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#201 Old 19th Jul 2006 at 10:34 PM
Now all my inmates are dead - only my sim and her son remains - she want to be a prof party guest, but is only a party dj now

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#202 Old 20th Jul 2006 at 8:10 AM
I started this challenge a couple days ago and have played it a LOT lol. I started my story and it's here I've actually almost finished it, I think one or two more promotions and Jesse will have reached his lifetime goal and be "cured" I really haven't had much problem at all, no deaths and only one fire..a lot of aspiration failures but for the most part the other "housemates" are doing a pretty decent job taking care of themselves
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#203 Old 20th Jul 2006 at 6:21 PM
OK I was able to finish and I finished my story as I'm calculating my score..

begin with 100 points then:

The Good:

* never used influence = + 20 points
* each skill point your living fellow patients have at the end = +112
* each 1000 aspiration points your living fellow patients have at the end = + 122
* each friend of the household = + 12
The Bad:

* every sim day that you remained institutionalized = - 23
For a grand total of 343
#204 Old 20th Jul 2006 at 6:48 PM
Okay, this sounds really intriguing, but I have a question...if my sim ends up with the Family aspiration and a LTW to have 6 grandkids/graduate 3 kids from college/anything involving kids...what must I do? Since we're not allowed to have babies, and we couldn't anyway since there are 8 sims on the lot already...

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#205 Old 20th Jul 2006 at 7:07 PM
Ghanima -- your sim cannot end up with the family aspiration, see post #1 =)

For the first sim (the only sim you will be allowed to control) assign them an aspiration using this chart and a die:

1 – Knowledge
2 – Fortune
3 – Romance
4 – Popularity
5 – Pleasure
6 – Roll Again
#206 Old 20th Jul 2006 at 7:15 PM
Argh, you're right, my bad.

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#207 Old 24th Jul 2006 at 3:39 AM
I'd love to do this, but I only have original TS2. Oh well, I'll try anyway. It'll be more of a "challenge" that way. :D
#208 Old 25th Jul 2006 at 3:00 AM
yea i used the base game and have my friend give me a lfietime want it was 2 reach teh top of the slacker carreer but when i was at work there was a fire and and half of them died and then it happend agian so i quit
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#209 Old 4th Aug 2006 at 5:23 PM
I'm giving this a go. It's been a while since I played the game without Merola's painting anyway.

The Asylum - Final Fantasy VII style!

I would like to clear up the little matter of my sanity as it has come into question. I am not in any way, shape, or form, sane. Insane? Hell yes!

People keep calling me 'evil.' I must be doing something right.

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#210 Old 5th Aug 2006 at 9:48 AM
hmmm this looks interesting I might just have to give this a try
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#211 Old 5th Aug 2006 at 7:38 PM
I've started playing this again after a short absence, and the last couple days have been tough on poor Eve (my controllable sim). She finally found a job to get her started in the criminal career path, so at least we can pay some of our bills, but things in the Asylum house have been kind of rough. Stupid Vicund Curious knocked over our garbage can, and my asylum sims kept going outside to stop the roaches that had cropped up, making most of them dirty, tired, and flu-ridden in the space of one day (on the bright side, though, I have the shower rather than the shower/bath combo in my asylum, so at least they didn't take too long getting cleaned up). Eve is super-neat, so she went into aspiration failure when she saw the roaches, and it took two visits from the therapist before she was stable enough to get up and spray them. Then we had our first fire, which Eve was luckily home to put out. And now Nike, who she has a crush on, appears to have some competition from another girl in the house, Laynie. At least none of my sims has died yet though, and only one besides Eve has gone into aspiration failure.
#212 Old 8th Aug 2006 at 4:28 AM
I (finally) started the challenge yesterday, and I daresay I've been quite lucky so far...

I've had about 3 or 4 fires so far, and none of my sims have yet to die (I used plasticbox's house and remade it in my game, I left the stove room alone!) And all of the sims seem to like each other. Almost every is friends with everyone, and nobody fights at all. The only problem I have is trying to get everyone from clogging the bath entrance. Once I even served them all cereal because my sim, Marisela, had a want to eat cereal. I see the six sims eating the cereal all recieving +500 Aspiration points. It's retarded, yet marvelous at the same time...
#213 Old 8th Aug 2006 at 4:55 AM
Have started my second attempt at this challenge (in the first my controllable sim got electrocuted trying to fix the dishwasher on the second day, even though his mechanical was quite high??!!)...and so far it is utter chaos and great fun. There are fires and fights galore, and a flu epidemic that just will not go away, but so far everyone is still alive, and my controllable sim (Sirius) is about halfway to his ltw (reaching top of the medical career track).
Can't wait to see how it all turns out!
8th Aug 2006 at 4:33 PM
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#214 Old 11th Aug 2006 at 4:01 AM
I finished! Here's my score:

The Good
+ 100 Basic Points
+ 020 Never Used Influence
+ 088 Skill Points of fellow patients
+ 107 Aspiration Points of other patients (106,500 in all, one sim had 0 asp. points!)
+ 010 Family friends

The Bad
- 020 1 Sim died
- 037 Days institutionalized

... which brings my score to a total of 268.

Thanks for the great challenge, Scout! I'm surprised I did so well.

P.S. Her LTW was to reach the top of the business career!
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#215 Old 14th Aug 2006 at 11:33 PM
I'm thinking I'll keep a fire alarm, just so my playable sim doesn't end up dying.
#216 Old 17th Aug 2006 at 2:12 AM
This sounds sweet! I think I'll try it out soon!
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#217 Old 23rd Aug 2006 at 7:01 AM
I have actually never ever posted on any sims2 forum, but i absolutely loved this challenge! I never realized how fun it can be to ignore your sims. I think i've been trying too hard to keep them placated. peeing your pants never hurt anyone, apparently. i wish i had had the foresight to tally all of the times my non-playable characters cried, fought, stunk, peed their pants, and passed out. but it was pretty constant, so i never would have gotten around to paying attention to my player character.
i surprisingly only had 5 fires (1 caused by my player sim) the whole time and no one ever died. Also surprisingly no one got food poisoning or the flu or anything. i didn't go with the tv as a fun object, and i was a little nervous about all the cooking, but my idiots learned by doing i guess. i also had a piano and chess table (don't worry, still managed to conserve on the seating) which made all the difference for the skill points. I think i did pretty well for my first challenge, grabbing 319 overall points.

it breaks down like this:
100 pts to start
20 never used influence pts
108 skill pts courtesy of my (apparently not) idiots
103,000 aspiration pts courtesy of my idiots (i had a few popularity, a family, a pleasure, and a couple money sims in there somewhere-the pleasure sim had it really rough only giving me 250 pts)
13 family friends (my player was a popularity sim)
-25 for days institutionalized

my sim wanted to have 20 simultaneous best friends as their ltw and i think this was probably the easiest i could have had it. thank you for the great challenge. i think i may continue to play my asylum by adding a new character to it. this was an excellent idea.
#218 Old 28th Aug 2006 at 5:22 PM
Wooo, congrats to those who finished it! I've just started over, since I lost my other asylum in a game re-install.

So - welcome to St. Dymphna's Sanatorium (Dymphna being the patron saint of the mentally insane. Odd, but true. ) which despite the illustrious name is awfully run-down and shoddy, with funds barely able to keep it functioning.

And these are the residents:


Livia Marino is the star sim in this challenge, and the only controllable one . She's a vain, self-absorbed and irritable ex-lab assistant at one of the most prestigious research facilities in Veronaville.. This is a lady you'd want to treat right, else you may suffer the fate of her old colleague, whose liquified remains were found mixed in the labrats' food...she denies any involvement whatsoever! But the incident got her to St. Dymphna's, from where she can't wait to leave. But first, she has to become a Mad Scientist (the irony, heh).

This is Joel, another of the inmates. Joel is an absolute neatfreak who spends most of the day cleanig up around the building; which is really a good thing, considering some of the other patients just can't be bothered with hygiene. He keeps a diary which he carries around at all times, and which Livia has tried to steal before.

On to our next patient, Wilma Lewis. She refuses to talk about her past and hour after hour, pours over countless papers covered in complicate calculations and formulas which she claims hold the key to a revolutionary energy supplement that will replace fosile fuels in the future, a claim which her fellow inmates scorn her for.

The eldest of the group, Antonio still lives in the 70s. Dressed in full glam rock attire, he can be heard humming Bowie hits to himself. He still thinks it's the year 1976 and refuses to hear otherwise.

Jeanette is quite a piece of work. A complete extrovert, she will tell to anyone who's willing to listen about her past as an exotic dancer. Whether her wild stories are true or not, it's difficult to tell; and it's not unusual for her to come down to breakfast completely in the nude.

This is Crave. Nobody knows his real name, one which he deems "forever lost in his mortal days". Yes, that's right - Crave believes himself to be a vampire, wearing a cape, false fangs and speaking at all times with a terribly cliche european accent. He is known to revert to his natural louisiana drawl when he's had a bit to drink, though.

Mia is perhaps one of the nicest people in the group. Chubby and jovial, it's difficult to place her in an asylum. At least, that's everyone's first impression. Mia loves sappy romance novels, particularly one, which she reads over and over again, even though she knows each word by heart.

Jamal has most trouble adapting to life in a mental facility. He is completely paranoid about his physical condition, for her used to train relentlessly in the gym, something he can hardly do anymore, and dreads the thought of loosing his nice abs and biceps he's worked so hard for. He can be seen working out in front of the ancient TV whenever the others aren't hogging it.

That's it! This is the little backstory I have for my's going good so far, as in no fires (yet).

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#219 Old 28th Aug 2006 at 8:21 PM
Question: If I influence one of my inmates to kiss another will I lose my influence bonus? Because I really think these two belong together and they don't seem to abe willing to act on it
#220 Old 30th Aug 2006 at 12:23 AM
Hm good question - I already did it with two of my inmates, but sims won't flirt without you directing them to at least once to set the gender preference and stuff, so...yeah, I had to.

I'm totally loving this! I don't know whether anyone's actually interested in these pics of mine, but I took them, I might as well post them!

Livia:"You're all insane! Dear God, I'm the only normal person here!"

Crave: "Blood! I must have blood! I am starrrrving!"
Livia: *yawn* "Oh shut up, Dracula, and go get yourself a plate of spaghetti..."

Jamal:"Got a simolean for a poor starving sim? Please, oh generous people, think of this poor soul who's lost it all!"
Wilma: "Have a bath first, and I might consider it..."

Joel: "Mememememe! Please, professor, pick me! I know the answer!"

Jeanette: "Must...clean..have...bath!"

Ouch...not very gentleman-like, eh Joel? Slapping ladies...

General pandemonium...

Jeanette: "Hurrryyyyy! I really really have to goooo!"
Joel: "Just a sec...I'm almost done reading the daily comic."

Mia and Joel: *odd animalistic noises, drooling, gurgling...*

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#221 Old 30th Aug 2006 at 2:11 PM
Default A Memorial to Chicken Man
I just wanted to share this with you. First allow me to introduce you to Brian whom I call 'Chicken Man'

Chicken man is the one in the middle if you can't guess. (To his left is Wizard Boy and to his right French girl... I've honstly forgotten most of the in mates names - I had to look up Brian)

Chicken Man was one of my favourite inmates in my asylum. It was thanks to him that I got brilliant shots like this:

We were on a general high in the asylum. Catherine (the warden) had finally got a job in the Culinary Career where her lifetime aspiration lies and got two promotions in a row. She and Ted (another in mate whom I call 'The Pirate') had just had their first date and first woohoo together and everyone was gaining skill points like nobody's business. Then the worst happened (*cue dramatic music such as you might have in TV programs with names like 'When Animals go mad' or 'When Hurricanes strike' or 'When things fall out of cupboards'*)
Moments after Catherine left for work, In-mate Megan began to cook. I'm not sure what but this is what happened

(by the way Chicken man is the second from the left - as yet we have no information as to the location of his chicken. And Megan (the arsonist) is the girl with the red hair and the short skirt third from the left. Also on the far right is Galadrial a Hippie - she comes up in a minute)

The fire runs out of control and soon catches its first fatality. Galadrial. But that's okay, I didn't like her anyway. She kept having sponge baths at annoying moments.

But then, ALAS! I wail across the room Chicken Man catches fire! But there's no one to put him out, Catherine is STILL at work so no one calls the fire brigade. The owners of the asylum are too foolish to install an alarm. THE WICKED FOOLS! Poor poor Chicken man... It's too late for him.
He was so close to being released as well! If only he could have admitted that he had the chicken on his head he would have been released. But all too late

So, to my dearest Chicken man, rest in peace
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#222 Old 30th Aug 2006 at 2:41 PM
I had a fire break out (who hasn't in this challenge?) which engulfed half of the kitchen.. but through sheer luck; no one died. Three Sims, including the playable, did catch fire however. The firemen are really good at taking out fires in this neighbourhood, they even put my extinguishing abilities to question.

After this, I've found serving the infamous 'Instant Meal' and optionally calling for a pizza helps with career lifetime wants. Another useful means of quelling the savage pyromaniacs is serving a 'smells yummy' meal, lol.

Elder hood is on the horizon and the lifetime want is 'Chief of Staff' (with horrible hours, ugh). I don't plan on adding up a score since I'm playing more for the fun of it and more than likely have overexerted the rules slightly (four hacks and the medical career reward).
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#223 Old 31st Aug 2006 at 7:14 AM
I love reading these updates! And the pics are awesome, keep 'em coming! As soon as I have a day when I have nothing else to do I'm going to try this challenge
#224 Old 31st Aug 2006 at 12:16 PM
lmao the guy with the chcken on his head is awesome! Where did you get it?? LOL Poor thing, aww...I too fear fires while she's at work as I know someone is bound to die, since sims are odd and instead of running away from it they go right into the blaze...

I've had one fire so far, and, of course, I had to have Livia put it out. The rest were just jumping around madly.

Mia, it's fun! But prepare for lots of unhappy, stinky, whining sims if you

Only my Livia is doing great. She's a Fortune sim and she loves going to work etc (who wouldn't, if only to get away from those loonies :P) while the rest are in red/failiure, she's the only platinum one.

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#225 Old 4th Sep 2006 at 4:10 PM
The Shoddy Asylum:

My Sim, Jada:
She's a total nut-case, but insists that she's just "eccentric".

Roland is a very depressed mime.
There's not much hope for him:

Bobby, a very erm..."sassy guy" who was once a figure skater, but went cuckoo after losing one too many times.
He still wears his skating outfit all of the time:

Melody here has a very depressing past, and doesn't like to speak about it.
She's very shy:

Trixi here isn't insane at all.
She came here from a distant planet, but people think she belongs in an asylum because of her strange behavior(which isn't strange where she is from):

Nelson is nothing more than a big kid.
He talks in baby talk and wants to ride the "big red engine".
Oh yeah, he's obsessed with fires:

Barbera was once a "street walker" as you can tell.
She has gone crazy, since people tell her she's too old for her previous "job":

And last is Evan, the food guy.
He's in love with food, and it's a wonder that he's not 400 lbs:

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