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Default Definition of Love
Definition of Love;

Definition of Love;

In an old house on a busy street
On lined paper in a cherished notebook
In messy handwriting
I could tell you all the things I want to say
But instead I’ll just ask you if this is what love means
Because I’m not so sure anymore
That I’m happy here with you

I’m tired of screaming and fighting with my mother
Over her lack of sympathy
I’m tired of wishing you were always here
Even though I know you’d never leave me like he did
I’m tired of asking myself if I’m just second-best to you
If she was worth more in your mind

And I keep thinking that maybe
This isn’t what’s best for me
And I keep thinking someday it’ll change
But I also keep thinking that someday she’ll come back to you begging
And just maybe you’ll say yes and leave me in the pouring rain
After all she did to you
And anyone kind enough to listen would probably say you weren’t worth my heart
Yet to me you have always been worth the whole wide world

So darling
Even though I would die for you if I had to
And everything about you is beautiful
If this is the definition of love
Then I’m not so sure I want to love you anymore
Even though deep down I know I can’t let go
Because you are all I want and all I need
But if love just means all this pain and all this fear
All these feelings mixed into one
Then I don’t think I want to need you anymore

Comments and critique appreciated.
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