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Default Accessory hair is transparent but with incorect alpha reading?
I was inspired by long side bangs hair accessory cc i found to create short version for my own use. Mesh itself works properly, and alpha is there but i think overlapping mesh causes everything to be more transparent then it should.
In other words, only one-two strands shows up. I made sure alpha is on blend and i changed spec, diff and other values to match hair shader values. Is there a workaround this?

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If you started with a glasses recolor straight from Bodyshop, you need to make these changes, because those have some inbuilt issues:

Go to the TXMT/Material Definition resources, and the "cMaterialDefinition" tab.
Check all the "Type" lines in all the "Frame_txmt" and change all the "StandardMaterial" to "SimStandardMaterial". The "StandardMaterial" causes the items to turn inside-out from certain angles for CAS items.

Copying these off a hair could be a good idea (like you've already done) to get the proper shading:
- stdMatDiffCoef

You'll have to change the settings for all the "frame" groups, or all the groups that have visible mesh parts (lens excluded, if you're using the regular group names and hide the lens).


As for the mesh, make sure you've set it up so the inner layer is at the top in SimPE, then the next, etc., and the outer layer is at the bottom. Otherwise you'll also get transparency issues. It's the same process for hairs.
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Thank you, i did change material on all frame parts to SimStandardMaterial beforehand like you mentioned, but i didn't know about layering. All mesh layers should be called "frame" if I'm correct?
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Not sure if the program you're using has some form of opacity layering in the mesh that deals with the mesh order (Milkshape does in the comments, I'm more used to dealing with that one for layering because it has a few not so annoying export features that don't drive me bonkers), but if it doesn't, you can rename the layers frame1, frame2, frame3, etc. and rename them in SimPE after importing (Groups tab in GMDC), so you know they've imported in the proper order. Make sure to check.

Some programs will import in some or another naming order, which can be hell gone supernova to figure out when all the layers/groups are named the same.
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