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Default Converted Werewolves have No Nose Skin (EDIT: Found a fix)
hi! I'm having an issue where my werewolves who were transformed from a normal sim into a werewolf via a in-game bite have no nose skin and no option to select one via the nose menu.
Example image:

Werewolves created in CAS don't have this issue, and the townies don't either. has anybody found a fix for this bug yet? I know the shoes bug can be fixed by randomizing the outfit, but this seems a little worse for wear considering the nose color options aren't even there. you can select a nose shape from the columns and manipulate it just fine, but no texture for the nose shows up.
thank you! (and I'm new here, so hopefully this goes smoothly ^_^)
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UPDATE: I found a fix which is exactly the same as the fix for the shoes glitch (don't know why I didn't think of this...) if you randomize the nose, they'll get the nose skin options! Keeping this up in-case others have this issue.
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