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Top Secret Researcher
#26 Old 8th May 2014 at 7:40 AM
I haven't played the families at all, except for John Mole, who married one of my created Sims, a medieval queen. They made good-looking kids.
Lab Assistant
#27 Old 19th Sep 2015 at 10:59 PM
I just started up Desiderata Valley, which is quick to being my favorite default hood. The major problems with the majority of the houses are the roofs (and if I just plain don't like the houses, I'm just deleting them and putting others in their place!)

Opal is pregnant with another baby, and it seems to be bringing the family together for the first time in a long time. After finally asking Violet Jocque out, he opened up to his parents again and is now talking to them and beating his dad at chess.

Marcel and Sophia are thinking about adopting a child, but money problems and struggles with jobs (Marcel lost his) are pushing them away from the idea. Violet Jocque, who completely changed her look to impress Rick, is now dating him.

Luis Aspir is living through retirement with his beloved wife Noriko, who was brought back to life by a genie. Even though she wasn't brought completely back, he loves her as much as he did when they were young. He enjoys working on his junker car and teaching his first granddaughter, Pauline, life skills. Elizabeth is pregnant with another baby, and Victor is having fun learning how to sew so they can save money in the upcoming years.

Natasha just plain and simply loves grilled cheese. She wonders if she could marry grilled cheese. She's currently researching whether or not this can happen.

Sharon enjoys going out on the town, even if this means breaking John Mole's heart in the process. Isaac and Hannah are trying their best to raise their little handful, whom they had named Daniel. He's mad that there's no one to play with,

Reeling from the realization that Sharon never really loved him, John Mole is now talking to Tara Kat, who is interested in him solely because her cats like him.
Test Subject
#28 Old 19th Nov 2016 at 10:59 AM
Hello Guys, Finally I am here to talk about Desiderata Valley, first I have to say. I literally made this town the most scandalous town ever even more than Pleasantview seriously.
Lets begin the story of Desiderata Valley shall we:
Aspir: Luis died, he helped with Pauline and the other kids' upbringing, Victor and Elizabeth (now elders) had 2 twin girls Lessana and Lianna, Lianna is a manizing slut who is playing 4 guys at once, Lessana isn't a manizer and she is dating Lucas Mole (I'll explain who he is once we get to the Una family) BUT BUT BUT BUT... she is quite an aggressive one romantically and she literally does romantic stuff with him that ARE WAY TOO STRONG FOR TEENS, Lianna does the same except with more than 1 guy,Elizabeth is making them both taking birth control (Inteenminator) until they become adults becuase their sister Pauline ended up a pregnant teen (father of her baby is Daniel Bell) they were she was kicked out so her and Daniel are now adults living in a shack since they were teens living with their daughter Rachel and their other daughter which they just had called Rain.
Jocque: Marcel bought a love potion and gave it to Sophia (both are obviously elders now) and they had a baby from that who is called Ashley (now a teen) she is best friends with Lianna Aspir and is your stereotypical popular girl in the school, when I made Ashley and Lianna Best friends I though, manizing slut and popular girl would totally get along. Marcel had an affair with Opal and Sophia caught them their marriage was in jeopardy and they were too broke for a divorce ( Storyline-wise) Sophia ended up forgiving Marcel, Violet married Rick (adults) and has a son with him Eric and another baby on the way.
Bell: Hannah and Isaac (Now elders) had another son Cameron (teen) willingly they went on vacation to three lakes with their sons Daniel and Cameron and met bigfoot, after the vacation Daniel got Pauline pregnant and his parents kicked him out, Cameron Bell is messing around with Lianna Aspir but is truly dating Priscilla Picaso (more info when we get to the Picasos), they just retired from their dance studio that they're running.
Contrary: Opal and Edward (Both dead) had the most loveless marriage I have ever seen, Opal had an affair with Marcel, which Edward found out about, they were always fighting, after Rick aged up and moved out, Edward had enough of Opal and killed her , after a while Edward had no love in his heart he was done with his life and he missed Opal and then went and committed suicide. Rick married Violet and has a kid with her and they live in a nice modern house because their first apartment burned down to flames.
Mole-Una: John Mole married Natasha Una, the Mole family is cursed when a Mole has a child the Mole dies and if their lover loves them genuinely they die too ONLY IF THEY HAVE A CHILD WITH that Mole, Natasha got pregnant with John's baby and before she gave birth she caught John impregnating Jessica Picasso she no longer loved John after that so when she gave birth he died alone. Natasha had twins Loca and Lucas and changed her last name back to Una but she kept the kids with John's name, Loca is dating a townie while Lucas is dating Lessanna Aspir, both Loca and Lucas have Mole blood which means they and their lovers will die when they have a child and if their love is genuine. Natasha is running an arts and crafts store which is doing amazingly.
Picasso: Mathew (Old adult) and Jessica (Dead from Mole curse) had 2 kids Priscilla (teen for a while) and Pablo (Just aged to teen) (YASS, I named him after Pablo Picasso) , Jessica had a child with John Mole named Patrick and because she loved John genuinely she died. Mathew is a single father raising 3 kids, her realized that Patrick is the only kid who looks nothing like him OR JESSICA. So Matt went and gave a paternity test to all the kids the result were:
Priscilla yes
Pablo yes
Patrick..... no
Mathew was devastated after the results realizing that he was spoiling a kid that wasn't his although he continued to raise Patrick like his very own.
Cooke: Julien married Sharon Wirth (Both old adults not elders), they got married at a rather late stage for me and they had their first kid Claudious (Now a teen) and they also had twins Christina and Alaula (now children). Julien is on the top of his career, and expanded his house nicely as his fam grew he even has a garden.
That's if for today folks, I'll see you again with the story of Belladonna Cove soon hopefully.
Test Subject
#29 Old 19th Jun 2017 at 2:54 AM
Originally Posted by Maranatah
I didn't find this thread here yet, so... Tell us, what did you do with the sims in Desiderata Valley? Families Una, Mole, Bell... It's nice to read stories about pre-made sims.

In my game, I just started fresh with them and I'm planning to do something... interesting As soon as I can pull myself from Pleasantview, Strangetown and Riverblossoms where already started to mix things up. :D

The families in my Desiderata Valley have either married into others or died off, I know a few recently who indeed have died off in the literal sense. The Bell family is the only name still around from the start, and over time, I've added more community lots. I've even moved a few families, like one family who are Capp descendants from Veronaville, to solve the issue of inbreeding within larger sets of families. Without further ado, here are the families and what I remember doing with them; like my other neighborhoods, they are 3-4 generations after the original game.

Una - Natasha married John Mole, had twin daughters. One family that died recently may have been their direct descendants, I just hope they weren't the LAST ones. Then again, Natasha was a cousin of the Bells anyhow.

Joque - this family has a few direct descendants in the Darmody family (more on them in a bit). Marcel had a gay affair with Victor Aspir. His wife wasn't very happy, and they ended up ostracized by the community and eventually died by killing themselves. Violet, in turn, I made a lesbian for a bit and she was in the Criminal career. She still remained friends with Rick her entire lifetime. After she killed her partner for betraying her, she married an Elder townie, a male, and they had two daughters.

Contrary - Rick married a girl I had made, part of the Nilsson family (I think her name was Regina). As far as I know, their only descendants now are in the Stanos family, more on them in a bit.

Mole - John married Natasha Mole, they had twins. Read about him a bit more under Una.

Aspir - their direct descendants are in the Bell family; Pauline married Isaac, and now, the current head of this family is married with his own children.

Other families in my town, as of this point, I have created:

Stanos - direct descendants of the Contrary family; consists of husband, wife, and two children; the teen boy I sent off to college.

Darmody - Patrick married one of Violet Joque's daughters, and they have twin boys together. Violet's other daughter, aunt of the boys, also lives in their house, the original Contrary residence.

Faulkner - Aramina is a direct descendent of Rick Contrary as well as the Stanos family, even looks just like him; she is married to the man of this family and they have a baby on the way.

MacGyver - one family in my neighborhood, I forget who they are descended from originally, unfortunately

King - moved from Veronaville, consists of Juliette's daughter, Capuleta, with her husband and two sons. Her older son is from her previous marriage into the Knight family.
Lab Assistant
#30 Old 11th Feb 2018 at 4:35 AM
Victor and Elizabeth both got pregnant at the same time - Victor by aliens, and Elizabeth through... the usual way - and gave birth to sons named Sirius (alien) and Andrew on the same day. Pauline is dating Daniel Bell, but is also in love with Amelie Jocque (Sophia and Marcel’s second daughter). Andrew had his first kiss with Alexis Bell, but they’re not official yet. Luis married Sharon Wirth and had a son named Nate (and Luis is somehow still alive. He’s super old).

Issac and Hannah had a baby girl named Alexis, and eventually wanted another kid. I decided to allow that. They ended up having triplets, two boys and a girl named Aaron, Oscar and Ella. Daniel is dating Pauline Aspir but doesn’t know about her feelings for Amelie Jocque. As I said above, Sharon married Luis Aspir and has a son named Nate.

Opal and Edward had a daughter named Ruby. Rick and his parents made up, and have maintained a relatively positive relationship for a while now. Rick and Violet Jocque dated as teenagers, before realising they were better off as best friends. Rick and Ruby are super close siblings, and they’re adorable.

Marcel and Sophia had a second daughter named Amelie. Violet dated Rick Contrary as a teenager, but they broke up once they reached adulthood. She’s recently married John Mole and they’re expecting a baby together. Amelie is in love with Pauline Aspir, and they’ll probably become official once Pauline breaks up with Daniel Bell.

Natasha Una married Julien Cooke, another lover of grilled cheese. They have a daughter and a son - Brie and Colby - who are named after cheeses, and are expecting a third baby.

John stayed single for quite a while, focusing on getting further in the Intelligence career. Now he’s married to Violet Jocque, who is currently pregnant with his baby.

Mari | 26 | She/Her | Australian
Test Subject
#31 Old 24th Feb 2018 at 3:42 AM
What i did with mine..
Luis is boyfriend of a random townie, nothing serious because he is mostly seeing Rick in secret :0, Victor and Elizabeth are still married , Pauline is now a teen and I want to make her girlfriend of Daniel
What is wrong with him? I made him date my sim Anabelle, they married and had a child. Anabelle was so happy because she has the fortune aspiration and he came with a lot of money, but John had a bad memory of their marriage like... what. After a while i made another sim, Jenneiher with green skin, and John had woohoo with her. Anabelle ran and fought with Jenneiher, then she divorced John. Now he has 3 kids(the first kid with Anabelle and she was pregnant with twins when they divorced)and Jenneiher is expecting a baby, soon they will marry.
Doesn't make sense but i married her with Sharon, I have a pregnant mod for everyone regardless of their sex and so I made Natasha pregnant!
They look pretty happy and i want them to have a dog.
Opal and Edward adopted a girl because I thought that they felt lonely without Rick, who was in the University with his bff Violet, I didn't remember that Opal was pregnant and now they have a baby and a child. They are broke and Edward is searching a job.
Isaac is working in the same job with his wife, they both are happy with their new baby. Daniel wants to be a chef and maybe i make him a womanizer
Marcel and Sophia had a black baby?, he is now a toddler with cute clothes! Violet started dating a random blonde sim, i made her study in University with Rick and Violet, then they finally ended living in a house with a river. Violet doesn't know the affairs of her gf. Violet wears pinkish clothes and skirts and she doesn't like that , her gf makes her wear those clothes, maybe in a future i make Violet talk with her about that. Rick lives with both of them and i'm planning making him trans.
#32 Old 26th Feb 2018 at 10:34 PM
do not yet have Freetime.

might pair Rick Contrary & Violet Jocque with each other.
might pair John Mole with either Natasha Una or Sharon Wirth. might pair the other female with Julien Cooke.
Luis; would probably reunite him with Noriko.
might pair Daniel Bell & Pauline Aspir with each other. or possibly Daniel with some female Child from a hidden sub-neighborhood and Pauline with some male Toddler from a hidden sub-neighborhood.
#33 Old 28th Feb 2018 at 2:38 AM
I've just recently started playing with this hood for the first time. I was, originally, just using it as a sandbox, trying out mods and CC there that I didn't want to inflict on my major hood. That started out when I needed to test a clone of an elder Sim I play in Pleasantville and I wanted to try someone living homeless/home-free on a vacant lot. I plopped him down and a few elders showed up to welcome him and ended up joining, so now there are four elders living on a vacant lot and growing and selling produce and tent-swapping and enjoying reading and visiting the cook-off, etc. They started a back-to-nature trend, so... I downloaded Marvine's waterfall shower and built a huge lot to house it where everything civilized is hidden in caves and such. I needed someone to try that, so just plopped Cooke in there because he was single. Same with Una when I wanted to try some stuff, but she got a house. Then I wanted another back-to-nature scene with a grand piano in the woods and a number of pets, so Helluva Pianist joined that side of the Valley.

I like all my playables very close together so that walking to lot makes sense, and I can see all the other lots from the active one, so my back-to-landers were all quite close, leaving the whole of the Valley ignored. So that's when I started doing something very new for me. I've rearranged the whole neighborhood with the idea of creating a community, so on the north side of the valley I stuffed in all the town stuff, including a super Walmart, a scaled down, cozier Lucky's Bar and Cards that I stole from Downtown and remodeled, and some other businesses. Then all the other pre-mades became the townies living up there, separated from the back-to landers by a large section of wealthy farms and fields that are mostly just deco, although I did steal McGregor's farm from Riverblossom and some others, too. Then, when I started to think of the community as having two groups, things started to take a strange turn. The northern townies were then all sim-surgeried to reflect a certain ethnic group, then Lucky's became a gay bar.... This has been really fun, because my little remodeled sports bar is hopping! Any guy who walks in randomly is assumed (and modded) to be gay, so that a fun, but totally random group is forming. So quickly, I've formed almost random groups of different ethnicity, sexuality, geographical orientation, and lifestyle with overlap and crossover. No telling what will happen next!
Field Researcher
#34 Old 2nd Dec 2022 at 3:32 PM Last edited by kiddypatches : 3rd Dec 2022 at 7:32 AM.
I'm so sorry to necro a 4 year old thread, but Desiderata Valley is the last hood I played and just finished its first rotation earlier this year. It's the last hood I have info written down for and I want to share it, as I've been sharing what I've done in all my games up until now (since I'm currently playing my first rotation of Veronaville). I didn't expect to like this hood as much as I did, but here we go! I also included premade families from Sim State University as well.

The Aspir Family: Luis wandered up to the attic and found the genie lamp. He used it to resurrect Noriko, and the two of them remarried, which was very sweet. However, at some point, ACR had him Woohoo with Sharon Wirth while on an outing. Whoops. But he was still faithful to Noriko regardless. He ended up dying of old age much later on, leaving Noriko the widow this time. Pauline grew up and went to Uni, dating Daniel Bell during it. Daniel and Pauline are currently engaged and have graduated. Elizabeth and Victor had two sons, Charlie and Clark (young adults). As a teen, Charlie had his first kiss and date with Dagmar Tan (named Garnet Wilkins in my game), since his secondary aspiration is Romance. Clark and Charlie are both currently in the student bin at Sim State University. Elizabeth and Victor are now elders.

The Bell Family: Sharon moved into an apartment downtown. Isaac and Hannah had twins Aaron and Barry (young adults), and they are currently in the student bin at Uni. As a teen, Barry had his first kiss with Rose Miller (named Guinevere Seiff in my game). Later, Isaac and Hannah had twins Ramona and Raina (teens). Isaac had an affair with Sharon for "years", and Hannah didn't find out until their elder birthday. They reconciled with Couples Counselling though. Daniel and Pauline got engaged and moved back into the home to get married when I get back to the hood. They also adopted a CAP cat named Jingle when Daniel was a child.

The Contrary Family: Edward, Opal, and Rick all improved their relationships as I'm a stickler for "perfect" family relationships. Rick went steady with Violet Jocque, and thanks to ACR, they had their very first Woohoo autonomously as teens. First time any of my teen couples have done that with ACR! They later went to Uni and graduated. Rick got abducted by aliens, and had an alien son who he named Kirk (who he named after Captain Kirk lol. Kirk is a teen). Rick and Opal had another child, a daughter named Mary (teen). Edward and Opal became werewolves (my first ones!), and Mary later became one as well. Kirk is dating the Picaso family's first child.

The Jocque Family: Violet grew up and went to/graduated Uni with Rick. Sophia and Marcel had another child, a son named Dwight (young adult, in student bin). Dwight also became a werewolf. Marcel won a lot of cooking contests while I played through their rounds. Sadly, Sophia and Marcel ended up both passing away from old age shortly before Dwight went to Uni.

The Mole Family: John knew Sharon was only really into Woohoo, so he politely asked her to just be friends, which she agreed to. He also remained just friends with Natasha Una. I changed his turn-ons because they were a bit odd to me. John ended up marrying Allegra Gorey from Sim State University (it's a couple I had thought of years ago and only recently was able to make possible, I love them together!). They adopted a cat named Nyx. Allegra became a werewolf, and since I gave John the secondary of Knowledge as well, he turned into one also (lots of werewolves in this hood!). They had one son together named Cory (teen). John and Allegra both reached the top of the SCIA/Intelligence career. They adopted a new kitten, via Baby Pet Creator, named Pearl. John became an elder, and Allegra is two days away from becoming one herself.

The Una Family: Natasha started her own home business selling her arts and crafts. I'm trying hard to reach her LTW of eating 200 grilled cheese sandwiches, which is pretty hard. She's packed on quite a bit of weight doing so, though. Anyways, Natasha got Fortune as her secondary aspiration, because the grilled cheese wants were annoying, but I still wanted to play it. Though, she never rolls Fortune wants. So, Natasha met and fell in love with Julien Cooke, and they got married. They never rolled a want to have a child, but ACR had them try autonomously, and they had one daughter, Havarti (child). Yes, I named her after cheese like someone else did in this thread. Natasha and Julien bought that one Bluewater Village restaurant and run it, which is very hard. The two of them are now elders.

The Picaso Family: I moved them into that cute yellow house. They both reached the top of the military career over time. They had three children: Odelia (teen, dating Kirk Contrary), Dennis (teen), and Grady (child). They adopted a CAP German Shepherd named Loki. Matthew, thanks to ACR, had an affair with Sharon Wirth. Matthew and Jessica are both elders now, and threw a Golden Anniversary party, putting Jessica into permaplat status.

The Beare Family: Jane Stacks ended up marrying Kevin Beare. They're super cute together. Chubby Family Sims. Jane adopted a kitten made through the Baby Pet Maker, named Jax, who is now an adult cat. Kevin and Jane had three children together: Eddie (teen), Rosalie (teen), and Frankie (child). The couple are now elders and just had a Golden Anniversary Party.

The Ruben Family (Martin): Martin ended up marrying Heather Huffington. I changed Heather's aspiration to Popularity, because I see her more as a Popularity Sim rather than Romance. They moved Downtown and adopted a dog, I think Benny. Martin became a werewolf as well. He also got abducted by aliens and had a son named Apollo (teen). Martin and Heather never had any kids of their own together, nor rolled the want to, but they love each other regardless. They're both elders now.

The Nova Family: While in Uni, Castor Nova and Ashley Pitts became gay thanks to the influence of the Cow Mascot (even if the mascot's flirting failed, it still influenced their gender prefs). And thanks to ACR, Castor Nova and Ashley Pitts fell in love. I decided to change Ashley into a Wealth aspiration instead of Romance, as I liked the couple too much to have him have affairs. So, they got married and ended up moving Downtown. Castor got abducted by aliens and had an alien boy, also named Apollo (teen), whoops. Though, he was born before Martin's son. Oh well. Ashley and Castor also biologically had Leslie (teen), and were pregnant around the same time. The family adopted the dog Scout. Leslie is a Romance Sim, and had her first kiss with Eddie Beare. She's also crushing on Emmanuel Ruben. Castor and Ashley run a flower shop to sell Castor's flowers. The couple are both now elders.

The Ruben Family (Joshua): Joshua fell in love with and married Tiffany Sampson. They moved Downtown, right next door to Martin and Heather. Tiffany became a werewolf. The couple had Emmanuel (teen), Mallory (teen), and Shelley (teen). Mallory had her first kiss rejected by Aaron Bell. Joshua and Tiffany are now both elders.

The Upsnott Family: Brittany was the only one in the sorority who didn't have anybody, so she hired the matchmaker. She got set up on a blind date with Prof. Komei Thomason (named Zaitrarria in my game). They got married once Brittaney graduated. They moved Downtown and adopted a CAP Rottweiler named Brutus. They both reached the top of their careers. They had one son together, Arthur (teen). Brittany and Zaitrarria are both elders.

The Wirth Family: Sharon moved out shortly after Barry and Aaron were born. She first moved Downtown into City Center Lofts, but later moved into a residential lot. She had an affair with Isaac Bell, but Hannah eventually forgave her. Sharon had lots of men including Matthew Picaso, Stephen Tinker, and Luis Aspir as well. She had no kids, and is now an elder.

The Contrary Family (Rick): Rick and Violet got married after graduating Uni. Because of ACR, they autonomously tried for baby shortly after getting married, and got pregnant super early into their marriage. They had a son named Mason (child), and adopted a dog I named Winnie. Rick is at the top of the Gamer career, and Violet is currently pregnant with their second child.

That's everything that's happened in my Desiderata Valley. Again, I'm sorry for reviving an old thread, I just wanted to share. Desiderata Valley was definitely a lot of fun and I can't wait to revisit it sometime. :D
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