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#101 Old 21st Mar 2013 at 3:52 PM
I started playing this since it is Spring Break and I have lots of time right now!! The only other time I did anything like this (on my own, didn't know about the challenge) was with the Ottomas family. I moved them in and just watched. It was pretty funny, so I thought I'd give this a whirl. I made my family using a "Random Stuff' ap I got and used a "Random Name' ap. So I picked names and traits with this. I thought that would make it more' fair', since in life we get what we get! I also gave them each level 9 on a random skill and each 4-5 at least for cooking. Less for the kids.
I have a family where two siblings are married and each family has two kids.So the whole bunch is related. So far, my teen boy is an awesome big brother. He has cooked a group family meal, bathed his toddler sister and fed her a bottle. Then her dad just put her to bed! Precious! I'm taking pictures so we'll see how this proceeds! Thanks for the challenge!
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#102 Old 21st Mar 2013 at 6:28 PM
I had asked about the destruction of an urn; but when I after re-entering the lot a few times it reappeared as a tombstone.
ACR produced a baby - which no one paid any attention to except to feed it, only to drop it on the floor in front of the frig. Producing a scene I have NO sympathy for: "Look at us we're starving!". A few died of starvation. The baby became a toddler and I just couldn't stand the misery: I removed a mod that prevents the social worker, and that toddler and a boy child were taken.
The last person alive was PantyBoy- who got his name because he dressed himself in low-riders that stylishly exposed his underwear. Don't really know what killed him - maybe disease, all he wanted to do was stomp roaches.

So while I didn't really enjoy the challenge, I have 2 cute kids in the adoption pool, and a really NASTY house to torture some family with!l

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#103 Old 21st Mar 2013 at 6:35 PM
Originally Posted by SimMegaptera
I was going to try something similar but with no kids. Nobody goes to school or work. I just want to see how good they are at managing their own motives.

My thoughts exactly. HERE'S a thought --I'll make it a separate challenge! Um, except challenges are SUPPOSED to have scoring, and I hate to keep score...

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#104 Old 21st Mar 2013 at 8:07 PM
I think that if you do this challenge without kids it will resemble the asylum challenge, where you have eight random adults and only control one, so maybe you could combine the scoring from both.
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#105 Old 22nd Mar 2013 at 8:52 PM
So I created a knock-off (sort of) challenge -- Les Miserables. Let me know what you think. I'm off to see if it actually is interesting to PLAY>>

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#106 Old 23rd Mar 2013 at 3:22 PM
So, I love my family so much that I recreated them to play in another neighborhood! They are different when I control them, but so far it's helping me to kind of 'sit back and smell the roses", which is a nice switch! Thanks for creating this challenge.
Gotta go and see what shenanigans they get into today!
Test Subject
#107 Old 26th Mar 2013 at 5:54 PM
This is the first challenge I've ever tried, thanks for thinking it up. I knew watching suffering kids would be impossible so I made 8 adults, all separate fams, which gave me $160,000 when they all moved into the same trailer. It's a very small trailer. I gave the same likes and dislikes to everyone. For personalities I maxed out two characteristics, like clean and nice, and put a third one at 5. The others were all zero. Each person has a different combination. It is teaching me a lot about what those personalities prefer to do. I gave them an easel and a chess table. Two of them cook and clean all day. They all like to paint. Only three of them enjoy chess. The trailer is an open floor plan and traffic isn't too bad. The only intervention I've done is "pay bills" and hang each painting on the wall as soon as its done. The folks seem to get along, lots of friendships, I put 4 double beds in the trailer and people share them willingly. No jobs yet, I'm a little scared to try it. My one problem is a sim with fun so in the red that it's keeping him from spontaneously doing any fun things, just eats, sleeps, crys and yells all the time. Ick.
When I get the courage to send them to work I fear all will go rapidly downhill.
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#108 Old 26th Mar 2013 at 6:22 PM
Ok, so after 4 rounds my point are .....645!!! Yes, that's right! 5 group meals, 3 burned meals, 5 passing outs, 5 promotions (mainly due to chance cards), 4 fires, 2 family friends and 5 aging ups! My two teens are now adults and my kid and toddler are now teens.
Janeknisely, don't be afraid of kids. When you give them an 'easy bake oven' and toys they stay fed and happy. My toddler was bathed and fed so much that I was afraid she would get fat!!! My best move was to make one Sim very neat. Of course this was luck because all the personalities were a toss of the dice ,so to speak. They mostly spend their time socializing and eating!!! But these Sims are really good at taking care of themselves. I only have one who worries and cries constantly. But her needs are taken care of, it's just that her aspirations aren't met.
This is the most fun challenge I've played yet!
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#109 Old 27th Mar 2013 at 12:22 AM Last edited by NiallHoranIsMine : 27th Mar 2013 at 9:58 PM.
Ohhhh this sounds hilarious ^_^ I've been really bored with Sims lately, like REALLY bored. And I've been wondering what I could do and with this...I can do nothing and still get all the entertainment :3 I'm gonna give it a shot!
End Of Night 1. It is now Midnight Tuesday, Day 2
And all I can say is...
I guess my sims do not know what a "kitchen" is. And if they do, they are too stupid to operate a fridge and an oven. And now they're all starving to death because of it *facepalm*
One of my sims TRIED to make lobster. But does she stay to keep an eye on the lobster? Oh no.
And of course, they all don't know how to remove a burning lobster dish from the oven -_-
Concluding in...
Fire! -10 points. Luckily, somehow, all my idiot sims survived.
Yeah I know, I'm surprised too.
Seriously though. The only one who ISN'T starving is the child, Aramaye. And why? Because she has that child's oven
Only my 8 year old sim is smart enough to feed herself. The adults and teens are way too stupid to.
*facepalm again*
I just wish she could feed the entire family. Including the toddler, Michael. Imma be upset if he dies or gets taken away, he's a little cutie.
At the rate that these sims are going, I'll be surprised if ANY of them survive past Day 2.
Total Score, End Day 1: -10
End of Night 2. It is now Midnight Wednesday, Day 3
Well. Surprisingly, all my little idiot sims survived the first two days. I still have little hope for them though.
If any of them survive the first week, I think I'll have a heart attack.
Aramaye, of course, fends for herself. Thank you childs oven. She has the highest motives out of everyone.
And little Michael becomes a child in two days. I'm hoping he'll stay around long enough to see his birthday.
And two of my sims already got fired *facepalm* because of "poor job performance" and a bad chance card. Argh. So I gotta find them jobs again.
So after one fire and three passing outs, my final score for the end of Day 2 is: -70
I see now why sims need us to control them.

Call me Britt, an amateur ToTer
Test Subject
#110 Old 27th Mar 2013 at 8:38 PM
One sim hour into the game and there was a kitchen fire, they all died. I don;t think I'm very good at this challenge.
Field Researcher
#111 Old 27th Mar 2013 at 9:01 PM
Played a little bit more last week. My teenage knowledge sim boy, Goku, is getting lots of action while the romance sim teen girl, Cleopatra, can't even get a first kiss. He woohooed with Isabella, (Marco's mom) who had a crush on him and two of her co-workers on different occasions when she brought them home, so I made him romance secondary. The boy child, Marco, aged to a teen, and spun family, and the female toddler, Isis, aged to a cute child. All adults but one have gotten promotions, and they constantly cook group meals. Things are going pretty well for everyone. Isis still spends all her time at Cyd's even though she has her own bed that I assigned to her she prefers to sleep on his sofa. He constantly reads to her and on the rare occasions she sleeps in her own bed he tucks her in. I've never played Cyd as a parent and I am shocked at how well he is raising his neighbor's daughter. Asia (Goku's mom) and Lawrence (Cleopatra and Isis's Dad) spend all their time together, although Asia has woohooed both Lawrence and Cyd, she is only in love with Lawrence. Because I have ACR to only allow jealousy for engaged/married couples, there is little drama on the lot. Honestly if it wasn't for Asia and Isabella constantly catching food poisoning from eating rotten food this family would be doing perfect at raising themselves. As Marco is family he cooks comfort soup a lot which allows everyone to get better. It may be burnt, but it still works, lol. Also, on a side note I never knew they could cook comfort soup on their own, I'm quite glad to see they can.The last day of play Isis became a teen, I think she rolled pleasure or popularity, I can't remember what. And I suppose I shouldn't be shocked by this, but she has a huge crush on Cyd. I guess as he's taken care of her most of her life while her own father lazed about she sees Cyd as the perfect guy. I'm hoping she won't approach him, and that if she does he turns her down, because having the two of them form a relationship after he pretty much raised her her whole life would be creepy in my book. I might cheat and change her turn on/offs so that nothing will happen.
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#112 Old 31st Mar 2013 at 4:06 PM
Well I completed the Challenge. It was the first one I've completed! I get bored easily and almost quit, but I stuck it through. Final count: 11 group meals, 6 burnt meals, 11 passing out, 7 promotions, 5 fires, 6 birthdays (Not counting the elders), 1 peeing on self, 4 family friends and 3 making it to elders! The total points are:1315!! I started with one fat Sim and ended up with 5! They did a lot of eating, watching TV and pillow fighting! At the end my fav.. Sim made friends with Angela Pleasant and actually liked her better than his wife! I had one Sim who cried constantly, but mostly they were pretty happy! This was a lot of fun watching them. Did you know they could have the 'ruin a painting"interaction? I didn't, but found out watching them! Thanks again!
Lab Assistant
#113 Old 28th Jun 2013 at 6:00 PM
I'm a complete control freak when it comes to The Sims, so this should be interesting... but I'm more keen on trying this to see how good of a house I can build for my roaming sims! It's on!

Also people who posted their stories and pictures, I laughed my ass off. I'll update later.
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#114 Old 28th Jun 2013 at 10:23 PM
So... ehm... yeah. I created my family and put them in their brand new big house. And... they're really boring! You guys got such funny stories about your stupid simmies and mine are just... fine! Group meals every day, all kids got 5+ in school, all adults are as far as they can go in their career without any outside friends. And they're all best friends with each other. What the?! Why are my sims so freaking good at surviving?

Bleh. I call this one a fail. Here are some pictures anyway.

My goody two-shoes family.

The only one getting in trouble was, as expected, the toddler. He didn't get that much attention and passed out twice right next to the pet bed. No social workers though!

He grew up to a pretty cute kid anyways.

My simmies were freaking incredible at serving group meals! Stop it, somebody starve...!

The good thing I got from this challenge though, I really started liking my female teen. I'm gonna move her to uni before she grows up and give her a future instead of this failed challenge.
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#115 Old 6th Jul 2013 at 1:52 AM
Default What fun!
I tried this out today. I just created the large family and put them in a furnished house and let them go. It was so funny. I ended up having grandpa hire a maid & call the exterminator since the house got really gross fast.
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#116 Old 6th Jul 2013 at 2:44 AM
well, after a day of playing i have to try again. the toddler wouldn't get food so the social worker came, grrrrr. and the sims died of hunger about 3 or 4 days after the social worker came. and by the way, i tried to give Amelia a better home but her grades sucked sooo, social worker again, sorry Amelia, i will try some more in the morning.

- ISBI (Sylvarlotte)
- Wishacy: (Odette)
- Do It As You Go (Cas)
-Perfect Genetics (Alyssa)
Test Subject
#117 Old 5th Oct 2013 at 9:38 PM
Im doing this and I think im just gonna let it run and leave for like 30 minutes and see what has happened!
Test Subject
#118 Old 13th Nov 2013 at 7:36 PM
I have started this and am actually making a log here: in case abybody wanted to check it out.

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I would much rather be a sim
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#119 Old 18th Nov 2013 at 2:24 AM Last edited by Satrina : 18th Nov 2013 at 11:43 AM.
I'm in. This should be a fun break from my Pleasantview challenge where I like to control everything to keep with my storyline. I created my family.

I didn't plan the family out at all beforehand and left it up to the randomness of what popped up when creating the sims. The couple hugging are the center of the family. They are Hudson & Ashe and are married. They moved into a family house and have two children; the toddler [Dawson] and the teen [Phaedra] with the jeans on. It is just by chance that the teen looks exactly like her mother and the toddler looks like his dad. That is why I picked them to be a family. Now the adult lady [Aiesha] on the right with the green pants is the sister of Hudson. [Hudson was adopted] She is a single mother to the boy in front and his name is Raiden. They moved in with her brother's family because she wasn't able to make it on her own. So Hudson had his kids share a room and gave the other room to his sister and her child. Then Ashe's brother Remy, the one holding the toddler, moved in because his wife left him but kept the house. His teenage daughter Evie decided to stay with him. So the two teens bunked together in one room and Aiesha and her child took the other room. Hudson & Ashe have their room but Ashe's brother has to sleep on the couch and the toddler has a bed in the living room. Of course, this is just my own story, they sleep where they please lol.

I did get all four adults and the two teens signed up for work. I've been very happy to see that Phaedra is being an awesome big sister and a big help for the family. She cooked group meals, cleans up and looks after the baby. Everytime the baby asks someone to change his diaper they do it! yah!

I'm happy Raiden knows how to use the stove but he always bakes a muffin when there is a group meal served with plenty of food on the dining table. He also burns his muffin so it's unnecessary - points. He almost started a fire by leaving his muffin cooking for an hour.. .well it seemed like it but wasn't watching the clock.

Happy to see the toddler not being ignored. He is cute.

There are three bedrooms with two twin beds in each. 3 bathrooms and one small kitchen. Outside there are two art easels and a stereo. Inside there is a chess table. I am hoping that they will skill up on their own to get promotions. I'm not touching anything at all, no skilling or aspiration leveling. If they make it or fail, it's all up to them.

[1st update]
Now they are all standing outside taking turns stomping on cockroaches but none of them think to clean up the stinky garbage that is sitting out on the sidewalk. They are all sick. Angela Pleasant comes by and she leaves. I thought, that's right Angela, run and don't look back!

A friend from school is over and in the bathroom. Hudson goes in and tries to get her to move by swaying his arms. The only problem is he standing right in front of the door. ha ha. stuck in their for half the night now. I think I might have my first pass out soon... unless I add a door. hmmm... dilemma. Would that be considered controlling? lol.

[2nd update]
the toddler grew up to be a child. woot. I just got one warning about lack of food. When I say every sim is sick from stomping on roaches I'm not kidding. At any given time there are half of the sims outside doing it. All 8 notices of them being sick popped up.

[3rd update]
OMgosh, thank you friend brought home from work for cleaning up the stinky garbage on the sidewalk. Now my sim's hobby won't be stomping on roaches anymore or will there be no end in sight for that? Holy cow and now the friend from work is actually spraying the roaches! Why can't any of my sims pick that option?

[4th update]

Oh snap! Is that...

Yes, yes it is.

Now the question is will anyone eat the chicken soup?

[5th update]

Aww, social worker came but thankfully only one was young enough to be taken.

Hudson seems to be thinking the social worker is out of line to be saying anything about his parenting skills. lol. The thing is it took too long for her to come. Giving them tons of warnings. When Dawson and the social worker walked out to the van Hudson followed. I thought, oh, here he might actually cry or something. Nope! He went to pan handle at the side of the road... I guess he thought the social worker would give him a tip?

Finally after what seems like years the roaches are gone. They were constant in their need to stomp them. It was looking bad. All in red / yellow. Now that the bugs are gone they are doing well other than the fact that someone left spaghetti burning on the oven and hasn't been touched since. However, my sims have figured a way around it. They either pig out at the fridge or serve pastries which keeps the group meals going.

Fire, you and I both knew that was going to happen at some point.

Awesome idea guys. Meeting in the bathroom. How is it even possible for them to fit?

Life can't be too bad for her... She is always jumping gleefully on the couch.

Doing some serious crushing on these sims. This is my problem I get so attached and find it really hard to see them suffer without my guidance. I've already decided that when I am done this challenge I'm going to shrink them back to babies / kids to go into the adoption pool so that at one point I can give them a better life.

[last update]

Love Hudson's nose.

Here are some more examples of times when they all gathered in one place and got upset someone was in their way.

challenge over...

Final Score

21 x 10pts for group meals = 210pts
14 x 30pts for promotions = 420pts
5 x 50pts for friends outside of the family = 250pts
5 x 100pts for birthdays = 500pts [not including birthdays to elder]
4 x 200pts for sims who reach elder = 800pts
8 x -5 = -40pts for burning meals / muffins
1 x =10 = -10 for a fire
Grand Total : 2130pts

I will end it with suggestions.

1.) build big bathrooms with many exits. Have a kitchen with plenty of counter space and mini fridges.
2.) when friends phone and ask if someone is available always click yes.
3.) get the "no kick over trash can" mod [seriously would have changed my experience majorly]
4.) it gets easier when you use up the life time aspiration benefits. So depending on what kind of challenge you want that is good to know.
5.) Put those teens to work. Sure helped with promotion points and helps with filling aspiration wants.
6.) I played chance cards which helped with promotions.

I think there should be many things added to the pointing system. Like being demoted, fired, catching your sims cleaning up, helping out the toddler, etc. However, I kept to the system in place by the challenge creator so my points can match up to others final results.

It was an interesting challenge but I won't be playing it again. I love too much going slower, building a story, and seeing my sims happy. However, this certainly has helped me figure out what mods I want to add to the game to improve it.
Test Subject
#120 Old 29th Nov 2013 at 12:09 AM
OMG I'm going to do this over Thanksgiving break! Can't wait!
Test Subject
#121 Old 29th Nov 2013 at 2:13 AM
The Loveless's. Can't wait to see how they turn out :3


Sandy and her baby Luna

I noticed that apparently the poor child needs constant bathing. THESE TWO AREN'T EVEN HER PARENTS. It's weird.

Sandy played piano nonstop until she was on the brink of starving. At least she did.

Didi just wanted to play Red Hands...


----------I also have Inteenminator and wanna see how that plays out
Mad Poster
#122 Old 29th Nov 2013 at 3:53 PM
I'm going to have to try this as a break from my usually micromanaged sims. XD Now do I keep hacks in or not ... hmm?

Originally Posted by aishah2195
If a Sim dies then its up to you whether the grave is kept on the lot or deleted.

Oh and just in case someone doesn't know; don't delete graves. It will bork your neighbourhood!
Test Subject
#123 Old 24th Jan 2014 at 5:30 PM
I am definitley trying this! Finally, a challenge where my noobiness won't get in the way.
#124 Old 24th Jan 2014 at 5:46 PM
I enjoy reading this thread, but doing this challenge would seriously drive me over the edge,
#125 Old 31st Jan 2014 at 3:36 PM
Tried this yesterday... my kids were taken 2:21 A.M: in the very first night. The toddler´s mother (a family sim) stood with him outside for hours while all the other sims explored their new home. Then she just put him down and danced the day away in one of the bathrooms while her husband tortured the piano that I had put in the house specifically because were were warned not to. Sorry. Couldn´t resist.
The Welcome Wagon came by. By now the poor rugrat was sitting in deep snow (Riverblossom Hills Year starts with winter) and had wetted himself. The visitors just expressed their disgust and left. Eventually the female teen fetched her cousin, changed his diaper and put him to bed. Never mind that he was hungry...
Meanwhile his mother had served the sandwichs that her sister-in-law had prepared earlier. "Everybody gather! They are good to eat now, the flies have arrived!"
The sims had a group meal, except for the child boy, who proved very clever and independant the whole day, and had the sense to bake his own cake.
Later in the evening I was surprised that the teen girl found the room I had decorated as hers. I have no reserved-beds hacks in my game, because I micromanage my sims, so I expected she would have chosen the bed closest to her. That said, I should clarify that she found the bed and relaxed on it. Learning how to sleep in beds was a bit too much for the poor girl in the the first day...
Meanwhile the toddler had woken and cried his lunges out from hunger. The sims just ignored him. There was a double bed in the same room and ever so often a family member would try to sleep in it, get woken by the toddler - and then just look for another bed, passing by the hungry child. Sometime around 1 or 2 A.M he just gave up and keeled over on his crib. He was hungry, smelly and severly tired.
An hour or so later the social worker showed up. She tried to wake the toddler´s mother - no reaction. She lectured the father and the aunt and all the while the female teen stood in the same room, waving her arms "I´m starving, too, please take me, too!". The SW then went to the kitchen to fetch the child boy (who wasn´t at all neglectled). While she was on her way the male teenager had gotten the toddler out of the crib and attempted to change his diaper. He was going to make a great show of it: "Oh, look, how well we care for our littlest darling!!!" Sure... All day you ignore the poor thing and when the authorities arrive you try to pretend everthing is well... What a scoundrel! Well, it didn´t help. Just when the teen bowed down to pat the todlder´s head the little one was teleported into the car in a puff of blue smoke.
Afterwards everybody gathered for another group meal. The male teen had prepared crunchy black waffles. Incidentally when he burned them, his father stood behind him and cried. Of course the sim cried over his social worker - memory, but it looked like he was crying over the burnt waffles.
That was about as far as I played the family. I waited a few hours longer to see whether auntie would die from the food poisoning she had caught yesterday, but she recovered. I then exited without saving. If it had been just the toddler I´d haven been happy for him and have another family adopt him. But taking away his cousin, too, who had done so well I could not accept.
End of challenge I suppose

I do not normally play with Free Will and my toddlers live on smart milk and normal milk alone, so it may have been a mistake on my part. Are sims unable to autonomously feed their toddlers from the bottle? A fridge was nearby, I always have one in the nursery. Should I have placed a high chair in the room (I know the 100% correct answer is "nope, a pet bow and pet bedl!" )?
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