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Test Subject
#201 Old 14th Jun 2010 at 1:14 PM
Ok this is my first attempt at an alien reproduction, I downloaded the telescope works fine with freetime too

Enjoy the pics!

Troy Xeno (yes named from the challenge) before the chaos

Let the chaos begin

Love this pic!


Welcome baby Xavier Xeno

I have a few questions: 1. Do you have to get abducted every day while your pregnant too? I only get him abducted when the next child is due.
2. How come my baby is not green, I have a multi pt in as well? :/

more pics to come if i get lovely green aliens
#202 Old 14th Jun 2010 at 3:29 PM
Ok so I was doing sort of Ok with this up to the birth of child #4. Then Felix had twins.... So he had 2 children, one toddler and 2 infants and this put him over the top. Total fail on the challenge but I had lot's of fun (and really that's the whole point). I got quickly attached to the homely but kind of cute babies and decided to keep all of them in the hood. Prior to this I had a hood back up pre-alien ready to go thinking I wouldn't want a bunch of aliens in my otherwise normal hood. Now I'm excited to see what happens to all of them and with that attitude I gave up the challenge as I didn't want all of them taken by the social worker since Felix was on his last leg and death was imminent.

So I will leave you with a few pics of the cute kids ( and I learned how to upload viewable photo's because of this! So that was a win).

Sirius as a toddler.

Orion as a child, cute.

Sirius as a child, he has a bird like look to his face.

#3 Andromeda is a rather homely toddler.

#4 Pollux an even more homely toddler.

#5 Castor, Pollux's much cuter twin.

Andromeda becomes a sort of cute child. She's really sweet though so it makes up for her homely looks.

Orion grown up to teen. I find him handsome in a very alien way.

Can't wait to see what happens to them all grown up. I've no idea how much those genes will be passed around. They all do have big pointy Spock like ears under all that hair as well as the cool eyes. My hood suddenly got quite a bit more diverse and that's always good.
#203 Old 22nd Jun 2010 at 4:42 PM
Clashfan, these are some mighty fine looking aliens. Who is your PT? (if I may ask discretely ... ) All of my aliens are bug green with pitch black eyes. Rather hideous.
#204 Old 22nd Jun 2010 at 5:10 PM
Originally Posted by M3g7e
Clashfan, these are some mighty fine looking aliens. Who is your PT? (if I may ask discretely ... ) All of my aliens are bug green with pitch black eyes. Rather hideous.

Yeah I'm pretty happy with them. One of the reasons I never tried aliens is I couldn't find defaults I liked.

This is the PT:

This is the default skin:

These are the eyes (obsidian):

I couldn't find a multi PT pack that I liked but all the kids look pretty different using just the one PT. Hope that helps!
Forum Resident
#205 Old 22nd Jun 2010 at 6:10 PM Last edited by Maranatah : 26th Jun 2010 at 9:06 PM.
My previous Xenophilia-challenge (that I updated here) ended when there was 7 kids and the dad. He was still an adult, but I didn't feel like playing till the very end.

Soo... I started a new one recently.

Daddy's name is Harper Harrison (he is Keely's Harper Bradley) and so far he's got one baby and he's pregnant for the second time. Here's few pictures.

Meet babygirl Dina.

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Lab Assistant
#206 Old 23rd Jun 2010 at 12:54 AM
I'm continuing with my family, even though I technically failed. Two are now off at university, with three teens and one child still at home. I'm kind of playing a rotation between the two at uni and the others at home. I played the eldest Andromeda through her first year of uni (right after she left), then switched back home and played until Orion hit his last day as a teen. Moved him out, and got him to join Andromeda in the house I'd built with her scholarship money (and then expanded with his). Then played another year with them, and now I'm returning to play the next teen to her last day. Staggering out their years seems to make it more interesting for me.
#207 Old 23rd Jun 2010 at 4:39 PM
Pretty Aliens I actually wouldn't mind having in game?? I may have to give this challenge a go! Thanks Clashfan and everybody else for the great pics!
Test Subject
#208 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 4:07 AM
Sence I couldnt get my guy abducted, I made my own version of the challenge with a twist, and LOTS of cheats.

First, I made the guy. Zachary Mok. Looks like a total nerd. I cheated for money to make his house strange and far out, bought a bunch of hot tubs, and used the boolprop cheat to delete them using force error so he wouldnt get the money back.

Second, I made a alien woman, used cheats to make her hair look weird, *Its the hair you get when a haircut goes TERRIBLY wrong* Gave her these housewife clothes that came with the sims freetime expansion that look like they are from the great depression or something, gave her werid makeup, and goggles, and then stuck her in a floating UFO house right in front of Zacharys House. Its a Ufo In mid-air with elevators going up to it. It looks strange, but that was what i was going for. I actually didnt have to use any cheats to make the ufo.

Third, I took a few pictures of Zachary to make a picture diary of his adventure, that, when I figure out how to put pics on here, I will show you all. I then zoom in on his tv to get a totally grey picture, and put that aliens came and did surgery on him while he was asleep, and he now has a artifical womb in him. The womb is packed with alien dna, that is to mix with his and make alien-sim babys, its a long story I will tell you AFTER im done explaining how I did this.

Fourth, So I use a boolprop cheat to alien impregnate the guy, then make a crazy paparazzi woman, using cheats to give her this paparazzi outfit. *I LOVE the boolprop cheat.* Using cheats, I make her have a 100/100 relationship with Zachary, then have pictures of her failing to kiss or make out with him. *I will explain why she is doing that later.*

Fifth, So, using my limited camera skills and some "Pauls reaction tester" thing I spawned using yes, cheats, I managed to take some dramatic pictures of zachary. The reaction tester could make the guy cry, throw tantrums, laugh, and be disgusted on cue so I could take pictures and drum up a funny and dramatic story. He soon gives birth, and I start the challenge.

Go down to hear the story,
Test Subject
#209 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 5:58 AM
(Sorry this took so long, I actually forgot some of the storyline/names and had to get on the sims2 to reread his little photo diary.) While this isnt EXACTLY the way I put it in the game, Its basically whats happened to him so far with a few non-important details left out to make it shorter. Im not sure you guys care because this doesnt have any flashy pictures and I cheated alot to make it dramatic and cool and it is REALLY long but everybody is posting there story so here goes,
So Zachary Mok, A guy, just turned into a adult, he is 20, but he looks like he is 25. His parents give him a nice huge house, lots of rooms, he probably wont have enough stuff to fit the whole place. He decides to visit his next door neighbor. He rings a doorbell, and after hearing something that sounds like the clicks and clanks of a elevator, a woman appears at the door, her face looks funny, her eyes look a tad black, her hair looks ratty and uneven, and shes wearing... goggles. Her skin also appears a tad green... but the longer he keeps eye contact with her, the more normal she seems. Little does he know she is using state-of-the-art alien technology that was placed inside her alien brain allowing her to read his thoughts and controll his mind so her UFO looks like a normal house, and she looks like a normal sim. He feels a tad sleepy, and leaves. He decides to take a nap, and while asleep, she sneaks into his house, and implants a artifical womb into him. She cleans up the blood from the couch, and he wakes up. Because it was alien technology used to implant the womb, he has NO scar and doesnt even know anything happened, intill he starts getting fatter. He doesnt care much, untill he gets REALLY fat and his belly starts kicking. Then he gets a phone call...
"Dear Zachary, This is your next door neighbor. A artifical womb has been surgically placed inside you, and you are carrying a alien-sim child. Its a mix of our DNA and yours. You get it? My leader has ordered me to do this so we can populate your planet with our species, even if they have some sim DNA in them. The alien whos DNA was and will be mixed with yours is named Pollination Technician. My name is Pollinator Surgon. The name of our alien species is Keligum. I hate it. It sounds worse than the word Sim. After you have given birth to your alien/sim child, the artifical womb will take another sample of your DNA, mix it with the alien DNA inside it, and impregnate you with another alien/sim child. It will do this on a loop till you are deemed to old to handle pregnancy and birth anymore and I will come to surgically remove it. Raise your alien/sim children well. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you. That is all."
Zachary has mixed emotions, of course first hes at shock, then hes REALLY angry. He comes to accept the idea of having a bunch of alien kids. Of course he still feels sort of angry, but having alien kids sounds sort of cool. When he talks about it online, NOBODY believes him, except a crazy paparazzi woman named Becky Buckaloon, who camps out near his house and trys to flirt with him seeing if she can get a interview. Then he has a bunch of mood swings, gets sick of being pregnant and meditates to endunce labor. He goes into labor 2 minutes later. Then he has martin, a cute little baby alien/sim! He clears out a room in his house and buys baby stuff on E-bay.
If you have read the whole thing, thanks! Im having a fun time playing my version, and NO, im not cheating for his stats, now im only cheating to alien impregnate him. Thats it. Dont yell at me for cheating, PLEASEEE!
Forum Resident
#210 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 11:11 PM
Since my last update, here's what has happened:

Dina grew up and looks cute as a button!

Harper had his second trip and behold... baby #2 was on it's way.

It was another girl. Meet Estella.

Dina grew up and had her first school day

Estella grew up too, she's also a cutie-pie

Girls became friends when daddy was on his third space trip

Estella learning to talk after mastering walking and using potty (Yes, I use smart milk)

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Mara @ LJ - Downloads and stories
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Lab Assistant
#211 Old 14th Aug 2010 at 7:23 PM Last edited by backpedal : 14th Aug 2010 at 7:50 PM.
I just started this challenge, and the first pregnancy was twins I don't have any mods to make twins more likely or anything like that. I guess it's just as well that I designed my nursery to have two cribs and toys for two children, haha. On the upside he already has Parenting trained, and cooking maxed out. So hopefully this should go okay :3

Edit: Oh my god, I got twins the second time too o.O This is a nightmare, the dad keeps peeing and passing out everywhere and the kids are sleeping in the corridors D:
Test Subject
#212 Old 6th Oct 2010 at 5:00 PM
Wow. As soon as I get home from class I'm reinstalling the Sims 2 and taking this challenge! XD So epic!
Test Subject
#213 Old 29th Oct 2010 at 5:53 PM
I'm doing this challenge, but I'm going to incorporate that the aliens had artificially slowed down his aging process. I don't like my sims getting old too quick.....
Test Subject
#214 Old 30th Oct 2010 at 4:33 AM
I tried this challenge but I didn't remember the rules very well. I started in a small house using only the original 20k. I have all the EP and with a primary aspiration of knowledge sims using the telescope can summon aliens. So no cheat or mod is needed to ensure alien abduction and pregnancy. Although one night it took until the wee hours of the morning for the aliens to show up. However I didn't know we weren't supposed to use aspiration rewards so I did use the enigmatic energizer a few times. Also I didn't know the Dad couldn't get a job and I let him get one in his chosen field so at certain points in his pregnancy the nanny shows up just when he pouches out and gets to stay home, I dismiss her after she cleans up a bit. Also brought a maid in for a couple of days toward the beginning. To add money to their coffers I kaching for each alien born and when I needed make major renovations on their house. But it is a lot of fun. Also my man looks just like one posted already didn't mean to do it that way but o well. Took lots of pictures and may post them up if I figure out how.

26th Mar 2012 at 5:59 PM
This message has been deleted by TrillianRikku.
Lab Assistant
#215 Old 27th Mar 2012 at 10:45 PM
I remember this. I lost the neighborhood I played my first try of the challenge. (The college neighborhood started refusing to load, so I deleted the whole hood.) I have started a setup for a second try, but only have the first baby born. Using a multi-PT hack now, and it should be fun to see the results. (Need to get back to that household actually.)
Test Subject
#216 Old 9th Apr 2012 at 7:26 PM Last edited by Benjamin M : 10th Apr 2012 at 4:56 AM.
Loved the concept as soon as I read the introductory post. Great idea!

My guy's pregnant with his 5th kid now. I'm having great fun juggling everyone's needs. I'm happy to say I haven't really found the need to cheat on anything apart from to fix a couple of cosmetic issues, like the Nanny being ugly as sin. It's a challenge, but not an impossible one. The balance is just right.

Let's see if I'm still saying that when I'm up to baby number 7.
Test Subject
#217 Old 30th Sep 2012 at 8:48 PM
Originally Posted by tree4me
Um, just one question:

How do you die-roll? Is it a program or do you just simply get one of the dice out of your Monopoly box?

Get out the monopoly game, tree4me. Or go to random.org and select 1-6 and roll your dice there, like i do.
Test Subject
#218 Old 30th Sep 2012 at 9:07 PM
Originally Posted by Skuld Lunrix
I don't have FreeTime (is that the one with Lifetime Aspirations? or is that Bon Voyage?), so I don't really know how it works. o__o. I had no idea about what you said when I wrote that. Actually...can I make a modification to the rules? One from the first, one from the third, and a secondary aspiration. It works a little better that way.


Lifetime aspirations are from the base game, you put your mouse beside the influance metre. :google:
Lab Assistant
#219 Old 1st Oct 2012 at 7:18 AM
I tried this challenge a while back, and it was one of the most fun challenges I've ever done. I did feel kinda bad for the guy though. This page documents my progress during this challenge.

I have even included a pic of a toddler eating snow.

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Lab Assistant
#220 Old 1st Oct 2013 at 7:25 PM Last edited by Lisrouge : 14th Oct 2013 at 5:37 PM.
I just started this challenge and it's a lot of fun. Especially waiting for the kids to be born to see how they will look.

I am posting my challenge here.
Lab Assistant
#221 Old 2nd Oct 2013 at 9:49 PM
I have started too, with a leftover from a university-challenge.
He is a very neat and shy knowledge-sim and he just got his first alien spawn. I named them Io and Delek, and he gets a full day with them without being pregnant since they were born in the morning, yay!
So far a lot of fun, and he is already enemies with one of the neighbors who spied on him with the telescope. I see a good storyline here. But he also have a lot of friends who all talked to his tummy and seemed really positive to his new life as a father. I have to invite them over on the next rotation for a presentation of the babies. So far so cute.
Lab Assistant
#222 Old 6th Oct 2013 at 9:14 PM
I should have probably started the guy in college. He has no time to make friends. He's always pregnant, hungry, and tired. He's on his 6th pregnancy now... I think... and the first baby is already a teen. Her birthday present was changing the diaper of the baby and toddler. =)

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#223 Old 2nd Dec 2013 at 7:51 PM
I want to give this a go over xmas break! Also in my BACC challenge.

I have plans.

Take the Hard Hat Challenge. A relatively quick challenge designed to be added into almost any established hood.

Hollow Tune - Brick 'N' Mortar.

Lab Assistant
#224 Old 3rd Dec 2013 at 10:31 PM
Seeing this makes me want to give it another go. I finally got Sims 2 working again, so that might be fun. Maybe I'll remember to actually take some pics this time.
Lab Assistant
#225 Old 26th Jan 2014 at 5:18 AM
Did you give it a re-try?

I played for a little while today and updated my blog for this challenge. Here

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