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Sweet potato fries for going good so far.

One of my packages is progressing forward to my house.

I took a 2-hour nap, dad facetiously said I was asleep for 6 years, I grumbled online about how "Before the Internet made a big stink about pineapple on pizza, pineapple was an acceptable topping, no questions asked, no exceptions and we liked it as New Jerseyans!" Sounded like a grumpy old lady

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Elden Isaac made his appearance 54 mins after midnight, weighing a tiny 7lb 6oz considering he was 11 days overdue.

I had a wonderful natural waterbirth. My midwives were spectacular. I don't think I would have been able to do it without them and my partner. So many times I kept saying I couldn't do it, especially because I have such a bad cold I couldn't breathe through my nose at all. They (midwife, student midwife and Adam) sang to me, rubbed or put pressure on my back and just helped me keep calm and breathe as best as I could. Also me and the midwife busted out the whole of "One Week" by BareNaked Ladies while I was pushing lmao. He ended up being born as soon as "Du Hast" by Rammstein started playing.

It was so much more painful than my first birth, but so much better. They let Adam stay with me from before the birth up until we went home. Ivy is in love with her new little brother. She has already attempted to feed him peas, and when we explained he can only have milk, she quickly ran to the fridge and brought us the whole jug of cows milk

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What a great name @Bigsimsfan12 ! I'm glad Ivy likes her sibling. Congratulations and well done!

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That was very cute of her, and congratulations to the new baby, I'm glad to hear it went well.
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Congratulations to you and your family, @Bigsimsfan12 <3
Sounds like Ivy is doing her best to be a good big sister, in her own way <3
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Congrats on the new one!

Good news, this is my 4th weekend of freedom, and it's still amazing! I was missing in action these last few months because I made poor choices in life which included signing up for a masters degree. Said degree also required a thesis (writing 1 was enough, 2 is just unreasonable) and then a full time intership. Of course the thesis was independent and not one related to the company so it was basically like having 2 full time jobs. I wonder what made universities think that was a good idea? But yeah, I'm not dead and that's why I'm proud of me

But back to my weekends: I've been out on a bunch of long walks cos I missed so much cos it's not like I had time. I saw people like other than my family and the people I work with (because I went outside!!!!). I got my secret santa present which was fancy gloves that work on my phone, so now my fingers are extra safe outside cos my fingers and cold don't go together. Most importantly, I got me 2 bags of kruidnoten (which was like 1 kg) because 'tis the season and all but also because I figured that a 5kg bag was a bit much even for me
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Today was grocery shopping day and I felt adventurous. I picked up instant mashed potato flakes in three flavor varieties: butter, sour cream and chives, and loaded, and two varieties of Velveeta Shells and Cheese: one with bacon bits and one with broccoli shavings.

I never had these particular foods in my life. Should be interesting to try them out.

Maybe one day, I'll up and leave the country like Walter Mitty (tired of being compared to Walter Mitty or Doug Funnie) and leave behind my constraints of my fears and doubts. Get a Japanese passport and travel around Europe, visa-free. Truth is, I never left the mainland of the U.S. IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. My family doctor, Dr. DB told me to travel the world once my treatment is complete.

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