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Default Xenos
(I don't understand why some pictures are larger file sizes, but I put in direct links so the picture will pop up here.)

Xander (Short for Alexander) Xenos moved into Strangetown.

He spent the day studying cooking and getting to know some sims that stopped by. Then he explored the heavens and found himself pregnant.

After having little Xan, his namesake, he finished maxing his cooking skills.

Xander is a great dad and managed to teach little Xan all the necessary toddler skills. (The composite photo was too big, but here's a direct link to the picture.)

Xander was surprised with twins on his next pregnancy. The boy, Xanthros, has his dad's eyes. He is too adorable! Xanthe is cute too with dark alien eyes; but her eyes were closed in her close-up picture, sorry! (I think this picture was too large a file size too, though it shouldn't be.)

Xander, being a good dad, wanted Xan to get into private school when he turned into a child. He invited the headmaster over and threw an impromptu birthday party for the twins right after completing the house tour and eating some buffet-style turkey dinner. The headmaster was impressed with Xan and his family, so Xan got into private school. (This includes a shot of Xanthe.)

Having gotten Xan into private school, Xander then taught Xan the best way to do his homework.

Xan celebrated with birthday cake while Xander once again explored the heavens.

(I sure miss not being able to use smart milk and thinking caps, but the challenge is great.)
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I've been abandoning poor Nicolas & his kiddies for a while, but here's some pics of what's been happening the few times I have played.

Saturn, the second alien spawn, becomes a child...

And the third addition to the family, Pluto I think I called him (I honestly can't remember) comes along...

He grew up into an ugly toddler. I don't like him already, he has only 2 nice points and 2 neat points and max outgoing and active and playful. Ugh.

Nicolas is abducted again, is preggers, blah blah blah...



She grew up in a punk clothes, a la Lilith Pleasant.

She rolled Fortune which is good for her, grumpy serious sim that she is.

The first thing she did was give Pluto a feed while Nicolas collapsed.

And then, I am totally stupid and get Nicolas abducted while he's pregnant!!!!

God knows what will happen now. I shut it down then. I'll have to play again and see what happens.

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This challenge sounds really fun! I'd like to try it, if that's okay. =)
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Of course it is!

D8. CIANE. HOW DID YOU DO ALL OF THAT WITHOUT HIM FAINTING. I'm really impressed now. It was a challenge for me getting my seventh to learn all three toddler skills! None of them have maxed anything, either, but that might be because I'm not really scoring my game. And Meggie, I've heard that uglier toddlers grow into better-looking adults. Let's hope that happens with him. ^___^

But I think I have to remind people, you can't use the cake to age them before their days are up. 8D;

I don't have any pics right now due to time constraints, but the seventh was born, little Shawn, and after a few days Nessie became an adult, and packed up and left. As much as I'll miss her it's a relief to only have six to take care of again. Teens or not, that many people gets to be a hassle.
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Well I started it last night. I'm really having fun with it so far.
I'll be posting it on my livejournal HERE .

The first part is up now. =)
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Oh, sorry. I thought the cake was okay for the babies for some reason. I saw several other entries with birthday cake for the transition to toddlers. I know that babies have to have help to grow up while, with all other stages of life, they can do it naturally on their own. The rules only say to wait for the designated birthday (which I took to mean no use of cheats to age them early), they didn't say no birthday cake. When the game says it is time get a cake and plan a party, I thought that meant it was the designated birthday. In my last picture, the little boy Xan is only eating the birthday cake used to grow up the twin babies to toddlers. He grew up without any cake.

Xander has been close to passing out a few times, but I have him run to bed and sleep even for only an hour. As I mentioned before, I have played lots of baby and toddler challenges with lots of different rules (such as no nannies and no job) so taking care of only two babies at once is a lot easier for me, even with the pregnancy issue.

With Xan now a child, Xander can leave his dishes at the table and the bottles on the floor. Even though Xan only has one neat point, he can clean the tub, shower, and toilets too. Xander just worries about emptying the potty chairs and getting little ones in and out of bed and on and off the potty. He snuggles and tickles them as he takes them to bed or the potty. Often times, one bottle will feed both toddlers. If there is any milk left, I stick in inventory to use later.
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I am trying this challenge. For me very difficult but fun! The kitchen is a mess. The babies are hungry and smelly. The dad is the worst nice sim I have ever had in the game. My son is hungry? Ill make myself a sandwich. My daughter is stinky and sleeping on the floor? Ill go pee and then go to bed. The nanny never left. She is a mixed blessing as she often the reason there are hungry stinky babies littering the floor.
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Default More Xenos
We left off last time with Xan a child and the twins just turned to toddlers.

The twins as toddlers:

Each managed a few skills (twins should get double credit):

Then they grew into adorable kids:

Xander taught them homework skills and they got into private school and brought home A+ report cards:

Xan also got his A+ and grew into a teen:

Xena joined the crew and grew into a toddler. (I still needed the birthday cake. Xander went to help with birthday and just held her forever, so I bought the cake again.)

She, like Xan, learned all four toddler skills:

The newest baby is Xeno, a typical alien babe; so no pictures of him yet. Xander is pregnant again of course. I am thinking of giving him the family aspiration "twins" option to wrap things up quicker and see if he could get the last twins all their skills with a teen's help.
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Using the cake to age them if Help with Birthday doesn't work is just fine! I had to do it four times myself. The point is that they live out those days. And your family is adorable, by the way! 8D I didn't even think about double credit for twins...that's a good idea.

Once again, no chance to put up pictures, but Rodrik just became a teen, and Shawn became a child, the last one to do so. Kaworu's two days from adulthood, and Wesley's kind of bored. I'm thinking of modifying the rules to say that he can go places/get a job once he doesn't have toddlers to care for anymore.
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Ugggh I did it again (maxmoties that is) Twins are just TO hard to manage without help. They were stinky all over, and poor Auggie was dead on his feet all the time! But I can pretend it was one for each twin and that's IT!

EDIT: *twitches* TWINS AGAIN! o.0 WTFH!!!!!! I have NEVER EVER had two sets of twins in a row. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!

I got a girl, Meritaten (alien genetics) and a boy, Amenhotep (human genetics). They look exactly like their siblings, I'm worried there's some kinda bug here!

You can call me Robyn, tis my name after all
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Originally Posted by slytherin-girl
Ugggh I did it again (maxmoties that is) Twins are just TO hard to manage without help. They were stinky all over, and poor Auggie was dead on his feet all the time! But I can pretend it was one for each twin and that's IT!

EDIT: *twitches* TWINS AGAIN! o.0 WTFH!!!!!! I have NEVER EVER had two sets of twins in a row. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!

I got a girl, Meritaten (alien genetics) and a boy, Amenhotep (human genetics). They look exactly like their siblings, I'm worried there's some kinda bug here!

Did you remember to roll the pacifier? o_o...
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No, I'm more worried about teh fact that I got twins twice in a row, and they look exactly the same. I've got a multi PT hack, which should give them diff. parents but doesn't seem to be doing it *panics* I might just yank the PT hack and go back to good old fugly maxis LOL

You can call me Robyn, tis my name after all
24th Feb 2009 at 8:56 PM
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Well here's some pics at least!!! *is seriously most likely going to yank the multi PT hack, I'll deal with fugly maxis alien babies*

The twins get along rather well, even sleeping on the same schedule *points to toddler blankys*

Which are great because Smenkhkare doesn't like the crib much apparently.

Auggie does the typical stuff, snuggling, and eating LOTS of food.

Before he decides to give birth in the bathroom like all good sims do.

Meet the first girl, Meritaten

And her brother, Amenhotep

At this point I gave up and hired a pair of nannies to let the man SLEEP. Because he had other things to do later, and I'm a bugger so he's getting nannies whenever he wants!

You can call me Robyn, tis my name after all
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I was sure I posted these pics earlier. o.O But I guess I didn't.
Anyway, I'm really enjoying this challenge. I haven't played much yet, but I expect it to get much harder when the next few babies arrive.

I'm posting most of it on my livejournal, but I wanted to post a few pics here as well.

This is the *lucky* dad, Liam Quaid. lol

His first child, Violet

25th Feb 2009 at 5:43 AM
This message has been deleted by TrillianRikku.
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Originally Posted by slytherin-girl
and I'm a bugger so he's getting nannies whenever he wants!

Go ahead and be buggerly. I gave my family an extra motherlode cheat, so I have no right whatsoever to complain. Cheats or not, I hope you and he can survive! That goes for everyone. ^_^ *clapclap*

Some snippets from the Picard household-

Davey, the third, crying after being rejected for his first kiss. ;__;

Nessie becomes an adult! She leaves and moves in with Fantasyrogue's Castor Miller, where she's just going to goof off until I can figure out something to do with her.

I discover that Cameraman mode exists.

This was poignant. .__. (That's my PT in her thought bubble)

Rodrik and Shawn age. Rod's not half-bad looking, Shawn just needs to grow a bit.

Being bored with no toddlers to care for, Wesley now writes his memoirs. The nursery is now office space.

Kaworu's smooth talkin' gets everyone into private school.

Davey in his new private school uniform. Unless Onyx or Shawn turns out especially gorgeous he's pretty much in the lead as founder for the legacy I'm starting from these guys.

Onyx thinks terrible thoughts in that little head of hers.

Kaworu becomes an adult. He lives in the simbin at the moment.

And Perenelle just cause I haven't shown her at all.
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Oh, I was hoping you would get him a job and change the rules to allow that when there were no more toddlers. My guy is four days from elder and won't be getting pregnant again. I rolled the same number each time for my teens so they are all knowledge sims right now and they are all allowed to get a job so far. Two of the teens have the job they want for a lifetime want, the other is still waiting for hers.

I loved all the pictures. (I just can't help the baby grew up when the toddler or someone else is growing up at the same time. They forget what they were going to do and don't have the option, so it looks like birthday cake one more time for the babe.)
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I have a quick question and I don't know if it has been answered yet are you allowed to sell paintings, Novels, and Produce from NON shops?
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Ciane: That rule was an idea, but it may as well be final. ^__^ There's absolutely nothing barring him once there's no more toddlers, and I find that he gets bored on weekdays waiting for the kids to come home. Having him write a novel and not get a job was just a personal choice of mine.

Trillian: Absolutely!
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Default Xenos - Part Three
Xan, the oldest, has now maxed both creativity and logic.

Xanthe, the oldest twin, maxed creativity and grew to a teen.

Her twin, Xanthros, also grew up and they both excelled in their new jobs. (Xan did too, but I couldn't find the picture.) Xanthros also maxed his logic skills, but I didn't snap a picture in time.

Xena grew into a child still wearing her favorite blue hat.

Xeno learned all his toddler skills.

Then he left toddlerhood behind and became a child.

Little Xylon turned into a toddler and learned all his skills (except he might not be completely potty trained yet, as I couldn't find that picture).

Finally, Xander gave birth to the latest babe. Expecting little Xandra, we were surprised by another boy. Not having another good Greek X name that wasn't a derivitive of one already used, Xander named the last babe Zeus.

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Default Xenos - Part Four
Xander is now an elder.

Xena is a teenager, and she finally gave up her little blue hat.

There were a lot of maxed skills.

(And I found the picture of Xan getting to the top of his profession in architecture.)

Xylon was finally potty trained and grew into a child.

Also, the last baby turned into a toddler.

He now has learned all his toddler skills too.

So the only toddlers who didn't learn all their toddler skills were the twins, since there was only one pregnant sim to care for two toddlers at the same time.

Also, I seem to always roll the same number for the teen aspiration. All four teens so far are knowledge sims. The youngest wasn't allowed to get her desired job for several days. I don't think she has found a job in science yet. Xanthe is in journalism and Xanthros is an adventurer. Xander wants oceanography and I am hoping to get that for him in another few days when Zeus grows up.
27th Feb 2009 at 5:27 PM
This message has been deleted by TrillianRikku.
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Great pictures Trillian! Just think only six or seven times more to go.
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Oooh, sounds fun!!! I'm going to go try this!
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Originally Posted by Skuld Lunrix

But I think I have to remind people, you can't use the cake to age them before their days are up. 8D;.

Yeah i know.... seriously.....

and I thought we could use the cake on babies after the "Help with Birthday" thing failed at least once, because honestly, the "Help with B-day" all hours of the night and day gets really annoying.
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I don't understand what you are saying. I only used the help with birthday when they were suppose to grow up, not before. One of my teens didn't age until 3 a.m. after she was suppose to grow up at 6 p.m. the night before. She is the only non-baby that I thought I'd have to tell to grow up. I only bought the cakes after the "help with birthday" interaction disappeared and didn't reappear.

I really resent the sentiment that it isn't possible to avoid passing out. It is, even with twins. I do not play with cheats or hacks.

My sim managed to make it to the top of his profession after waiting until all toddlers had aged to children. He also maxed all seven skills - his second life time want. On top of that I had him take time to encourage each of kids to be either neater or more active before they grew up and left.

I mentioned before that I have played lots of baby and toddler challenges in the past. Playing with six or seven babies and only one sim who might not be allowed nannies or a job is a great experience for this challenge.

I never once cheated. I didn't use the kaching ever. I used the original motherlode to set up and kept half of those funds in reserve to use as needed. I never once had to buy groceries. I had two refrigerators and rented the buffet table to serve turkey every time the headmaster was invited - a total of six times. The ready made turkey needs no prep time and is very filling.
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Starting this one right now! Wish me luck! :P
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