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Default Downloaded sim's CC
Lately I started to clean my mods folder and Sims3Pack files. A few years ago I downloaded sims with CC i don't have in my mods. You know, sim with (for example) nice dress, that i don't have in mods folder - when i delete this sim, I'll lose the dress. So I have a few sims with nice clothes, but I can't find anywhere these items for download. Is there any folder where they could be? Or there is no way to find them, because they're not directly downloaded by Sims3Pack or package, but on sims?
If I wrote this thread incomprehensible, I'm sorry - I don't know how to explain it in other way.

Edit: There would be no problem, but some of these sims have other broken or unnecessary CC, that only lag or crash my game. My laptop is slow and old, I'm trying to make game as light as it can be, at the same time enjoying my gameplay that includes (not a lot) mods. There is no sense to play with broken & unnecessary CC, but I don't want to lose my favourite content, too.
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We have no way of knowing what CC you're referring to if you don't give more details (a picture of said CC, name of a creator of item etc.).

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The point is I don't know that too. I'm wondering if I download the sim with CC, and they'll be in my game (I can't uninstall them, only way is uninstall the sim with these CC), is there any folder with mods that this sim brings to my game? I don't know any more details, I'd love to know that too :/
I tried to search by many names, types of clothes, and some of them showed up - I downloaded them. But some is impossible for me to find, maybe because the creator was little know in community or the item was deleted on all the sites. In that case, is there any other way to find these CC?
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If the CC comes packed with the sim (i.e. within the sims3pack), you can unpack it with the help of the Multi-Installer ( It will unpack the sims3pack and provide individual package files. This way you can separate the sim from the CC and pick and chose what to keep. You will need a program to open package files to check what they are, as the Multi-Installer names them after their ID if there are multiple ones in a sims3pack.

You can also use the Cleaninstaller (aka Custard) to view what's included in a sims3pack: which might help identifying what the items you are looking for are called in game or who created them. With this information you can ask here for example if someone can point you in the direction of downloadable files.

When installing sims3packs, the launcher puts the individual package files in the DCBackup folder of your User folder as a backup. But they are named after the ID so you'd still need a program to read package files in order to find out what is what. And especially if you have installed a lot of CC this could be tedious, given the amount of package files that will be in the folder. Removing the package files from this folder doesn't delete them from the game, by the way. You'd have to de-install via launcher.
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@Norn 's reply is on point for dealing with .sims3packs.

If you're unsure of the content, OP, just take a screenshot or a photo with your phone of the sim's thumbnail picture in the sim bin, for example. If the sim is packaged with that content, the game should've generated a thumbnail of it wearing that CC. Or if you have the sims wearing the CC, just post a screenshot from in-game or in-CAS of them. The way you described it, I understand you have both the sim and the CC downloaded but don't have a way to separate them or know which is which.

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Norn - thank you! Fortunately I've downloaded Multi-installer a few days ago. I'll try it. :D

sweetdevil - thanks for advice! I'll check it out too.

If I'll have any problems (as can't find cc for download, etc) I will write it here.
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I used Multi-installer as you said, and it worked! I'm so happy that I can have this cc in my game
But there's one problem... Some of items (I don't know if it's for all - I noticed for some of them at the moment) have applied sim.
I'll describe what I have done: I made sims (humans and horses) with CC I wanted. To avoid multiple files in one package, i gave one item for sim. Then I exported them (Sims, I can't export items from game - I don't know why) and unpacked them - then I got my package.
And they got sims in it. Those who wore it when I exported items. Sims are in my saved sims library, I can't delete them from it. Have you got any idea what should I do to get rid of them, aside deletings package? Maybe when I open the file by s3pe, there's file that contains sims, and deleting it will delete them from my game without deleting CC?

Sorry if the text is confusing - I don't know how to describe it (again :D).
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So I think what you are trying to say is you exported some of the sims wearing the CC you wanted to get out of the game. Now you have that CC so your first problem is solved?
Now you have the Sims in your Sims library folder or are they in your saved Sim folder?
So if they are in the SavedSim Folder that means you saved them in CAS. If you no longer want that sim in your Game you can delete them. You just need to make sure you put your package CC in your Mods folder for just the CC to appear.
Just to make sure you are deleting them from the right place create a folder on your desktop and drop the sims there until you have tested the steps above to make sure you have removed them from the right place and your CC works.
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