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Originally Posted by stuart-grey
How can that be perv when it is so popular?

I've always been a believer in "More than a handful is a waste". My lifelong crush was a handful.

That's true, I'm not a perv in the dictionary definition, but the TV trope definition. As in, one look at a woman's breasts, and I lose all brain function kind of perv.

I believe in "More of a good thing, is more or a good thing".

Resident wet blanket.
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These are some of my biggest crushes:
I filled this in about 3 years ago (meme made my MarshmallowSkirt on Deviantart) but it's still true! Except that now Kevin Bacon is a bit bittersweet, as my ex-boyfriend looked like him, but he broke my heart I actually had a dream about Jayy Von Monroe the other night, I dreamed that I was at a Blood on the Dance Floor concert with some friends, and he came over and told us that he had picked us to go backstage and hang out with him! It wasn't a very romantic dream, but I still ship him with his ex, Shawn Brandon. My brain is quite monogamous, I often dream of the men I fancy with the people I ship them with, rather than with me!

Oh and I kind of fancy N from Pokemon aswell! lol! Nearly forgot him, oops! Oh and Castiel from My Candy Love! Oh and Kian Lawley from O2L, even though I'm actually old enough to be his mother!

Also in real life, one of my friends from where I used to work. He's got a girlfriend, so I would never act on it, but we're good friends, and he always gives me a big hug when we see each other, and then he has no idea that he's made my day!
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List is extensive. My mental harem truly seems endless.
This is just what I've managed to remember so far, listed in categories to make it easier to follow. I might add more in future.
I'm NOT going to list movie characters, because there are just TOO many. I'm also not going to do individual actors or musicians, just because again, there are too many...
Keep in mind, a few of the characters here are not just here because of their looks, some are here in spite of their looks, because I'm attracted to them as a whole character.

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