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#76 Old 15th Sep 2007 at 2:06 AM

Penny had problems getting her sim's LTW job as well, then after a week she had a fire and lost 2 sims, then 2 starved and then she lost the rest of them.

That's just spooky!

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#77 Old 15th Sep 2007 at 2:45 AM
Ghosts seem to make it much harder. Once you have a couple ghosts it all just seems to hit critical mass and fall apart.
#78 Old 16th Sep 2007 at 9:22 PM
I had a couple of sims scared by the ghosts but after that first fire none of them died. Not in the second and third fires. Not scared by ghosts. Kept alive by plates of gelatin cunningly left around the place so they didn't get the chance to starve. Or cook. They still cooked from time to time but after the three fires in the first two days they stopped setting the place alight.

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#79 Old 26th Sep 2007 at 11:16 AM
TIP: For those whose Lifetime Wants are impossible to happen, use boolprop testingcheatsenabled on, then shift-click a sim, then click "Spawn... Sim Modder." This baby-shaped item has option the "Lifetime Wants... For Selected Sim... Normal Recalc" which will re-calculate your Lifetime Want into another want. Keep rolling until you hit a possible want. This is the best way to prevent I'll-just-choose-another-LTW-but-it-feels-like-cheating!!

I've just started, but since my computer is slow, I only have 3 inmates with my controllable sim, Ajax. An inmate is already down after day 3, He starved himself by doing REALLY STUPID THINGS (games, napping, reading a book). Ajax rolled a want to reach the top of the natural science career (MATY's working), but since that's impossible, I re-rolled and got reach top of adventurer career instead.
#80 Old 28th Sep 2007 at 10:55 PM
I use the lot debugger to re-roll LTWs. You can also use Carrigon's golden spider (which will also let you roll through ALL LTWs, not just those for your sim's aspiration). I love my lot debugger. It's a box. It's ugly. It's very very useful I have one on just about every lot.

As for what I did in the challenge: I had 8 sims, I had created them all keeping in mind that I may play them one day once the challenge is over (I've got a challenge hood which I'm populating with Messy Mess Lot, Raising Sextuplets and the Asylum Challenge sims - more than enough families to get started!). So I made them look how I wanted but did assign aspiration and zodiac sign randomly. I made sure that they would get the hots for one another based on looks. The second time I did the challenge I ended up with 4 couples (no-one died, YAY!). When I placed them on the Asylum lot, I first checked the sim I wanted to play as. Own 5 top level businesses. Impossible. So I just moved onto the next one, who happened to be family and wanted to graduate a bunch of kids from college, which was again impossible. So I moved on to the next one, who wanted to reach the top of the business career track. Doable, so he was my target sim. I know we're supposed to play the sim we created for ourselves but with impossible LTWs, I just found it easier to swap sims rather than keep re-rolling the LTW until I got something doable.

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#81 Old 20th Nov 2007 at 5:27 AM
You could try removing the cheat to have more than 8 sims living on a lot from your userstartup.cheat to prevent any more babies... If you didn't have more than 8 sims on a lot enabled the female would never have got pregnant because you would have had the max number of sims on the lot. I have risky woohoo and my asylum dwellers were going nuts on the double bed and I had no pregnancies because I have a max of 8 sims per lot.

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#82 Old 20th Nov 2007 at 5:31 AM
I started this yesterday, and in two hours of real time, there has been a fire and my poor romance sim is suffering the reprecussions of having two insane lovers. And he hasn't even gotten a job yet. Poor guy.

My Asylum Story

The humor of a story on the internet is in direct inverse proportion to how accurate the reporting is.
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#83 Old 23rd Nov 2007 at 2:38 PM
I've only just started this but it's a blast and very refreshing for me to just let the simmies live their lives as normally I'm a micromanaging control freak I did get a mass-Yummy Channel fest going to cut down on fires I hope. I've come up with some pretty interesting backstories for my inmates and I've decided that, should they survive, I'll make them the playable "escapee" one by one as I complete the challenge I think that I got one of the worst LTWs, 20 PET best friends I don't even think there are 20 strays running around to befriend! So I'm going to bend the rules, reroll with testing cheats or lot debugger, and penalize myself. I figure as long as the new LTW is random it's not so bad
#84 Old 12th Dec 2007 at 2:38 AM
I've been wanting to do this challenge for quite some time and decided to have a go at it. I haven't built the asylum yet, but I've got the different sims decided on. This is the list of them:
controllable (me) Knowledge, Aquarius
non-controllable (crazies) 1) Popularity, Sagittarius; 2) Romance, Cancer; 3) Romance, Gemini; 4) Romance, Taurus; 5) Fortune, Sagittarius; 6) Popularity, Gemini; 10) Fortune, Gemini
I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of fighting going on, what with all the romance sims, plus a lot of aspiration failure due to the fortune sims. But I will play it out the way it rolled, should be an interesting challenge. I'm just glad I rolled Knowledge, cause that's my favorite aspiration to play.
#85 Old 24th Jan 2008 at 8:21 PM
I did this challenge last year I think. The first time around everyone died, including my sim, electrocuted, in the first week or two. The second time around was the most boring set of people in the world. No fires (I might have had one, I can't remember), everyone friendly, ugh, it was the worst but it was what I rolled. I don't think I ever finished that one. My comp crashed right around then and I forgot about it. I'll have to do this again. I love hands off challenges.
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#86 Old 2nd Feb 2008 at 8:48 PM
I have just started my second attempt. My first attempt was last year and it ended in mass death. This time it is a 'Celebrity Asylum' featuring... Ugly Betty, Brad Pitt, Avril Lavigne, Pyper from Charmed, Rory from Gilmore Girls, Zac Efron, Lucy Lu and Jo (random non celeb). The controlled Sim is Rory and she is doing very well. Ugly Betty keeps setting the kitchen ablaze and Brad keeps falling asleep in his food. Other than that.. boring sims... no fights at all.. what is up with that....

Thanks to the booty for making all the celebs possible..

#87 Old 2nd Feb 2008 at 11:56 PM
lol. I just started the challenge again myself. No big fights, but then again, most of my sims ended up with like astrological signs and the only one who didn't is very shy and withdrawn. His name is Two. I've only had one fire and no deaths so far. But MY sim is a fortune sim and has the LTW of earning 100,000? $ I have a feeling this challenge will take awhile.
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#88 Old 3rd Feb 2008 at 5:09 AM
Well I'm still playing my vinestra insane asylum challenge, but I had to cheat hugely, becasue two sims were scared to death and I let the ones with the highest relationships plead for thier lives. Stupid ghosts. If it happens again I'll probably play it out, but I thought I'd confess that I cheateded. Gasb. I love them. Seven days, no promotion, three fires.

The humor of a story on the internet is in direct inverse proportion to how accurate the reporting is.
#89 Old 4th Feb 2008 at 9:49 PM
Well, all my sims patients died, with the exception of my controlled sim that it.
First they kept on setting fire to the house while I was at work. The third fire I lost three sims, then the next fire lost me 2, then one was scared to death by a ghost and I tried to save her but lost to the grim reaper and the last one got abducted by aliens and came back pregnant and while I was at work, died of starvation despite the fact that I left out a meal for the idiot to eat. For some reason he seemed hell bent on making his own dinner. The omelets weren't even burnt.

I do have many photos. I'm thinking about putting together a story, some of the picts are pretty funny.

Anyway after that last sim, I figured I lost, since I didn't make it to my LTW before everyone died. I am about to change the zoning of the asylum to community and make a nice haunted asylum for my neighborhood. I moved out my sim and gave her a proper home, where she has fallen in love with one of her co-workers. They're going to get married and go on a honeymoon to Asian.

I usually dislike happy endings, but she deserves it after the hell that group put her through. lol.
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#90 Old 8th Feb 2008 at 4:37 PM
It took me forever, but I finally made got my poor sim's lifetime want. Took forever without a thinking cap. And with all the cleaning, especially after everyone transitioned to elder (all the pee puddles). Oh, and the repairing. And some idiot kept kicking over our garbage can because she was enemies with a patient - even though she was best friends with my sim. Everyone got the flu and that seemed to last forever, because it kept getting passed around. One sim died of old age - everyone else survived. That ghost did cause some trouble, though.

I kept getting fortune and popularity sims, it seemed, with my random numbers, and several of the sims had the same sign. Fortunately, there were no enemies inside the house. No problems affording things, not that I bought very much. The popularity sims seemed to do okay for the most part, I'm not positive any of them actually went into aspiration failure. The poor family sim (I think I only had one) didn't fare so well, nor did my fortune sims. And I only recall one incident of aspiration failure with a knowledge sim, but that could be wrong (things were so hectic) - I had the cooking channel and creativity and logic tools so they got some points. Oh, and there was the one fire that sent several sims into aspiration failure, but I don't recall which ones they were, and aspiration choice doesn't really matter there.
#91 Old 19th Feb 2008 at 3:24 AM
My sims have been doing ok, one died but she was scared by a ghost to death. I was not in a mood to build a new house when I started this challenge. I just finished up the poverty challenge in the strangville neighboorhood and decided to use that house. It was just a big 2 story adobe building very plain...but I forgot about the cemetary in the backyard. The ghost are being a pain. All my sims want to do is have pillow fights with each other. This is an odd challenge though and my controlled sim went and fell in love with one of the other patients...she is a fourtune sim and her goal is to earn 100,000..but all she ever wants to do is flirt with this guy lol.
#92 Old 25th Feb 2008 at 7:28 PM
My crazies were the happiest bunch of crazies around! There were 4 romances, so they each paired off, and only 1 set of enemies! Everyone was so lovey dovey. I also used my gelatin-reliance from the apocalypse challenge, leaving out a few dishes of gelatin at all times, but it eventually got too boring, so about 1/2way through I stopped.

Only 2 fires in the whole game. The first one was a disaster but could have been worse. It started 20min. after my sim left for work in the morning! By the time I got back and called the fire department, it had only expanded over 3 squares and no one died. Only 2 aspiration desperations too.

Still had fun. I wanna try this again, but I'm going to try to make some meaner sims and not use gelatin so it's a little more interesting

My LTW was to reach the top of the education career, btw. I got extremely lucky, and it was the very first job in the newspaper on the first day!

Final Score: 351

Initial 100
Never used influence +20
Fellow Patients' Skills +134
Total Aspiration Points of fellow patients +129
Family Friends +13
Days Institutionalized -25
Roomates' death 0
Visitor death 0
#93 Old 25th Feb 2008 at 7:54 PM
ive done this challenge a couple of times and so far ive bombed lol although i have learned to keep as many things sepeate as possible like the sink not being in the kitchen and i also keep the stove separte insted of having counters on either side like most homes since fires will spread easier when theres stuff around it, also just because it was annoying i had the book shelf stuck in another room by itself (no chair) so when sims decided to write in their diary they woulndt freak out about others in the room (thats just an annoyance thing really lol) and i also separeted the shower and the toilet so my 2 sims could use the facities at a time insted of one getting to us eth etoilet while others could be using the shower but insted havign to complain about them not getting to go into the batheroom ect. also when ever my sim was home id turn the tv to cooking and invite as many other sims to come watch to help up their cooking akills and if that sim needed to go to work id try to have them serve a meal before hand to hopefully limit the amount of fires before mine could return home...yet to have any enimies i havent rolled a romance sim yet thatll be inetesting

check out my uploads here updated May 15, 2008
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#94 Old 27th Feb 2008 at 5:05 AM
I found this the other day and decided to give it a whirl. I'm on Day 3, and I guess thanks to asking a lot of them to watch TV with me on Day 1 (turned to the cooking channel), I haven't had a fire yet.

My "sane" one is a Knowledge sim, and she's rolled herself a LTW of maxing all her skills. This is going to be fun, especially since they all seem to fight for the piano. (I have a feeling most of them will max their creativity by the end of this!)

One thing I discovered to be useful so far is that I got my sim a night job on the Criminal career path. She takes naps during the day, and most of her Asylum-mates are asleep when she's working, reducing the risk of there being a fire I can't get her to call the fire department in time for.

I also managed to roll a bunch of neat freaks. So that helps, everyone cleans things before I can force her to do it! I managed to also roll one of each aspiration-type, plus an extra Romance Sim and Knowlege Sim.

The popularity one seems a bit unhappy at the moment. I'll see how it goes -- this is actually a really fun challenge.

I only cheated a little - gave them each a bed, and an extra $4000 or so to finish building their lot. I made the toilet, shower, and sink each in a separate 1X2 room, although now I'm wishing I made each room 2X2 - there are a lot of traffic jams there in peak times of the day!

The stove also has nothing touching it, which probably has helped reduce the fire risk.

This is a lot of fun -- a good way for me to try something different when I get tired of playing either of my two Legacy neighborhoods.

What I plan to do to keep track of the days is stick a lawn gnome in the yard every week. Then I can just figure out the days from there.
#95 Old 28th Feb 2008 at 4:20 AM
Originally Posted by PearlRose
What I plan to do to keep track of the days is stick a lawn gnome in the yard every week. Then I can just figure out the days from there.

That's a great idea with the gnome! Keep an eye on them, though - they tend to get stolen

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#96 Old 28th Feb 2008 at 7:29 AM

I just tried this again, and no one died again! No one's picture turned more than light yellow, and only 2 of my sims had aspiration failures.

I got so bored the I ended up cheating in order to START a fire, but my sim got home early enough to call the fire department. No one had "fire!" as their fears, so they all just took turns in the shower and were fine.

Final Score: 331 this time and no cheats

I think I'll have to try another version of this challenge that involves a few extra hazards. Maybe I can put tombstone + ghost on the lot and a hot tub outside to increase the risks. And an elevator.
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#97 Old 28th Feb 2008 at 11:45 PM
Originally Posted by Engram
That's a great idea with the gnome! Keep an eye on them, though - they tend to get stolen

I wound up using a pink flamingo, but I think they're easily stolen too. I'll keep my eyes open.

It's been a week, and it seems that all the "insane" ones are getting their cooking skill points high enough where they probably won't set fires anymore. Drats. I almost had a few starve the other day (I kept wondering why they had the "hungry" bubble over their heads), but that was because those fiendish simmies had managed to empty the fridge. Again. I keep forgetting how much food it takes to feed eight adults.

Nobody's gone into aspiration failure yet, either. I thought sure the Romance sim would have by now -- either of them. And my character is actually platinum aspiration most of the time. Darned knowledge simmies, wanting nothing but skillpoints.
#98 Old 1st Mar 2008 at 1:24 AM
I read in a post here that the controlled sim got a patient pregnant... how does that happen? I thought you had to actually select "try for baby" to get pregnant. Or is it a hack/addon that someone had on?
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#99 Old 1st Mar 2008 at 1:57 AM
Only one sim has to initiate the interaction. Have your sim fall in love, get in the double bed or hot tub with their paramour and select try for baby. If you don't ahve a hack you'll need to wait for someone to die, otherwise there isn't room in the household. hope that answers your question!

The humor of a story on the internet is in direct inverse proportion to how accurate the reporting is.
#100 Old 2nd Mar 2008 at 4:53 AM
Default I did the Asylum-2 left standing
Here's the lay out- I had them in one nice big house but it bugged them out so I went to another CC home. This one had some issues but nothing that ruined the whole live and let die experience. I made the seasons 2 summers and 2 winters- Strangetown seemed to be the type place to have whacky seasons.
Anyway Jace didn't get a job until the second 2 weeks into the play- some one he didn't know was stealing his paper and since they aren't allowed to have a computer he just had to suffer. I got smart and greened him ahead of time and had him wait for the paper man and he snagged it before that girl did. I only cheated with money as we had a complete kitchen fire the first day he went to work- we lost 3 of the patients during that fire. All I did was watch as Jace was at work. I also had to replace a bed before the big fire because I had to order groceries and since Jace had no job for income and he only had 42 simolians, the grocery man took a bed. Of all the things he had to take a bed LOL.
Before he had a job there were so many crying patients and they seemed quite obssessive over the roach population in the yard- dogs kept knocking trash over and Jace wasn't in the mood to clean it up half the time. We had a sim with the lampshade acting like a monkey, one romance sim was loving on a mop and another talked to her paper cup alot. We didn't get any visits form Mr Social Bunny or the Doctor- but thats ok it was pretty funny to watch them all flip out.
After the kitchen fire of the decade (it took out the stove, 3 cabinets and the fridge and 3 sims) The remaining living sims didn't do anything to help themselves to regain thier green, so they fought over a bed and passed out on the floor only to die in thier sleep from something- prolly hunger. So we went from 8 to 5, then 2. The other guy is pretty smart though and he's cooking for himself and cleaning after himself. Him and Jace get along too. Maybe I will make 6 more patients and admit them for evaluation.
Was alot of fun- even my husband got interested in watching.
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