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Originally Posted by plasticbox
Here's a list of threads in this forum that are offering information on various topics:

deadlink? (How I fixed the problem of merged files preventing the game from starting)

getting this instead: 404 Not Found

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Wow..and this hasn't been fixed already..Screw you, help forum...

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Help! How do I upload my custom? content
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What happens if I take the tray from one machine/game and paste it into the game files on another machine? Will it overwrite the existing tray or is there a way to make them merge and not lose everything in the existing tray?

I currently have the game on 2 laptops both running Windows 10. My boyfriend has been playing on one of them, building really awesome lots, but he doesn't like to actually play the game much, so the lots don't get used. I'd like to move his builds into the game I'm playing on the other laptop. I don't believe they're saved anywhere individually, except when uploaded to the gallery, and those files are within the tray folder, but I can't identify them individually.

Ideally, I'd like to find a way to network the 2 laptops together and make them run from the same game folder and use the same save files. So, he could build on lots I'm not using, while I'm also playing. I understand this is probably completely impossible. Everything I've found just says to move files with a USB drive. The multiplayer mod I found is for playing sims on the same lot (no build mode), but that's not what I'm trying to do.

So, any way to add his lots to my game without overwriting my files? Or to network and play on LAN together, so I can play while he builds stuff in the same world?

(I'm assuming I shouldn't try to use Origin as a go-between, since I'm running a portable version of the game on both laptops and I've never let them connect to Origin, I'm afraid it could cause both machines to spontaneously combust...)

Thanks in advance for any insight!!
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