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Default Crazy is good
To cope, we all go a little wacko sometimes. Personally, I have been known to carry on conversations with me, myself and I--though I believe I have more personalities in my head lol. Yes, I am loco. But I do get serious about issues. For example, I am a feminist and a "yell at you if you litter" environmentalist. But that's just me. I don't care how many weird looks I get, I am not fit for the rubber room yet. So I need the number of a contractor to install some rubber padding for me :P
We all have our personal ventures into insanity. As long as we know the back to reality, its all good. In fact, it's a healthy way of coping, because nowadays life isn't throwing lemons, its throwing rind. So what do you do then?...Do what I do, eat with a smile
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