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#12901 Old Yesterday at 9:38 AM
I think this thread is getting a little off topic. So I'll put it back on track.
I'd like to see a detailed anti-corruption mod that has all the corruption fixes in it all in one package. You could call it the anti-corruption mega mod.
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#12902 Old Yesterday at 1:14 PM
This is SPORT hobby enthusiasm mod suggestion. I want to suggest BOXING interaction mod (animation cloned/borrowed from PUNCHING BAG career reward) where two sims (of same age) do boxing with each other. Depending on their BODY skills they can win or lose the training/fight. This would be treated just as social interaction that doesnt make sims be enemies. Sims could even build BODY SKILL points on residental lot (and on community if player has COMMUNITY SKILL mod).

What do you think, dear simmers?
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#12903 Old Yesterday at 7:08 PM
I've been hoping for this mod for a while but I really want to see a mod that kills the autonomous inside joke interaction between best friends. My sims do it way too much and I would really like to see it gone. Pretty please with sugar on top??
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#12904 Old Yesterday at 9:53 PM
@Lena88 -I would love that myself though it would have to fulfill that wish to win fights rolled by popularity sims and have to count on that one as another option so they can fight in sport and fill that wish in competition instead of making enemies.
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