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Default The Waves in the Brain
What do you listen to?
We all have different styles of music.

I will start.
I like up beat music or music that tells stories.
I am a poet so I find it easy to figure out the story withen the lyrics.

-Don't Trust Me
I blame BTS for my addiction to that song :P

-Way Back Into Love
That movie clip is so hilarious!

-You Picked Me
I blame Afinefrenzy for my love for that song :D

My (ex)girlfriend's name was/is Amanda and I like Boston (the band).

So long, my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
I should've known you'd bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do

#2 Old 8th Jan 2009 at 1:09 PM
I Like Most Music
Except Like... Really Loud Music Which Hurts Your Ears, And Is Like People Screaming And Stuff.
I Mostly Listen To... Now __, Clubland, Rave Music, Etc That Kinda Stuff.
#3 Old 8th Jan 2009 at 1:46 PM
I listen to what most people don't; metal, rock and some artists I don't know where to put in. I don't like popular music, such as hip hop and else, but I have nothing against it cause my friends like it.
I like when the lyrics are meaningful and I love bands with female and male vocals (which are also called 'beauty and the beast'). I also love when bands add some instruments that aren't in other metal bands, for example violins or even folk instruments such as hurdy gurdy. :D
Besides music, I love exploring history of genres and bands, that's why I'm mostly attracted to norwegian black metal because of its interesting past.
Here are some links:
Blackmore's Night, they're kind of an older band I guess but their music's awesome
Siouxsie and The Banshees, also an older band
Therion, metal band from Sweden
Within Temptation, one of my first bands who I got a chance to meet
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#4 Old 22nd Jan 2009 at 7:56 AM
I listen to metal and rock, and I am part of a rock band. So far, I am a huge fan of Sirenia and Chaotic Dilemma. I also like Placebo. I can't recall when I have ever listened to the top charts.

I love lyrics that make sense, and not lyrics like "I like bleach." or anything stupid like that. :doh I prefer lyrics with meaning.

This allows me to see into the minds of people! That's right, I can actually see what they're thinking!
So long as what they're thinking is exactly what I think they're thinking.
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