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Default Does anyone know how to find the Sortindex for Maxis outfits please? Half solved, see last post
Hello, as some of you may know I am sorting my defaults and CC so that I can cull some of my Downloads Folder.

This ended up turning into a massive project, with me replacing most of my defaults and tweaking my CC (which is a very slow process due to how little free time I have left, after overtime and a social life).

I have been trying to add extra colours to default replacements for clothing, so an item that has one colour in the Maxis catalogue has 3 or 4 colours, for example (similar to adding extra ages to hair defaults, but adding extra colours to clothes defaults).

I'm managing to botch this at the moment by creating the outfit at the same time in Bodyshop, then making a property set based default of one colour, adding the rest of the CC colours to the file, and editing Creator, Family, Product and Version in the Property Sets.

However, this only works around half the time, and I think Sortindex is my missing ingredient.

I've been trying to find out the Sortindex values for the Maxis outfits, but I don't know how to search for them in SimPE using the Finder (I don't know what Object Search, STR Search, TGI Search, NREF Search and Scenegraph search do, as I have only used the other 2 searches). So I can't extract anything to add to my defaults.

I found this post from Lord Darcy on MATY:
"You have to edit Collection in 3D ID Referencing File (3IDR) and sortindex in Binary Index (BINX) in outfits and hairs. Enable debug mode in CAS to find out Bin Key for Maxis clothing/hair bin into which you want to put your stuff, edit Collection in 3IDR to match the Bin Key.
Find out Frag Sort Idx in CAS debug mode, and adjust sortindex in BINX accordingly. For example, I edited OFB female chicken hat to appear between Ninja hair (Frag Sort Idx is around 130) and Gorilla hair (Frag Sort Idx is around 190). So I gave it a new Frag Sort Idx around 180 by editing sortindex in BINX. It's more complicated for hairs, as all five hair colors have different Frag Sort Idx numbers."

I tried this, but the Frag Sort Idx in CAS debug mode and the Sortindex in SimPE seem totally unrelated to me (I have attached screenshots from a custom outfit as an example of how the numbers don't match).

Can anyone advise please?
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If anyone else needs to know, I have worked out how to move outfits added to defaults, by fumbling around in SimPE.

But to move clothes, edit Collection in 3IDR to match the Bin Key first (otherwise the clothes won't move).

Then change the Sortindex number to a number close to the Frag Sort Idx number, load the game and check how close you are to the Frag Sort Idx of the Maxis outfit you want yours to sit next to.

It takes a few goes but eventually you will hit the right one

I still don't know how to view the Sortindex for Maxis outfits though, and I'd love to move those if I can, some meshes aren't next to each other, which annoys my picky side!
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