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An underrated feature of WA is that it introduced several shops. Mostly commonly used are food, book, and general. A MUST HAVE for a player looking to expand their semi-open world.

WA honestly has so much content in it. The sheer scale of it is maddening. Travel? 3 entire towns WITH tons of tombs? Several skills? A new occult type? Open shops? New gameplay objects? New collectibles? A diverse build/buy catalog?

WA wasn’t even their best pack. WA is an example of how to have an expansion pack that has a niche theme that also doesn’t provide niche content to increase its value.

You know you wanted that motor scooter espresso machine...

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I would argue BV has much more content than either of those, though obviously not combined. Proper Hotels, Lots of NPCs, three hidden lots (gotta work for them by digging), three cultures that look satisfying, new additions (new cas assets that are jewelry, new type of lot (beaches), camera skill/mechanic, ninja teleportation), massage table which you can incorperate in Businesses, new dances & greetings you can learn, go on tours with a guide and so much more.

In contrast to Snowy Escape, comparing that pack to the chunk that Takemizu Village alone offers, all I can remember that's distinct is skiing and talking to spirits. The other feature stuff shown in trailers already exists in BV or other packs of TS2.

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Originally Posted by LittleCheshire
I also loved to see sims from different cultural areas come into my town in the Sims 3 as visitors. I dunno, it just felt nice to go to the lake in Appaloosa Plains to fish and have a french visitor come up to my sim and immediately get into a fight because whoa those traits are not clashing well now are they?

(I had no part in them becoming enemies, by the way. Sims 3 sim autonomy is serious and I like it.)

Agreed, even though TS3 limits you to a single homeworld at a time, the presence of the tourists does make it feel like your sim is part of a bigger world- which is why I still hesitate to turn them off completely.

Contrast to TS4, where there really is no continuity in the world. You'll get Geoff Landgraab manning the food stalls on one lot, and then be a waiter on another, and you'll get sims from different neighbourhoods that technically should be halfway across the world jogging through your neighbourhood on a regular basis. Even worse, you'll get tons of randomly-generated NPC sims over and over again, despite having neighbourhoods full of sims you've created. Combined with the instant travelling, it feels very much like your sim is on a stage set, and all the NPCs are just extras that don't have any actual lives other than to play off your active sims.
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