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#526 Old 14th Mar 2019 at 9:34 PM
The wedding of Phillip Capp (parents; Juliette Capp & Romeo Monty) and Martha Goth (Mortimer Goth & Dina Caliente)

From left to right: Juliette Capp, Martha (now Capp), Phillip, Oxford Capp (Phillip's half-brother) and Orion Tricou (Phillip's step-father)

Sadly, Mortimer passed away when Martha was a toddler, and Dina abandoned her to marry another rich man soon after, so neither of her parents showed up. I did however snap some good shots of her with her older siblings, Cassandra & Alexander. Both of whom have raised her. Cassandra through her child-early teen years, and Alexander through her mid-late teen years.

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#527 Old 17th Mar 2019 at 11:55 AM
Jason Larson just got married to Leila! They met at a bar where she was the bartender. He fell head over heels and kept making excuses to go out just so he could see her.

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#528 Old 18th Mar 2019 at 12:28 PM

My boyfriend plays some of his own households in my Pleasantview and his sim Lizzy Stacks finally got married to her way younger boyfriend Mordred Goth at her house. I normally never play big weddings, but I had so much fun watching him play this party. Sadly, Lizzy is so old she's almost dying but I'm glad to see them getting married since they've been together for a while now. I also put down some downloaded beers and Ashley Pitts ended up attacking the bride! Quite scandalous, really. He was asked to leave after that.
#529 Old 29th Mar 2019 at 2:13 PM
Brannaer Beaker recently gave birth to a little girl, Cyra at the age of 15. Their family mingle a lot with the richer families of SimNation so didn't want their daughter to be a single teenage mother. She refused to say who the father was, because she knew that would ruin a lot of business connections - so as an act of desperation they married her off to the butler and claimed it was his child. The butler, t063 - is a robot. Luckily nobody has questioned it yet

A few hours later, Bunsen Beaker (the Beaker's oldest daughter) married Luke Picaso, thus moving him off the army base. He'll probably move back into the army base in a few rotations time after they've had a child. Bunsen isn't exactly interested in this whole marriage and children thing, she'd rather tinker with her robots. Might keep one child around just to gain all the robotic knowledge Loki had passed on to her and then any other children can live on the army base/in a small house near the army base/with the Picaso family.

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#530 Old 4th May 2019 at 7:06 AM

Are the memories of the first wedding I made on the beach is a pity I lost all my personalized content that I had on that computer, I only have these images, trying to start again.
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#531 Old 12th May 2019 at 5:49 AM
Garrett and Stella had been dating since college. After so many years together, they finally decided to tie the knot.

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#532 Old 12th May 2019 at 11:05 AM
The first and second weddings of Agmunda.

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I've started taking standalone photos of my Sim brides before their wedding ceremonies to help remember how they looked on their 'big day".

Alexa Russell Sanperro

Andie Harper Doyle

Paulesta Hegner Fuller

Kiwin Moore Martin

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#534 Old 3rd Jun 2019 at 12:34 PM
Just a quick marriage between Malcolm Landgraab V (Malcolm IV & Daisy Greenman) and Kayla Roth (the Roth's 3rd child). I was too lazy to go all out and I had to somehow time it between when Malcolm came back from work and Kayla went

Malcolm V and his younger half-brother Calvin - They don't look impressed, maybe Calvin wishes he was the heir. Malcolm just wishes his brother would've put a proper tie on.

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#535 Old 30th Sep 2019 at 9:54 PM
Mercutio Monty and Brittany Upsnott had quite the eventful wedding. Not only did Brittany leave Mercutio at the alter, Isabella also died and Brittany gave birth.

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Wedding of Sandra Roth & Jacob Martin. Sandra aged up into an adult loving the color green so I let her keep her green dress.
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#538 Old 14th Feb 2021 at 8:07 AM
The wedding of Dante and Eliza Dreamer.
(He's the son of Darren Dreamer and Cassandra Goth, and she's the daughter of Brandi Broke and Remington Harris.)

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#539 Old 16th Feb 2021 at 3:34 AM
The future Mr. & Mrs. Reeves -- they are about to get married and went ahead and took some wedding portraits before the big day:

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Default Seaside Wedding
Amelia Wellington, who has always been obsessed with the ocean, has finally married her college sweetheart, Charlie Calhoun. So of course the spot for nuptials would be on the beach since that's the closest she can get to the ocean without her dress getting wet, even then she probably wouldn't mind. Here's some pics from their wedding.

Charlie participated in a brotherly jump pic with his current and new brother-in-laws. Amelia gained Charlie's twin sister, Charlotte, as her own and they adore each other. In fact, they were friends before Amelia met Charlie and it was Charlotte that introduced them!

1. The location
2. The mother-of-the-bride and her daughter
3. Amelia and Charlie
4. Same, but close up version
5. The couple with their parents
6. The Jumping Pic of brothers
7. Amelia and her sisters.

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

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#541 Old 9th Mar 2021 at 11:40 AM
Originally Posted by Charmful
Amelia Wellington, who has always been obsessed with the ocean, has finally married her college sweetheart, Charlie Calhoun. So of course the spot for nuptials would be on the beach since that's the closest she can get to the ocean without her dress getting wet, even then she probably wouldn't mind. Here's some pics from their wedding.
This is so pretty and so cute! I love the surfboards next to the wedding arch, that's a really creative idea. The rattan chairs, the jumping guys (ought to be a wedding requirement...), all the surf, all wonderful. The little contrast with in the mother-of-the-bride shot with the tall building in the background is really well-done too. Always gorgeous shots, as usual!
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#542 Old 20th Apr 2021 at 10:34 PM
Yeap! Brandi Broke and Darren Dreamer got married, nothing new here It's not a wedding, though, if there isn't some kind of drama with the inactive sims.

1 and 2. The actual wedding! Even though Brandi moved in with Darren and she brought about 48.000 simoleons (I had renovated the trailer), she got a memory that "she married Darren, a rich sim" (Darren had less than 10.000 simoleons before the wedding but who knows what's going on in Brandi's mind )
3. Dustin Broke is an adult in this hood and he is married to Dina Goth (after Mortimer's death) but before that, he had a little fling (and a one night stand) with Nina that, obviously, Nina hadn't forgotten and she decided to... claim him back!
4. Dina's face is nightmare material but Nina seems so... happy with what she did
5. Behind the whole drama, Dely Dreamer (Dirk's and Lilith's daughter) decided to "bust a move" in front of her brother, David (I find this interaction a little weird when it happens between family members!).
6. Jenna Oldie, Beau's girlfriend, doesn't seem to approve everything that happens.
7. Darren and Brandi cut their cake oblivious to the whole drama!
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#543 Old 12th Jul 2021 at 5:20 PM
Default Lazlo Curious marries Stella Terrano

The ceremony. She's keeping her name.

Looking gorgeous and too cool for school. They already have one child, and it won't be long after this when they have their second.
#544 Old 22nd Jul 2021 at 7:27 PM
Apple Neighbour and Hetty Neighbour (née Benett (Bendett)). They had a small party with two close friends, and with two passer-bys also present at the ceremony.

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#545 Old 23rd Jul 2021 at 3:57 AM
Here is Destro Beaker marrying Blossom Moonbeam Beaker. The ceremony was private, as you do when you're marrying your dad's widow.

And here is Mathilde Curious, daughter of Lazlo and Stella, marrying Nery Beaker, adopted son of Erin.

#546 Old 16th Aug 2021 at 8:56 PM
Modesty Neighbour and Gurra Neighbour, née Walfridsson (Gary Walton).

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#547 Old 14th Sep 2021 at 8:58 AM
Aurora Bowlen becoming Mrs. Brady. Later hugging mum, dad and brother Liam. (damnit I forgot his plumbob again)

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#548 Old 21st Sep 2021 at 7:20 PM
A small marriage ceremony at home....a rich baldie sim with a hottie.
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