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#51 Old 14th Sep 2020 at 11:36 AM
Thanks <3

Yep, she had low motives, doing a last-minute extra effort to graduate has that kind of consecuences.
But it's worth it.

Sometimes this game looks so much like RL...
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#52 Old 15th Sep 2020 at 10:13 AM
First I visit the apartment inhabitants of downtown, which are less and less every rotation - and there will be eventually none, I think.

Inés (daughter of Maricarmen Pardo and Ezequiel Blanco) is now a toddler, and she's certainly a cutie.

Her cousins are growing up too.
Diana is now a kid, Clara and Juan are toddlers.

And then onto the main hood.

Isabel Blanco was torn: which of her two sons ought to inherit the house?
But since Zacarías moved in with his wife Mila into the Rubio's house, it made perfect sense that she would ask Ezequiel & family to move in with them. And here they are!

And there are news for the Rubio family!
Grandma Isabel just died of old age - as she returned from work. The family is doing economically well, but they ought to save up for a graveyard now or they'll have ghosts roaming the house...

Also baby Joaquín grew up and he's a black-eyed gorgeous toddler. (I love my aliens!)

At the Rojas household life keeps going pretty well. Fernando helped Rafael with his homework.

Now that Coco is fully trained to get promoted, Paula decided to adopt another puppy. This one is female and named Casiopea.

Grandpa Domingo is often in charge of little Carlos, and he even potty trained him.

At the end of the day Rafael grew up and is now a teen. He does look a lot like his father.

No pics of the Pardo family.
They did their best to earn some extra money because they really need to get rid of the loan they got to buy the cemetery - it's a burned.
When they do they'll be asking Carlota to move in with them. Because Fernando lives with the Rojas and Maricarmen with the Blancos, so Carlota is the only one left to inherit their (small) capital anyway.
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#53 Old 16th Sep 2020 at 10:58 AM
Prof. Christian taught to walk to his son walk...

... and later on he died. Of old age.
Of course his children are all very sad (specially the twins, being so young) and Carlota is devastated because now she'll have to take care of three children on her own.
Maybe it's time to move in with her parents?

I almost lose another Sim. Ezequiel was playing with his trains and it was set on fire!
Fortunately for him the firemen were very quick.

Also his parents are helping a lot with Inés, so parenthood is not being as hard as expected.

Mila Rubio is pregnant again. Her husband Zacarías has used his "twins" aspiration thing, and he's a twin himself, so I'm thinking twins are extremely likely in this case...

Rafael Rojas, now a teen, asked out the only other teen he knows - Josefa Santos.
It was a so-so date, but considering the lack of options it would not be odd that they try again.

And younger brother Carlos grew up.

And, at last, the Pardo family, the poorest of them all - but also the one which tied knots with most of the other families.
They've been struggling to pay their bills (highly increased by their loan) but some novel writing allowed the to avoid any issue.

At the end of the day they asked their daughter Carlota to move in with them, and of course bring her thee children.

The little house was once fit for 6 people (before Leonardo, Maricarmen's twin, died tragically) because they used bunk beds for all the kids.
They had rebuilt the inside when their children left the house, but now it's a two-large-bedrooms poor-family house again.
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Welcome the newest members of the Rubio family:
As expected, Mila had twins. Two baby girls which were named Jana and Noa. One of them has alien eyes, I think it's Jana.

They have an older brother, Joaquín, who is just learning useful things

And grandpa Daniel got a promotion, and he reached the top of his career. Not that he cared much about his career, but it's always nice to earn a good bonus

The Rojas family keeps moving up: now they got a really fancier house. Not in the next quarter, but in the following one. Quite wealthier than the other families at this point.
The new house is a 3-bedroom 3-barthroom house, which looks way fancier than their last one even as it is.

Domingo has fulfilled his LTW a while ago, Sonia is about to do so, Fernando keeps getting promotions and Paulo is raising the second dog to become a superstar. Every body is doing certainly well!

But with so much luck on their side, it's just natural that it's been heard of in the criminal circles - and a burgar came!
I'm now using simler90's burglar mod, which is cool, because now I don't know they are in the house until it's probably too late for my Simmies. But in this case, she went for the luxurious car - and it had an alarm! Bad for you, burglar.

Also I've been thinking about how to deal with burglars.
I've tried the prison thing and it does not suit me. I just don't want more Sims to be semi-playable. I like to keep my hoods smallish and my rotations short.
I've been "removing" burglars who had been caught by simply killing them - this is ultra effective, but somewhat radical. It serves the purpose of keeping the burglar away from the hood and allowing the game to generate a new one, but to be honest I don't like that they are actually dead for all games purposes.
In this ocasion I'm gonna try something different, I've just gone into SimPE and changed her into a normal Sim and gave her a job in the criminal career. I'll see how the game behaves after this.

And last the Pardo family, who've been doing their best but are always in trouble.
Carlota managed to potty train Clara, but even so her desperation shows - she did not have the time to shower or to eat anyhing yet!
Her parents do help a lot, but with three kids and a tiny tiny house meant for a couple, this is all really hard.
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#55 Old 19th Sep 2020 at 9:47 AM
As a general rule, I try to avoid my Sims in the retirement house (semi-playables) to initiate romantic interactions with playables.
I decided to make an exception in this case, for Maricarmen had been longing to find more lovers and actually befriended some guys with this clear intention, but since Ezequiel never leaves the house she can't find an ocassion.
Mario invited her over to get to know each other better. Just to die on her arrival
So Maricarmen remains loyal to her husband against her own will

The Rojas is the wealthiest family, living in the nicest house and with all they may need. And things just go better and better.
For example Coco reached the top of the career, which leaves Paula an step closer to fulfilling her LTW.

Domingo (who's been level 10 for a while) keeps getting lucky with his chance cards - he got a §40k bonus!! That's a lot of money.
And Sonia reached level 10 too - LTW fulfilled and even more money.
(I expect them to move to an even nicer house by the end of the week.)

A genie came at the door of the Blanco family and left a miraculous lamp... and Joaquín did not hesitate to ask the genie for some money.
Isabel also wrote a best-seller novel and it's the end of the week, so of course in the next rotation they're moving to a nicer house too.

Also little Isabel grew up, so I'm sure now she'd enjoy having her own bedroom if possible.

At the Rubio household everything was about the kids. Joaquín is a very accomplished toddler :D

And in the afternoon/evening everybody started growing up: Now Jana & Noa are toddler and Joaquín a child-

Bad news for the Pardo family: Prof. Lidia died.
And in a tiny crowded house like theirs, even dying is complicated...

Oblivious to the fact that grandma had just died, Juan was outside growing up happily.

His twin sister Clara had a great shock and her first moments into childhood were certainly tough.
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