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Originally Posted by jje1000
One question I really do have is why High School Years (Announced June 30, Released July 28) was announced so soon after Werewolves (Released June 16), it basically immediately sucked up all the positive attention that Werewolves got, and no releases in August means that the franchise is stewing in the sour feelings that HSY had upon release. Furthermore, a later release half a month later might have mean at least a few more weeks of bugtesting, which might have resolved more of the issues the pack faced.

Is it EA trying to take advantage of kids' last month of summer holidays before school starts again? Internal office competition or issues with the high school pack programming? EA trying to buff up its quarterly earnings? Failure of the kit system (interesting how everything has gone silent on that front as I guess all hands are needed to fix HSY bugs)?

Could also have to do with where they are in the fiscal year and sales numbers
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EA is always looking for shortcuts to boost their quarterly earnings regardless of where they are on the fiscal calendar. People don't like to hear that none of this is about the feels, but it isn't.

Is there a push to crank out more content towards the end of a fiscal quarter; sometimes. They don't do this on a consistent basis though. Was it a "mistake" that High School Years came out right after or right before school started back up again? Probably not. For those that don't live in the US, not all states start school at the same time. In my neck of the woods they don't go back until after Labor Day. Meanwhile, well south of me the kids have been back to school for a few weeks to a month depending on the state.

As far as sour feelings and pissing people off, there is no shortage of that going around. It isn't much of a comfort that EA enjoys pissing everybody off that plays one or any of their games, but it isn't just TS4 that has these issues.

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Schools hereabouts (SC) went back first week of August, for the most part. (In my day, back in the dark ages, we never went back until just after Labor Day.)
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Next EP: Made by 8 and 12s, For 8 and 12s

Really, Maxis? Your game is metaphorically crashing down around your ears, but you have time to roam about the TS4 community pulling this crap? What's next? You going to pull other so-called 'influence' internet BS as well?

People can trust me ( I have no idea who this person is; nor is it yours truly), I have influence on the internet. I can control what people buy and how they think.
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Well, we've all heard of - and experienced - the Disagree Fairy on this website. Stands to reason there could be a Follow Fairy on other sites? Simguru or no. In reality though, I think that is a computer generated thing. A Maxis app to make it look like real people, Simgurus, are interested in what you do. But in fact it's just a simple programme and no living Simguru gives a flying fig about anyone. Like when Maxis favorite a lot, or sim or room on the Gallery. Like fuck a real person takes time out to do that. A quick app that makes a random selection and bam, job done. Meanwhile the creator is in the clouds of joy thinking Maxis took time out to praise their shit. Maxis don't take time out to make a proper, functioning game! You think a real person, a real Maxis person, is gonna take the time to trawl through a thousand Gallery uploads to finally choose a favorite for the day. Dream on.

But do you know what's really gonna bake your noodle? What the worst of it all is? Maxis are better at making these pat-on-the-back apps to convince you real Simgurus are interested in your shit, than they are at actually making the game, TS4, that these mollycoddle apps serve.

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SimDooDoos they are. How are they Gurus when they know little about the game.l

There something I wanted to add from a remark I heard something pertaining them and/or their name, but I'll have to look it up again to reread/relisten what was said. Probably the confusion it leads to how none really have interest about the game outside their work while they write on twitter on their SimGuru accounts to look as if they're guring out while some know hardly to nothing about how the gane is played.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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A Sims 4 update came out 8-30-2022 that many are already aware of but just posting the info details for those still unaware:

Update 08/30/2022
PC: / Mac:
Console: Version 1.63

Hello Simmers!

As we close out the summer, we’re excited to bring you this base game update. With new Scenarios and a list of bug fixes, we hope you’ll have fun discovering new ways to play.
- The Sims Team

What’s New?

Learn more about friends, careers, and family life with the new Welcome Scenarios! Three new Scenarios with more complexity, premade households, and special rewards depending on the outcome you reach!

New In Town focuses on learning about relationship making with the newest arrival to the town, Farrah Nouvel. Explore the world of The Sims™ 4, with a brand new household.

Stuck In Their Shadow features Nova Curious and her rival, Lewis Sancho, in their longtime fight to be the top dog at work. With 28 different outcomes depending on your choices during play, you’ll get a chance to explore many pathways to career success!

Parenting Predicaments is all about family, with Pablo and Jennifer Martinez and their adorable twins, Sofia and Leonardo. Can you manage this growing family and guide Sofia and Leonardo into a happy teenagehood?

These Welcome Scenarios will include Clickable Goals. Left-click on any goal in the Welcome Scenarios to receive tips and guidance about how to complete the goal!

Bug Fixes

The Sims 4

Plant Sims can move items from their inventory without issues now.
Camera movement on macOS is more responsive, especially for those running Monterey.
Some instances of incorrect pronouns have been resolved.
We clarified some Scenario goals.
Text for Scenarios with existing households also is more accurate.
Limited-Time Scenarios show that they are time-limited again and end at the proper time.
Scenarios info popups now have a link to Lessons so you can learn more about them.
Lessons for Scenarios have new images.
Scenarios no longer immediately complete when starting a second Scenario in the same saved game.
The Event and Scenarios details panels no longer are blank when double clicking their button for information.
We made some small interface improvements for Scenarios. For example, when selecting an existing household for a Scenario, the button to configure Neighborhood Stories no longer appears.
In the My Households tab, households with active Scenarios no longer have a purple heart icon while Neighborhood Stories is inactive.
The Scenario bubble no longer overlaps with the sidebar for some resolutions.
The "Engaged in Conflict" Scenario no longer repeats the 'On Second Thought' goal.
Scenario "Perfectly Well-Rounded" has the goal to "Reach Level 3 in Any Skill" which now can be completed.
Color swatches for back hair now appear in the standard order.
Images for Stuff You Might Like in the Main Menu now display at the proper ratios for all game resolutions.

Get to Work

No more goofing off on the job - Doctors no longer T-pose while performing surgery.
Alien Toddler's legs now stay visible while applying outfits in Create a Sim.

High School Years

Graduating Sims who arrive late to the event now change into their graduation gown and all graduates stay in their gowns during the event. This is a big moment, so dress the part!
Early Graduates now receive their diploma and no longer are erroneously told that they are dropping out.
Detention was a smidge harsh. Sims no longer indefinitely study for exams when in detention.
Sims with low Fitness skill succeed with the Football Toss more often.
The team practice pop-up no longer references a non-existent crush.
Business Plan objects in the inventory now can be scrapped if you want to clear up some inventory space. If you love to store clutter, feel free to keep them around
The Social Bunny contact button now always stays visible for your Sims who have friends.
A few facial hairs were growing from stubble straight to full beards. They now grow more incrementally.
The facial hair ymFacialHair_EF11BeardShortStubble now can be clean shaven. Razors were adjusted to catch this short stubble.
ymBottom_EP12PantsSkinnyCalf pants now only display once in Create a Sim.
The sunlight in Copperdale is less intense. A 6° change in the angle of the sun makes a big difference!
Engaging in a Pillow Fight with Sims you do not know no longer is deemed acceptable. At least say hello first!
The shadow for the Single Serve Hammock now appears correctly under this chair.
High School Years now appears only once in the Packs section of the main menu.
Missing images for items on the High School Years pack page have been found. They now display properly.
Sims will correctly direct their prom invites to the Sim they intended to ask, not the Sim currently controlled by the player.
Sim phone usage has been tamped down. Teens will still use the phone more often.


We made some pronoun-related bug fixes thanks to community reports!


More pronoun fixes!

Dream Home Decorator

Sims now can add rooms for Room Addition gigs.

Bust the Dust

"Bust the Dust" visual effects no longer appear when the Dust system is turned off.
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Is it worth buying Cottage Living? I watched someone playing with it and it did look somewhat interesting. But I kinda don't want to give more to EA when the game is as broken as it is, unless it actually adds something worthwhile.
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Originally Posted by Craft90
Is it worth buying Cottage Living? I watched someone playing with it and it did look somewhat interesting. But I kinda don't want to give more to EA when the game is as broken as it is, unless it actually adds something worthwhile.

Totally up to you. I got on sale at half off. I like the world. I like build/buy. The animals are a bit fun. I play all new things I get for a while and then seem to move on pretty fast. But I have no regrets getting it.
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Posting info for Sims 4 update that came out 9-13-2022:

Update 09/13/2022
Groundhog Day

PC: / Mac:

Console: Version: 1.64

Hello, Simmers!

This update resolves a few issues including the one of the game not saving under certain circumstances. Happy Simming!

- The Sims Team

Bug Fixes

The Sims 4

Children, teens, young adults, and adult Sims who blow out the candles on their cake now should age up reliably. Happy birthday! We still are investigating the problem for toddlers.

High School Years

Feel like you are going backwards in time after visiting the Thrift Shop? It turns out that some mods were preventing the game from saving. We've made the store more accommodating to external content. We have seen some of you who do not play with mods reporting this problem. If you continue to encounter the issue, please let us know on AnswersHQ.

Eco Lifestyle

Freelance Crafters can now send fabricated items via “Send to client for approval…” from computers to complete the “Send your finished work to the client” career task.


Sims trying to get indoors during a blizzard now walk appropriately. Stay warm!

Get Famous

DJs and Mixologists no longer leave their booth unattended when a Celebrity attempts to build up Fame through “Perform <scene> for Tips” or Dance Battles. As they say, “Starve your distractions; feed your focus.”
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#386 Old 16th Sep 2022 at 7:02 AM
Originally Posted by Craft90
Is it worth buying Cottage Living? I watched someone playing with it and it did look somewhat interesting. But I kinda don't want to give more to EA when the game is as broken as it is, unless it actually adds something worthwhile.

Yes it is actually, it is worth buying, but not for the price in my opinion. Best wait for the sale. The only really new about it in my opinion are the livestock. The farming itself are just gardening with more plants to plant. So I will recommend to wait.
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#387 Old 16th Sep 2022 at 1:14 PM
That garden to garden farming is what we’re missing sadly. That TS3 grove kits with the tractor is what we’re really missing.

I assume they tried making crops at one point but they looked really bad (design limitations) and they just kept the stuff we have now. “Garden” to table as they call it.

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The animals in cottage are cute but be prepared for a full-time job keeping them healthy.
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#389 Old 30th Sep 2022 at 3:21 AM
The custom content girls have give us actual ANIMATED spiral stairs before EA after 8 years. Because of course they did.

Being fair, it being a single object and not a dynamic object with variable heights like a ladder is AOK with me.

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#390 Old 3rd Oct 2022 at 1:07 PM
At this rate, we may as well expect official spiral staircase to come with at 44th expansion pack or 156th stuff pack prepatch

Also, how Elevators are doing? If a Sim player was spiderman waking up after a coma meme, (s/t)he(y) would say "Oh boy! Can't wait till Gurus revamp its animation like they did with ball pit!", unaware that Grant already convinced Lindsay that suggested priority was deemed too inhumane cruel and not very teen appriopated for the players in his opinion.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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#391 Old 4th Oct 2022 at 6:13 PM
The Sims team is so weird with their content pipeline. I feel like if it’s not a former feature with a reskin or something that requires a major overhaul, it’s not a priority.

There was no reason why elevators functioned the way they did, while completely omitting functioning elevators as a feature. Normal homes also have elevators. Truthfully, I’d be semi-okay with elevators if they allowed multiple on a normal lot and only one on a penthouse lot. Can’t even do that.

As free as build mode can be to use, at times, it feels like a chore.

Anyway, new content incoming. “It’s Your Time” or “Sunrise” or whatever is upon us. They have a whole live stream planned on the 18th.

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Originally Posted by matrix54
Anyway, new content incoming. “It’s Your Time” or “Sunrise” or whatever is upon us. They have a whole live stream planned on the 18th.

yey1 super excited1

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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#393 Old 5th Oct 2022 at 4:22 PM Last edited by coolspear1 : 5th Oct 2022 at 4:39 PM.
Maxis better hurry up with the announcement, before that Russian Prez starts his nuclear war. It'd be typical, right when Maxis have something genuinely good to add to the game, the world gets blown to smithereens. I mean we've all said it. We've all thought if Maxis ever did anything good for TS4, the world would probably end. So here we are. Here's Fate saying "I told you so..."

Be careful what you wish for, eh?

Conversely, the alternative outcome is Maxis don't really have anything worthwhile in the works, certainly where TS4 is concerned, and we all don't die horribly in nuclear fire.

What do you reckon? I mean "It's your time" does have an ominous foreboding to it, and "Sunrise," - as in you'll never see another one - is riddled with doom. Are these the hidden messages to the end of the world?

TS4? Good? Shit, it really is the end of the world. Right, I'm off to buy millions of toilet rolls. Because that's what city folk do during global disasters, be it pandemics or Putin's bombs, I'll be overstocked with bog rolls. A true survivor.

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#394 Old 6th Oct 2022 at 1:19 AM
I doubt it will be anything good. They don’t have a great track record. Even I though High School years would be good, and soon became a mess. It’s very “We’ll See.”

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#395 Old 12th Oct 2022 at 1:46 AM
Patch day here which upgrades your game to, apparently this patches focuses on one thing, you guessed it, New Players with even more in-depth tutorials and more in-game help. In fact I feel sorry for for the new players being introduced to this bug-ridden mess, considering it been tough enough for the veteran players having to put up with so many problems for so long.
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#396 Old 12th Oct 2022 at 4:02 AM Last edited by matrix54 : 12th Oct 2022 at 12:59 PM.
Strange how The Sims never got such tutorials or in depth hand holding until late in TS4’s development. It’s almost like it didn’t need them. ?

The MILLIONS of people who played the game played and did what felt natural as the game went on as it’s a simulation of life: Eat, Poop, Make Babies, Don’t Die. Such is life.

This is also for the base game - there’s still nothing in the base game…

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#397 Old 13th Oct 2022 at 1:00 AM
Originally Posted by Citysim
Patch day here which upgrades your game to, apparently this patches focuses on one thing, you guessed it, New Players with even more in-depth tutorials and more in-game help. In fact I feel sorry for for the new players being introduced to this bug-ridden mess, considering it been tough enough for the veteran players having to put up with so many problems for so long.

And something about the Gallery is now going to be Time-Share or something, visits by appointment only.

Really, are they expecting that much of a rush for ye olde TS4?

I don't see it having that much appeal en mass. Free is always good, and that'll certainly grab some attention for those bored, looking for something new to do. But it'll be free forever. No need for a barn-storming rush, not for a 10 year, clapped-out old banger of a game that the world and his wife knows is riddled with a mountain of glitches. And speaking of attention, I give it a month before most newcomers are totally bored with it and have no interest in investing any more time and money in a knackered relic of a game.

But then again, what else is the big mystery reveal for the 18th? Maxis seem to think it's going to have TS4 flying out the doors bringing the internet to a standstill. Then again, what Earthly business does anyone in their right mind have giving any trust or credibility to what Maxis say and think? There's a long road to disappointment right there if you do.

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Posting info for Sims 4 patch that came out 10-11-2022:

Update 10/11/2022
New onboarding, UI Scaling and More

PC: / Mac:

Console: Version 1.65

Hello Simmers and soon-to-be Simmers!

With this newest update we are preparing to welcome new players to The Sims 4 with the information needed to get started thanks in part to a collaboration with The Sims Mobile.

In addition to new player guidance, we also have a number of fixes for community reported issues and some new Create a Sim (CAS) and Build Mode content.

There is something for everyone whether you have played The Sims 4 for a while or are joining us now, so let’s jump straight in and see what you can expect once you have the update.

- The Sims Team

What's New?

We have a few new features to talk about in this update that covers new and existing Simmers including a long awaited one for those on console.

Emily Guidance System and Help Center Tips

This new feature brings a new face to The Sims 4 with Emily, who you may recognize from The Sims Mobile. This new system will teach you the basics of playing The Sims 4 and is mainly for new players, but can maybe teach more seasoned Simmers something new. This release of the Guidance System is a starting point to welcome our new Simmers and help them get a start in The Sims 4. We'll continue to listen to your feedback and suggestions for what else we can share and how we can improve.

When starting a New Game, Emily will show up to offer you some guidance through CAS and if you complete the Live Mode tips, you’ll get a little something added to your Simoleon balance to help you on your way to building your home the way you want.

Anytime you need a refresher, you can call for Tips by using the *NEW* Help Center button in the top right corner of your screen.

If you know your way around The Sims 4, you can go it alone by adjusting the Guidance and Tips system to your liking in Game Options > Tutorial & Tips.

● Enable Guidance System - On by default, this setting will have Emily guide you through The Sims 4 unless you turn the option off.

● Reset Guidance System - Want to start over and see all the tips again? This is the button for you!

● Enable Help Center Icon - Getting stuck? Keep this option enabled. Want to free up that part of your screen for other uses? You can disable it here too.


Not just a helpful guide for new players in the new Guidance and Tips feature, Emily will also be available to download from the Gallery. You’ll also be able to find Emily’s hair, glasses, and top in CAS and add them to your own Sims.


Since The Sims 4 launched, we have had Lessons. Over time as features and the game evolved, some of our Lessons became inaccurate or obsolete. To correct that and bring Lessons up to date with the game you have now, we have spent time reviewing and updating our Lessons content.

While we started with the Base Game, we’ll be looking at additional Lessons improvements in the future, including re-reviewing pack Lessons. One improvement, including updated text, is the Lessons panel is now much larger, making it easier to read and navigate at all resolutions, monitor/TV configurations and viewing distances.

During the Guidance System, you’ll be presented with buttons that take you to Lessons but if you prefer, you can call on Lessons at any time by going to the Options Menu and pressing ESC on PC and Mac, the Options button on PlayStation, or the Menu button on Xbox.

Loyal Trait

It’s always a good day when new Traits are added to the Base Game, and today we bring you the Loyal Trait for Teen, Young Adult, Adult, and Elder Sims! Loyal Sims value their relationships and fully commit to them, whether it’s a friendship, a romance, or even work. They avoid cheating of any kind; the trust of their loved ones is too important to risk!

Plumbob Fan and Five New Tattoos

The design came in a dream: colorful plumbobs to suit any Sims' mood. A design so sharp, so fun, that it couldn't be contained to only one medium. Enter the Perfect Plumbob Ceiling Fan and three Plumbob inspired tattoos–one for the upper back and two for the inner left forearm. In addition to this, as an ode to everyone's favorite garden plant, there are two new Cowplant inspired tattoos–one for each thigh.

Console UI Scaling

PlayStation and Xbox players can now adjust how small or large the UI elements are in game by going to Game Options > Accessibility and moving the slider to your preferred size. We’ve recommended maximum and minimum settings but allow you to adjust smaller and larger if you prefer. You’ll be asked if you want to keep the settings after adjusting the size so if you made the UI too large, you can always select Reset to Default (Recommended) to return to the default settings.

Before adjusting your UI Scaling settings, we recommend ensuring you’ve calibrated your system and your TV/monitor beforehand.

● On PlayStation, from the PlayStation Home screen go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Display Area Settings. From there you can adjust the markers to align with the corners of your screen.

● On Xbox, you can do this in-game by going to Game Options > Other > Adjust Margins and following the on screen instructions so the markers align with the edges of your screen.

In both cases, once correctly calibrated, the UI elements in Live Mode should sit flush against the edges of your screen. Now you’re ready to scale your UI. Did you know there are other tips for console Simmers you can read up on here -

Gallery Connection

We have made some changes to the way the game connects to the Gallery. Instead of automatically connecting when the game starts, you’ll connect on demand. Once you are finished in the Gallery, a connection will remain for a period of time allowing you to return without having to reconnect.

The main purpose of this change is to ensure everyone can access the Gallery even during peak use, and that those that aren’t using the Gallery aren’t connected.

Bug Fixes

Base Game

Curious about why you may have not seen the outcome of your Stuck In Their Shadow scenario? We were too, and have fixed an issue where the scenario would not progress in some branches, or show your outcome. We will continue to investigate any further cases of this issue occurring.
Starting the Aliens Stole My Parents scenario with an existing household that contains adults will see the aliens abduct their target regardless of whether the adult was in a social interaction or not.
Having Leonardo and Sofia play with stuffed animal toys should now complete the goal of playing with toys in the Parenting Predicaments scenario.
Improvements to ymHat_SDX005Durag to address blotches and unexpected folds
Applying clothing swatches should no longer switch the feminine frame to masculine frame when applied.
Feminine frame Sims can wear the different color variants of ymBottom_Pants_Jeans without part of their torso becoming invisible.
Changing from a full body outfit to new pants on a female child Sim ensures the Sim is properly dressed and waiting for whatever new outfit you select.
No-one expects it but if a Sim is killed by something from deep space they will get the Death by Meteorite trait in the Family Tree along with a representative icon depicting their untimely end.
Custom pronouns are respected in the "Level up in motor skill," "Level up in handiness skill," and "Level up in Gardening skill" whims including sessions after restarting the game.
Some pranks can be funny, but less so if they keep happening like the toilet pranks were. We have dialed back the pranking so your Sims can have a little more confidence their rest stop won’t end with a broken toilet.
A number of text, spelling and grammatical updates across the game.


During the Aliens Stole My Parents scenario, it wasn’t possible to read the entire description. This has been resolved with some new found alien technology we got in exchange for some Sim parents we are calling a “scroll bar.”

Snowy Escape

Festival decorations are wonderful, but they aren’t zero cost. The Carp Streamers now cost 25 Simoleons to add to the celebration of the Festival of Youth.

Cottage Living

When you live in a small village like Henford-On-Bagley, you get to know everyone on a first name basis. So seeing random NPCs working in the local pub was a shock for everyone. Now, only pre-made NPCs will start off behind the bar and other local businesses.
yfHair_EP11BunTwists_Black thumbnail shows the correct hair color and the swatches have been organized.
Hero of Henford errand completes after winning the competition at the Finchwick Fair even if you bribe the Mayor.
Win a Competition at the Finchwick Fair and Give a Golden Egg to Agatha Crumplebottom both complete once the criteria have been fulfilled.
Sometimes you can’t get away to fish in the ocean, in a river, or a local barrel of fish and all you have is a pond stocked with fish. With bait on the line, your Sims will be able to cast their line into the pond and maybe they’ll get a bite or two.

High School Years

Siblings can attend prom together, now just as friends.


Werewolves with a particular sexual orientation will only accept a fated mate with another werewolf that is compatible.
True love can be hard to find, especially if you tend to howl at the moon. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be selective though. Werewolves will now be more selective over who they accept as their fated mate while flirting with other werewolves.
Werewolves can have a real hunger, especially if they have Voracious Hunger. That hunger shouldn’t mean they eat top secret lab doors or space rockets though. Other items werewolves should no longer add to the menu are dolphins, motherplant, motherplant pit, and high school whiteboards.
Pack Leaders should not have to report to the Pack Leader regardless of how strict the werewolf pack hierarchy is. Pack leader leads!
Non-werewolf Sims will not devour raw meat even if a werewolf housemate has hunted it and put it in the refrigerator for later. Real question is, why were they taking their housemates food in the first place?
Alpha Rank werewolves worked hard to get to where they are so they should no longer be Bottom of the Pack or become furious from it.
Sims can sit cross legged on the Hasty Replacement Palette Bed just like they can on other beds.
Foxes that found themselves on the receiving end of a werewolf rampage can rest a little easier as Werewolves on a rampage should no longer pick a fight with foxes. Truce?!?!
Sniff and Introduce interaction is no longer available on human toddler Sims who you haven’t met before.
When a werewolf goes from High to Extreme Fury level, the needs icon should no longer change to a llamacorn
Vampires who Explore Underground Tunnels no longer activate the Lost adventure moment. That’s reserved for lost human Sims.
Bonehilda and Sims with the Blessing of Bones buff will not allow werewolves to carry out Cursed Bite on them.

Spa Day

Nail polish swatches now show what color they will make your Sims’ nails, which is pretty useful when accessorizing.
Massages correctly count towards the Become a Spa Regular goal in the Self-Care Specialist aspiration.
Mad Poster
#399 Old 13th Oct 2022 at 9:55 PM
Man, it really does feel like skeleton crew hours at the TS4 dev floor right now, right?

Surely our only consolation is that they’re working on TS5.
Test Subject
#400 Old 13th Oct 2022 at 10:48 PM
What is the point of Emily? They could have made a TS2 or TS3 style guidebook instead.
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