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Default Revamping Amar's Hangout
I was never a really good builder. At least, I never considered myself to be one. When I had some time off recently, I played the Newbie family and brought them over to Amar's Hangout, and suddenly felt really disgusted by the layout. The lot had been expanded a lot since it initially opened for business, and many of the new additions were simply slapped on top of the old structure, leading to a general lack of consistency and a sense of things being unplanned (because it really wasn't). The lot needed some serious modifications to keep me from grinding my teeth just looking at it. Perhaps it needed another expansion too. Maybe even make it more accessible to the disabled Sim!

So, here's what the lot looks like now.

From the outside, not much appears to have changed...

...but when you walk in, you'll notice something different right off the bat: half of the stairs are missing!

Not missing, exactly. You'll see why they're no longer there when you go upstairs. For now, though, just walk over to the other side of the stairs to see the shiny new additions to the hangout: elevators!

Elevators are a surprisingly uncommon sight in community lots around SimVille. If wheelchairs and crutches were a thing in The Sims 2, then perhaps we'd be taking accessibility into account when building. Sadly, they are not, and elevators are more of an unnecessary extra for buildings that don't exceed more than four stories. But as Amar's Hangout was going to be a proper community lot with facilities, it made sense to plop some elevators in. Besides, that sad fishing pond that once stood here wasn't being used at all.

Up on the second floor, you'll see a new pool table, a dartboard, and a MYSHUNO! machine, so that there are more options on offer here.

The west wing of the second floor looks mostly unchanged, except for the fact that the misplaced stairs here are no longer here. That's because...

...the main staircase now actually goes to the third floor! That's why half the stairs on the ground floor were removed: to make room for the stairs heading up. Previously, the stairs to the third floor were wildly inconsistent with the main set of stairs to the second floor. Back when the third floor was reserved almost exclusively for employees, this did not matter, but as the third floor has been opened up to guests, the old layout was woefully inadequate, inconsistent, and frankly out of place.

The new set of stairs leading up to the third floor cuts into the gym, so a lot of furniture had to be moved around. The bathrooms were moved to the exterior walls in order to give the gym more space. A few new punching bags were added.

The third floor west wing used to be where the dance floor and DJ booth were located. Don't worry, that hasn't gone away. As gym-lovers probably prefer a sauna over loud music after a long workout session, Amar is proud to provide public saunas—the only ones in SimVille so far.

The old crafting room is now even smaller; it now serves only as a messy storage room of a short-lived past. Amar doesn't seem interested in using this space for actual crafting any longer, preferring to move the crafting operations to his other business lots.

Amar decided it was time to expand his hangout and built a fourth floor on top. The main highlight? Bowling alleys.

Next to the bowling alleys is a hot tub, at long last! Overlooking SimVille from the fourth floor, it ain't a bad view.

The dance floor and DJ booth now find their home on the fourth floor, together with other appropriate entertainment facilities.

There were a couple other minor changes to the lot as well:
  • The lot now opens at 10AM, an hour later than the original 9AM.
  • The third floor bathrooms now use toilet stalls rather than expensive toilets, to fix a problem with Sims going upstairs to use the fancier toilets and ignoring the cheaper ones closer to them.
  • The dining tables in the restaurant now have lamps above them, since they looked far too dark at night.

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#127 Old 13th Aug 2019 at 5:05 PM
That was a great revamp, well worth any time Amar's Hangout had to be closed for renovations. The floor plan flows very nicely now, and he was able to add that fourth floor. I love the view. I get a kick out of checking out the views my sims have from their homes and community lots.
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#128 Old 22nd Dec 2019 at 12:11 AM
Default The twins encounter the Barb
Suzie figured it'd be good for the twins if they could get out of SimVille more often. She books a flight to Takemizu Village a week from now.

School has just let out for the summer, so there's nothing to fill in the twins' weekday hours. To keep them busy (and so they don't have to pay the hired maid as much), Suzie decides to get the twins to help out around the apartment.

Once the twins are done, they hang around for a bit.

When the limits of their apartment building becomes too small for them, they head out into the neighbourhood looking for something interesting to do.

They find themselves at the Sweat N' Sweat Glory lot, where various different ways of getting themselves dirty await them.

Mr. Serge Barb arrives at around 1pm. He seems to be in a good mood. While the townsfolk maintain their distance, Serge enjoys his time there.

Jared and Tommy aren't familiar with him, and neither is Serge. Serge initially doesn't pay much attention to them, until he sees them on the military obstacle course.

"Aren't those Johnny's and Suzie's kids?" Serge wonders to himself. "They're pretty good for their age!" Without realizing it, they had gotten on Serge's good side.

The moment is cut short when Julio Cuevas shows up on the lot. "I'm here to get my revenge for what you did to my house last week, Serge!"

A humiliated Julio staggers off, vowing vengeance in the future.

"Who on earth is that Serge guy?"

"Beats me, but it looks like the whole town hates him."

"Gosh! I wonder what he did to deserve all of that hate."

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#129 Old 11th Jan 2020 at 11:17 PM
Even though the family has a maid, it's a good idea for the twins to know how to clean up after themselves. I loved the pictures of them cleaning, playing, and doing things around the neighborhood, especially when they were at the pet store.

Serge is quite intense about his workouts. I'm glad the twins got on his good side!
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#130 Old 1st Jun 2020 at 5:53 PM
First off, my sincerest apologies for leaving this thread dormant for these months. I've been quite busy with real life and still have a lot of work up ahead for me.

I've still been playing the game from time to time and enjoy every moment of it. Although I haven't really been updating this thread, I do like to share screenshots over Discord, so if you're in the The Sims Wiki Discord server (link in my signature), you can find those screenshots there.

Recently, I had to update my computer again. I've been putting it off for way too many months now, but once I bought a new MacBook Pro and could offload critical work (like my schoolwork) onto that, I decided it was worth the risk to update the Windows laptop again. Remembering the update horrors from three years back, I this time made sure to uninstall the game completely before doing the Windows 10 feature upgrade. After a successful update, reinstalling the game, restoring from backup and putting back all of my custom content (especially the ones that go in the Program Files folders), everything seems to be working smoothly so far! Hopefully I'll be able to update this thread more often over the next few months.
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