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This years freshmen, at the Landgraab Science Dormitories.
Gallagher Newson, his childhood friend (who he drifted from during his teenage years) Isaiah Gavigan (who, can you believe it, was an insanely gawky teenager), Actor turned student Justin Kim and his workaholic girlfriend Tessa Ramirez.

After a very difficult semester, Aldric decided not to go out with the big bang his whole university career was suppose to lead up to. His fraternity brothers were all sleepy, so after they all went to bed (or to the couch for Ty, not sure why), he lit a sparkler one last time and then packed his stuff and left. He was, by far, my favourite Young Adult sim of all time, but now he's off to take responsibility and raise his daughter.

Isabella was apparently really interested into what was happening outside in the hottub...

Probably the worst luck for this sorority. 30% pregnancy chance and all three got pregnant.
Desdemona is pregnant with her long-term boyfriend, Beau Broke's child. Not sure how that's going to go down seeing as she's a Capp.
Bottom Summerdream, whilst being engaged, actually has no idea who the father is, as she woohooed 3 different men at the party. LUCKILY 2 of them had tanned skin and brown hair, so she can probably pass it off as her fiance's child.
Sharla is married and already had a child before coming to University, but her husband is currently stationed in Strangetown and there is no chance he's the father, so she's putting the baby up for adoption as soon as possible.

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Rei and Virgil Anderson have reached young adulthood and entered college! They went out one night for a bit of fun and Virgil attempted a trick shot on one of the pool tables. He failed and was less than impressed.

He still thinks he's awesome, though.

Rei, meanwhile, took to drinking alone at the bar. Which she was clearly very happy about.

She soon cheered up, though.

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With K.R.'s sister Lori giving birth to her second baby, the household was starting to become a little cramped, so I figured that it was finally time to send her off to college. Of course she wasn't going to be alone. Her friends, both real and imaginary, are right behind her.

(K.R. and Popcicle)

(Soledad and the new and improved Christina)

....And because I wanted to speed through Uni, I shoved two groups of friends into one household so I could kinda kill two birds with one stone.
(Sakura, Devika, Soledad, and Dakota)

Kohaku (along with Devika's undies. ^_^; )
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Madeleine Benson talking to fellow sorority sister Whitney King.

Whitney King being overdramatic.

Nerissa Pearson.

I'm seriously so in love with all of the new girls in the sorority right now.
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Kayle Elven decided to cut off her long locks once she got to college.

The cow mascot lost no time in ruining her relationship with her boyfriend. The cow mascot is such a pain.

Now she's working on mending the relationship with Ty. The simplest way she could think of is to have them blow bubbles together.
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JoAnn Gutenberg threw a graduation party after graduating from Land Grant University with a BA in Economics. Here she is with her best friends/house-mates/band-mates Dot Matrix (l) and Daisy Wheels (r).

(You can read more about my Land Grant University residents here and here.)
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The Anderson triplets have arrived at college! From L-R: Templeton, Murdock and John.

They never seem to stray far from one another.

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My current young adults

From left to right: Abigail Granville-Carver (senior, major Mathematics), Cristal Delorme (graduated in Economics GPA 3.9) and Akira Granville-Carver (graduated in Political sciences GPA 3.2)

Sophomores (major Political sciences)
On the left: Gabriel Kowalski
On the right: Lilian Granville-Carver (Abigail's brother)
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New freshmen

Aglaé le Sciellou
Former newspapergirl, she was sent to uni because of...

Felipe London
Former townie kid adopted by Naïka and Bruno London

Terry Granville-Carver
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Charon Anderson has arrived at college!

She also proposed to her boyfriend, Alex.

He accepted!

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The Brooke twins from Riverside attending Sim State University.

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My dear Boreal

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Only one new Freshman - Beau Broke!
Despite his lack of money, Beau got himself enough scholarships to be invited into the "Richy snob" fraternity, Alpha Omega.

Also he recently had a baby with his Fiancé, Desdemona Capp. Here is little Juno, getting a cuddle before she's sent off to live with her Aunt, Uncle, and cousin.

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The Dormie Boyz have just moved into a mostly empty Uni hood. There are no dorm houses and the few visitors around are mainly secret society members and a few others. I'm still kinda working on building it up. Hopefully, I'll get the names to the correct sim.

Left to right are Calvin Hobbs, Ryker Graham, Paul Dugan, Wyatt McDermott and sitting is Arthur Finn. Calvin is romance and the only one to roll all the regular uni wants for assignment, term paper, research and go to class. The others are pleasure, family and two knowledge.

When you forgive, you heal. When you let go, you grow.
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Logan Bennett, Jax Vasquez, and Damien Graham are all new Freshmen students at LSU. They have yet to decide on their majors. Logan wants to relax, Jax wants to make millions, and Damien wants to yell at passerby about why it's important to care about global warming. Also emo music from the early 2000's. But mainly global warming.

Apollo Russo. She's also a Freshman. It is heard that her glare can petrify people; literally. Don't check the dorms' basement - according to her roommates, the closet in the basement is where she keeps her victims' stony bodies. Nobody can hear their muffled screams from down there, right? Right???????

Atlas Russo, Apollo's younger sister. Perhaps she's a little influenced by her older sister's attitude, because she suddenly had an impulse to pierce her nose and yell at people.

"God created dinosaurs. God destroyed dinosaurs. God created Man. Man destroyed God. Man created dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs eat man...Woman inherits the earth."

- Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park

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Iael Granville-Carver
Junior (major Philosophy)
She's the only YA at university at the moment. Good thing she's not into socializing but she already found a mate.
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Strangetown Generation 3 goes to college. Sharing a dorm are...

Q Grunt (Johnny Smith's son), Literature Major LFW Career: Adventure

Samuel Newson (Ginger Newson's son), Math Major LTW Career: Architecture

Sophia Newson (Samuel's twin sister), Political Science Major LFW Career: Law

Finally, Jessica Hanby (Gabriella Newson's daughter) Math Major LFW Career: Architecture. For some reason when I see her, I think of Austin Powers saying 'You must admit, she is a bit mannish.'
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From the Riverside campus of Sim State University:

The support of Melissa Brooke's fiancee Josh Russell has finally given her the courage to stand up to her pushy sister Danielle.

Melissa: Honestly, Danielle! Gypsy matchmakers sneaking around giving genie lamps to people as a reward for lifetime happiness or hobby enthusiasm or whatever it was? That's almost as bad as that story you told me when you got home from the Lulu Lounge last night - a glowing green wicked witch going around zapping hot-tubbers with lightning bolts!

Danielle: I was there! I saw it!

Melissa: Yeah, I'll bet you did! You were probably at the bar at the time! Where do you get this stuff anyway? Even our baby sister Michelle wouldn't fall for some of these ridiculous stories of yours! Next you'll be telling me that you're best friends with the Social Bunny from that old kids' TV show! I just hope you don't worry Mom and Dad with this nonsense!

(Ironically, their toddler sister Michelle actually did get a genie lamp right after Danielle and Melissa went to Sim State University! Their other sister Linda, a child, got to meet a "real live ghost" on the family's summer vacation to Twikii Island. He even taught her an old pirate song. Also, for the record - the wicked witch's storm zapped at least two townies and a playable neighbor. One of these "crispy critters" then followed Melissa and Josh all around the Sugar Cube on their date last night. There's never a dull moment in Riverside! )
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Next group sharing a dorm:
Galaxy & Comet Curious - Vidcund's children

Lunaria Newson (Gallagher and Stella Terrano Newson's daughter)

Thomas Traveller (adopted son of Trish & Trent Traveller)

And...Thomas & Galaxy's child Telesta
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Héka Bossenec
She'll be Granville's next city planner

Thalia L'Ecuyer
Her father owns three businesses. Once graduated, she'll work with him until he retired.
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Elana Laferrière, new addition to the girls dorm and aspiring singer
She's the first Pleasure sim who made it to uni but I'm wondering if she'll graduate.


From left to right:
Philbert Lafferière (Elana's twin brother), Frantz Campelle-Méthot, Cole Morand (mayor's son), Jai Campelle-Méthot (Frantz' triplet brother, their sister Réna didn't make it to uni) and Thalès L'Ecuyer (Thalia's twin brother)
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New addition to the girls dorm
Fréa Granville-Carver

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Default Beach Bro Time
Rafael Lavillos and Dante Ceremosi attend La Fiesta Tech. For the weekend, they hit up some waves in Kashmire Pointe. Dante has a lot charisma, you can tell, from the way he handles himself in a speedo.

Rafael has a wipe out!

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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Caleb Granville-Carver
First born of the farming family, YA in the main hood
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