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Read any good books? Well why keep it to yourself, share them with the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!

I'll start with this book I finished up called The Virgin Suicides. It begins with several suicides: a brief mention of the last, and then, jumping back a year to where it all began, the first -- which was, in fact, a failed attempt rather than an actual suicide. There are five Lisbon sisters -- Cecilia, Lux, Bonnie, Mary, and Therese (aged, in order, thirteen through seventeen when the events begin to unfold) -- and it is Cecilia who does herself in first, in dramatic fashion.
The Lisbons -- the parents included -- are always a family apart. The suburbs are a hive of communal activity, and Eugenides describes many group-activities (especially of cleaning -- leave-raking, house-cleaning (there's an annual big fish-fly problem in town)), but the Lisbons remain largely separate. Only Mr.Lisbon is a bridge between family and community, but even that eventually breaks. A big part of the Lisbons' problem is their isolation, largely forced on them by the insanely protective Mrs. Lisbon. Please excuse any mispelling, I pasted this from a website because I am horrible at Plot Summarys HORRIBLE!.

"Going to the chapel of Love"

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