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Originally Posted by GreyGreey
I'm sry that I delete my post!

is sooo beautifullll!! <33 :DD Have fun with her! <3

Thanks! Unfortunately I lost her when I had to restart my game

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Originally Posted by bbostic8

Then there's the cool and trendy Amber Broke the youngest biological child of Brandi and Skip Broke.

Do you remember where you got Amber's hair? It's so cute!
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I've just wanted to share some pics of my Pleasantview descendants

Adrienne Lothario (Don + Nina) and her husband to be, Jackson Langerak (Daniel Pleasant + Kaylynn)

Lithium Lothario (Don's alien son) and Spencer Caliente (Dina + Mr. Big)

Party at the Burbs! In ordern, left to right: Samuel Goth (Cassandra + Darren), Rosa (daughter of a couple I made), James Burb (John + Jennifer), Carmela (Rosa's twin sister), Electra Goth (Daniel and Mary-Sue 3rd child), Mona Caliente (first daughter of Dina and Mr. Big) and again Adrienne Lothario
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#229 Old 7th May 2018 at 3:48 PM
Here are trailer park boys, Gabriel (pyjamas) and Gerome (yellow coat). Twin sons of Mickey Dosser and Gabriella Newson

I can't remember if I uploaded a picture of her before, hopefully not!
This is Tabby Kat, daughter of Tara Kat and David Dreamer (son of Brandi Broke & Darren Dreamer)... He's still a teenager, she's almost an elder. Is it a bit strange? Yes. She also has a brother called Tomm, with the same medium-Tan skin and blonde bushy hair

Ellie Huffington (daughter of Kevin Beare and Heather Huffington), trying to get all the chores done, whilst holding her half-sister, Jolyne Bratford-Beare (Monica Bratford & Kevin Beare). Her other half-sister, Tracey Bratford-Beare isn't pictured.

Petal (black hair) and Sunny (brown hair), twins to Jared Starchild and Moonbeam Williamson (Blossom Moonbeam & William Williamson) (I graduted Blossom and William a lot earlier than Jared, so they're not that far apart in age). Jared and Moonbeam have: tripets (Utopia, Breeze & Bud), twins (Petal and Sunny) and a single birth (Dusk) and want more! Jared also has twins with Sharla Goodie, called Duncan and Quinn.
The family currently lives on a beach lot, with only tents, hammocks, a fridge and a small bathroom, after living in a very small 2 bedroom apartment. I'm thinking of moving them to one of the Pleasantview trailers though.

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Another picture of Gerome Newson... because he's just too cute!

And Gabriel, how sweet to clean up the mess left behind while Mickey fixes the shower and sink

Reece Ottomas-Larson, son of Kat Larson (Tara Kat & Jason Larson) and Tommy Ottomas

The Picaso's experienced a pregnancy later in life (all 4 of their kids being in college or about to go off to college), but later miscarried. They were very sad about it, even though it was an unplanned pregnancy and decided to adopt a daughter, Kendra (daughter of Clara Cleveland (Coral Cleveland and Malcolm Landgraab IV) and Gilbert Jacquet).

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Granddaughter of Julien Cooke, Denise (left), Great-granddaughter of Jon Smith and Jennicor Tricou, Lyssandra (middle), and grandson of Sanjay and Priya Ramaswami, Jake (right) [something went wrong somewhere in his family genetics ].
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Jolyne Bratford-Beare dresses how my Mum dressed me in the 90s
She's the daughter of Monica Bratford and Kevin Beare, if it wasn't obvious

Bonnie Green-Gere grew up looking just like her mother. She's the daughter of Zaharah Green-Gere (Chastity Gere & Gabriel Green) and townie Sullivan Buckingham. Her foster parents are Ellen and Phineus Frost-Furley

How sweet that these two are adults now! It seems like only yesterday I was sharing their baby/toddler pictures in the baby/toddler thread and remarking how even though they're twins, they look so different!
Here are Daniel and Samuel Cordial. Kimberly Cordial and Carlos Contender's twins! I'm so glad Daniel finally grew into his face.

Ryohei Shikibu (Cleo Shikibu and Gilbert Jacquet) wolf wistling to someone off camera, while Zaharah Green-Gere creepily stares at the camera

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Castor Nova has some *great* genes. This is his daughter Eliza (her great grand-dad is Malcolm Landgraab)
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Now that I've got a working copy of PaintShop, I can edit the pics I've taken again!

My latest uberhood hasn't really got very far in yet, but Angela (Pleasant) and Dustin (Broke) had a daughter in secret, who is being brought up by Mary-Sue and Daniel as their 3rd child:
Meet Coralie Pleasant:

Over in Strangetown, Ophelia (Nigmos) and Johnny (Smith) are the proud parents of little Orion:

No need to use my full name, "Selly" will do just fine.

My MTS Yearbook 2014 page
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Here are the descendants of the Pleasantview Sims so far in my Let's Play series:

Eva Lothario - daughter of Cassandra Goth and Don Lothario

Fabien Goth - son of Dina Caliente and Mortimer Goth

Gia Caliente - daughter of Nina Caliente and Don Lothario (You can't see in this picture, but she has a really messed up nose. It looks like she's been punched from the side.)

Ivan Pleasant - son of Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant. He's my current favorite.
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Marta Grunt and Matt Grunt is the children of Tank Grunt and Amy Grunt (used to be a gardener)

They look so similar especially on the cheeks.

Can you also tell they are siblings?
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Hope you do not mind seeing more of my maxis offsprings ! (God I love mixing up all maxis spawns T.T / Also, ts2 has the best genetic mixing system..! )

He is Eridan Love.

Can you guess who his parents are?

Answer : Jason Larson(of Larson twins in Bluewater village) and Sarah Love(uinv. student and Tri-Fruhm member who was once in love with Matthew Hart) ’s son.

I just luv his goofy smile <3
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Pollination Technician #9 and Jenny's twins, Josie and Joey Smith.

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This is Brick Grunt, son of General Buzz and his new wife Crystal (Vu). All three of his older half-brothers have moved on to college, so he's the centre of his parents' attention right now.

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The three Curious kids in my game.
The oldest is Tycho Curious, son of Pascal and the default Pollination Technician.

The middle child is Sirius Curious, son of Vidcund and a different Pollination Technician (I have a multi-PT mod)

And the youngest is Cersei Curious, daughter of Vidcund and Circe Beaker (Still obsessed with Circe, Vidcund stole some of Circe's DNA and impregnated himself with it. Circe only recently learnt she existed.)

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Originally Posted by marimisawa
The three Curious kids in my game.
The oldest is Tycho Curious, son of Pascal and the default Pollination Technician.

The middle child is Sirius Curious, son of Vidcund and a different Pollination Technician (I have a multi-PT mod)

And the youngest is Cersei Curious, daughter of Vidcund and Circe Beaker (Still obsessed with Circe, Vidcund stole some of Circe's DNA and impregnated himself with it. Circe only recently learnt she existed.)

Cersei is so pretty! Spitting image with her mom.

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Originally Posted by Caren Yoon
Cersei is so pretty! Spitting image with her mom.

Hey! I'm glad you like her
I have some Beaker kids to share today.

Here we have Glass Beaker, daughter of Loki and Circe Beaker. She's pretty evil, even if she's smiling in this photo.

And secondly, we have Erik Beaker. He's the clone child of Erin Beaker. He's somehow weirder than his mother - Erik is convinced that he's the most powerful warlock known to Simkind, but he has absolutely no magical ability.

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Default I LOVE this thread!
It's so muh fun to see how everyone created their own story!
Here are some of my favorie descendants of the Goth famil, that has a lot of twins in the bloodline:

Michael Goth (son of Mortimer and Dina Goth) w/ Wife Diane + 2 youngest Kids: Enid and Spencer
Michael Goth's oldest twins: Gabrielle and Gretchen
Simon Goth's (Michael's twin brother, RIP) daughters: Sharon and Minnow
Gideon Goth, Son of Alexander Goth and Lucy Burb
Jasper Goth (Gideon's twin) with son Edgar
Jasper's son Oscar (Edgar's twin brother)
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Also, this is Alexa Dreamer, granddaoughter of Cassandra Goth and Darren Dreamer, daughter of their son- Credence, and townie Danielle (something). She ia one of my favorite sims!
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Marie-Anna Bell (The Bell's youngest child)

Rebeck Capp (Son of Ariel Capp and Bassianus Capp (the eldest son of Regan and Cornwall) - yep they're cousins)

This cute toddler... who looks a little grumpy, but that's mostly because I've forgotten her name
She's the daughter of Linda-Elena ( was Martin-Goldstein) (Daughter of Andrew Martin and Betty Goldstein) and Simon Viejo (Adopted son of Catherine Viejo and Late Julio Viejo)
...Turns out her name is Abigail!

Crimson and Wayne King (Twins of Iona Wrightley-Rai (Ginger Newson clone adopted by Guy and Jasmin Wrightley-Rai) and Gordon King)

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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Rosaline and Tamora Summerdream (twin daughters of Puck and Hermia Summerdream)

This is their younger brother, Pyramus

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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Cassandra Goth-Menon and her husband Jim have two super cute kids, Isadora and Mathilde.

They're identical twins, as far as I can tell. And they were born in-game!

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Charlotte Worthington, the daughter of Frances J. and Josie (Smith) Worthington, just recently grew into a child. (Josie is the daughter of PTech#9 and Jenny Smith).

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Ivy and Thorn, Two of Rose Greenman's spores!

Have you ever walked into a room & forgot why you went in there?
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Just wanted to show off some of my maxis descendants . This is the"Coven" household (guess why?):

Mortimer Goth Jr.
(Alexander & Lucy Goth)

Lucas Gorey
(Allegra and Henry Gorey, a sim I made)

Caleb Langerak
(Adrienne Lothario - Nina and Don’s - and Jackson Langerak - Kaylynn and Daniel’s)
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