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Originally Posted by kestrellyn
That's still a question that could have been answered if you'd just read the description of the mod you installed.

It was 10 years ago I downloaded the mod. Can't even remember where I got. But since you are so sensitive, next time I'll keep my inquistivism to myself.
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@Debby1957 Please don't go away! I think there are a lot of us now interested in this pregnancy, and would like to know how it ends. What happens if/when the pregnancy eventually comes to term. I think we'd also like to know more about this mod and how it works. Presumably, if we knew what it was called, we'd still be able to get it somewhere. I'm wondering if the pregnancy only advances when she's on a lot cleaning. If so, I wonder if it will come to term, and she'll give birth when visiting a random customer. And then, at the end of her shift, will she take the baby with her, or leave her customer literally holding the baby?

If you do have to make her playable to bring the pregnancy to its conclusion, I'd suggest getting another of her clients, who has a good relationship with her to invite her to move in. Once she's moved in, it's easy to to get her to use the paper or a computer to find her own place. But a Sim living on her own is not in a good place to have a baby, so, for her sake, it would be better if she stayed with her rescuer until after the birth. In our Veronaville, we are starting to set up a women's commune, where women in such a situation can support each other. In my game pregnant Sims get a lot of mollycoddling.

Please keep in touch and let us know how things go.

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@simmer22 How to create an MMAT file in an existing object mesh?
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There's a couple tutorials here:
https://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=103379 (full tutorial on adding a subset/making it recolorable - you can use parts of the tutorial if you're only lacking a MMAT)
https://hugelunatic.com/adding-recorable-subsets/ (addon to the above tutorial, if the "tsDesignModeEnabled" line is missing from the file).

There's also a "how to fix it" if something isn't working after you've added a subset or MMAT, here:
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Default Visiting Sim Vanishes when Lot Saved
This is worrying me a little. When Andrew and Julian came home from school, they (Julian to be precise) brought a new girl, Gill Cuthbert, home with them. Although technically she had come home with Julian, both boys sat chatting with her on the leather sofas in the entrance hall. After a while I saved and quit to the neighbourhood. When I returned, Gill had vanished, and Andrew and Julian had reset - they were sitting on air. When I unpaused the game they stood up where they were. I have seen this happen if I had made a visiting Sim made controllable at the time that I saved and quit, so I bought a teleporter, summoned Gill back, invited her to sit beside Julian on the sofa, and let them continue their conversation. Being quite certain this time that Gill was not controllable, after a couple of Sim minutes I saved and quit to the neighbourhood again. But when I reopened the lot, the same thing had happened again. Gill had vanished and the boys had reset. Yet again I summoned Gill with the teleporter picture. (It's behind her in the first picture below.) This time I got Julian to sit next to Andrew on the left hand sofa, and I briefly made Gill controllable to tell her to sit on the right hand sofa. I made absolutely that I made her uncontrollable again. So they were sitting chatting again. Thus:

Once again I saved the lot and quit to the neighbourhood. When reopened the lot, Gill was gone again, and the boys had reset again. Thus:

Andrew has moved forward a tile and is sitting on air. Julian has moved sideways and is sitting on a date gift vase of roses. I hope the roses don't have too many thorns!!

This time I decided that we'd have to move on. Gill was summoned back again but this time Julian said Goodbye to her and she left quietly. As soon as she left Jack Gill appeared as a walk-by, and the boys invited him in. Then Andrew went into the kitchen and began to prepare the turkey for the family's celebration of Thanksgiving (which I've described in Zarathustra's current thread). With Gill Cuthbert gone the rest of the day went without problem. Pity Gill missed the Thanksgiving meal.

I'm trying to treat it lightly, but I'm really a bit concerned about this. I cannot think what can be wrong with Gill. I made her along with her mother a couple of months ago. Currently she's in the Family Bin, which means she's technically a Playable, but she cannot be contacted by 'phone. She's actually one of the Sims that sometimes add to my game; I was in CAS just for the purpose of "rolling the pacifier", and, when she generated, I said to myself, "I like her. I'll keep her in my game." The idea was either to keep them as mother and daughter as townies, or possibly move them into an empty house somewhere. The trouble as I see it is, if she vanishes from her own lot like she vanished from 19 Chorus Court, then my 'hood could be in Queer Street, as I wouldn't know how to get her back. (Please no jokes about it being in Queer Street already with the number of gays living in it!) As things stand, the only thing I can think of is to move her into a lot -- probably one of my "Changing Huts", where new CAS Sims live for a few hours before becoming townies. I've backed up my neighbourhood, so, if she does vanish, I can restore from backup. Has anyone any idea what could be wrong with her? Or what I can do with her. I suppose I could kill her, but I honestly don't think I can bring myself to do it. It feels so wrong.

So any other ideas please?

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If you summon her to the lot, take a quick look at her aspiration and turn ons etc. See if she's lost something Maybe? I've sometimes had strange things happen if a teen sim still has the grow up aspiration, so maybe it's something similar (although Gill should have a perfect aspiration as you created her in CAS).

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