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Test Subject
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#1 Old 30th Jun 2022 at 12:38 AM Last edited by Snowder : 30th Jun 2022 at 7:00 PM. Reason: s/cask/cauldron + russian translation
Default Buffet Table (Custom object)
Are you about to host a reception and you have no idea what to serve to your guests?
Are you concerned on offering a top notch experience, with a fancy table and decorations, or just trying to calm down a bunch of angry peasants with not-so-bad foods?
Have no fear, the brand new buffet table can answer to all this problems in one go!

This object is an improved port of the TS3 version of the buffet table.
You can find the object in Domestic/Food & Beverages:

The object works in a similar way than the TS3 versions, with changes to make it fitting to TSM:

  • Serve
    • As the name implies, that interaction will serve food. One food of each category will be served (oven, cauldron and spit). Random available recipes (meaning recipes that you unlocked) will be picked (except Unicornucopia and Gruel for obvious reasons). This works as well if you are using a custom recipe mod.
    • This interaction can be done autonomously, in case a Sim is hungry. If this action is done autonomously, the Sim will also take food directly.
    • The spoil time of the recipes will be ignored, all foods will spoil after 8 hours game-time. (this can be modified in the tuning files if you wish)
  • Grab a plate of X
    • Your Sim will eat the food of your choice.
    • Again, this action will be done autonomously if a Sim is hungry.
  • Clean Up
    • Will clean up the table. You will have only this choice available if the food is spoiled.
    • This action can be done autonomously.

The mod uses EA resources, so the object interactions will not need translations.
The object description, however, needs translation. Feel free to leave a reply or a PM if you are interested in translating this.
Languages already covered:
- English
- Russian (thanks to Mariacherry)

This mod uses left over resources in TSM (such as the buffet table model and textures).
Any change to the buffet table models and texture inside TSM data will reflect on this mod.
Compatible with the Pirate&Nobles patch (2.0.113)
Please make a backup of your saved games before trying the mod, in case something goes wrong.

Planned changes
None at the moment.

  • v1.0 - 6/30/22 - Initial release + Russian translation from Mariacherry

Unzip the .package file in your Mods folder and you are good to go!
This link explains greatly how to enable mods in your game.

Special thanks
  • ChickieTeeta - You are the one that pointed out that TSM had many left overs of the buffet table, from model files to tunings, and was interested to have a working version of the buffet table in TSM. This is entierly thanks to you that this custom object came to life.
Don't hesitate to report any bug you may encounter with the object, or to send suggestions.
Have fun!
Attached files:
File Type: zip  buffetTable.zip (193.5 KB, 238 downloads)
Description: Buffet Table - v1 + russian translation
Field Researcher
#2 Old 13th Oct 2022 at 4:37 PM
Nice. Wish I had one in real life that would spawn food.
Test Subject
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#3 Old 18th Nov 2022 at 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by mirabellarose
Nice. Wish I had one in real life that would spawn food.

Hahaha, same here.
Glad you liked the mod, though!
Test Subject
#4 Old 1st Jan 2023 at 4:41 AM
Love this!
Field Researcher
#5 Old Yesterday at 10:10 AM Last edited by mirabellarose : Yesterday at 12:27 PM.
Originally Posted by Snowder
Hahaha, same here.
Glad you liked the mod, though!

Snowder, I have a question for you. How did you manage to get this item working? I've converted all of the clothing from Tutor of Tudors (which I plan to upload soon) but I'd like to get the objects into the game as well. I'm not sure what resource needs to be edited. I'm pretty sure it's the OBJD resource (that one, I think, holds all of the information that shows up in the game's catalog) but I can't seem to get Grim's wrapper working. The grid button is greyed out in every version of S3PE I've tried (S3PE displays a whole list of errors in the right-hand window that I don't understand). I don't think I need to do anything with the script class as it seems the script class for just about everything is from TS3. And I'm sure the bone assignments for the chairs, sofas, beds, etc. are the same as TS3, as well as the slots for the tables. It's just a matter of getting TSM to recognize the file and getting the item to show up in the catalog.

I thought about extracting all the resources for a TSM chair (I'm trying to convert the Tutor of Tudors TS3 chair at the moment), putting them all together in a package file, replacing the meshes and textures with mine, then generating new instance numbers for each resource. The OBJ wrapper does seem to work on OBJD resources from the game. It just won't work with a TS3 OBJD.

Anyway, hope I'm making sense. Any help you can provide would be so appreciated. I might send you a PM just in case you don't see this post.

Edited to add: I went ahead and sent you a PM about this. Interestingly, I found that the grid button is not greyed with the OBJD resource from your package file. I've found it's the same with all of the OBJD resources from the game that I tried. It's only with TS3 items that I'm having trouble. This leads me to think that maybe I can do what I explained above. Pull resources from the game to put together a package and replace the meshes and textures with the ones from the Tutor of Tudors set. Will need to experiment. Looking forward to your input. Please tell me I won't have to mess with XML tuning or animations. Ugh.

I'm Lolabellesims. Hi! Check out my stuff at The Sims Resource and at www.tumblr.com/lolabellesims. Maybe I'll go nuts and publish something here, too.
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