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Default Silent crashes when loading two specific downloaded comm lots. (Solved)
For some reason, two downloaded comm lots will not let me enter them to edit them. One is an edit of 250 Main Street in Pleasantview (Which is especially bad cuz I deleted the original to replace it), and the the other is a recreation of the Old Library from The Sims 2 on PSP. Different creators, only one has CC items, and very few at that, but both cause the same crash. The game gets half way through loading the lots and then exits. No errors logged, and no popup.... The music might loop, but I'm not sure since the past few times I've played The audio was off... And other downloaded lots work perfectly fine, even others from these two creators. Just these two lots are causing trouble as far as I can tell... I use Sims2Pack Clean Installer version 1.6.22 if that might be a factor, and these links contain the lots in question:

Any ideas?
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Figured it out! it was a CC conflict for the former (mog's sign vs the edited version I had) and a broken lot install for the latter.
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