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Default Stream of Consciousness Stories by Serena Sonoma
As a freelance writer I have been looking for ways to improve my writing. I've decided the best way to do that is to write short one page stories in stream of consciousness format to get my rusty writing mind back into the habit of writing and having ideas flow to me. Stream of consciousness is a type of writing in which you write the first things that come to your mind, no editing, no filter, you just write from start to finish. I don't promise that my writing will be any good, just me getting the creative juices flowing and thought it would be entertaining to share whatever comes out of this head of mine. I use handwriting, no typing, as they say it's the best way to improve your writing. So I'll be converting my scribbles onto this thread. I write everyday, I'll try to update this thread as much as I can with my writings.

"It all takes time"
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Rover (10.30.16)

Rover was not particularly ecstatic about getting a dog. He knew it was a cop out from his parents to distract him from what he knew was their looming divorce. But Rover was eleven and he wished they would just talk to him. Nevertheless, when he looked into the eyes of the cairn terrier pup he named Biscuit, he couldn't help but grow fond of him. Biscuit was faithful and gave Rover the attention that he wanted. He didn't have to pretend not to notice things around Biscuit and he knew that Biscuit would never leave him. Rover talked to Biscuit every night about anything. But he could never get his mind off of his parents. And so that's why Rover killed them.

Biscuit ran to Rovers feet with the bone Rover had given him, knocking Rover out of his daydreaming spell. Rover smiled.

"Biscuit, it's not nice to chew mother's arm."

Ella (10.31.16)

Ella was tired of her day to day life. As a freelance writer she worked from home and after moving to San Francisco from Chicago last month she felt lonely. After the divorce, her and her ex husband Lionel had split custody of their two daughters. Lionel got them most of the time during the school year so that they wouldn't have to switch schools. And so Ella was always all alone. She didn't even have her cat Mitsy to keep her company. Day in and day out she had no one to talk to. That was until she discovered an online meetup for divorced mothers. She felt that was kind of sad but her extrovert personality couldn't deny the need for social interaction so off she went.

For one moth Ella was all alone after moving to San Francisco and after going to the meetup she discovered it was not what she expected. The divorced mothers were really werewolves looking for new pack members and wasted no time with the bite mark on Ella's neck.

For one month Ella was alone, she had missed her family, but now she would never see them again. Ella felt a wave of despair as she looked up at the still full moon and let out an agonizing howl.

"It all takes time"
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All the very best in your endeavors.
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If you would like to learn writing skill, practicing it on everyday basis is mandatory. Your choice to write stories in stream of consciousness technique is quite appropriate in the sense that it will help you to write things in a flow without having to break anywhere. You would not face any stumbling blocks in the process of writing because you are writing your mind and no need to mind what you write. Also, it is a great initiative that you have decided to write it instead of typing. In today’s computer world, writing has been replaced by typing. Together with enhancing your writing skills, you can ensure that you can improve your handwriting. Also, it will develop your creative thinking capabilities as well. Custom Essay Writing Service
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