers. “Meet me in the backyard.” She walked away rubbing her hands.

Finally! She was FINALLY going to get married. And NO ONE was going to stop her. She picked out the most beautiful gown and put it on. It was time for her to win. It was time for her to at last get what she deserved.

And someone else was going to get what HE deserved. How dare he cheat on her. This would not be forgotten easily. He would pay. But for now she would let him think all was well. She just needed that baby...

X -x-x-x-x- X

The ceremony, if you could call it that, was simple. The whole time Lazlo had a grimace on his face. A quickie marriage outside by the graveyard in Olive's backyard was not how he imagined getting hitched. Of course, he never imagined getting married at all. Crystal wanted to, and that's why they didn't work out.

But now when he thought of marriage, only one girl flashed in his mind... Most would be mad, but he couldn't blame Dina for losing the baby. He wasn't even sure how good of a job he would do...

But he couldn't think of that now. He gulped as she slid the ring, which might as well have been cuffs, on his finger.

He kissed her and felt like he was seeing red. This is NOT what he wanted.

The next day the baby arrived, and Lazlo was so overjoyed that he was okay. Julian was perfect.

Olive had gone to the shop all day and told him it was fine to stay with the baby. She was being awfully nice...

He hadn't told Dina yet. He hadn't told Dina he was married yet. What could he possibly say?

He laid Julian down in the crib and yawned as it was getting late. He suddenly felt enormously hungry and instead of going to the kitchen he found himself wandering that weird plant Olive had...he smelled birthday delicious...

And he grabbed it.


"Oh look, my grandchild is now an elder. They grow up so fast. Gee, I wonder when I'll finally graduate college." Sims 2
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