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Default Meredith Monroe
She had grown up too quickly, in a harsh home where she was rarely understood. Although she's struggled to put the past behind her, she still wakes frequently in the night from unsettling dreams of her childhood home. She stuck it out until she graduated high school, then applied immediately to college. She was driven not just to be the first sim in her family to graduate college but to EXCEL.
In college though, she did find a measure of acceptance amongst those who shared her interests. She rose in popularity amongst the geeks despite her solitary nature, but never managed to get close to anyone. In truth, behind her distant, intellectual facade was a deep well of emotion and a childish heart, that she hid from everyone, having learned few could understand or accept her.
Her grades rose and eventually she was acknowledged amongst the geeks as a genius, but rumors started to go around that because she wasn't interested in the male students, she must be a lesbian. It didn't bother her, except that once again, as always, she was misunderstood. Well, constantly getting hit on by women was also a bit awkward.
She thought maybe she needed to loosen up some, so she finally took up the offers to go to a keg party, and on a dare, got thoroughly drunk. To her surprise, everyone seemed to like her! She was suddenly seen as not just a geek, but also a rebel.
During a lecture, she saw the most handsome guy on campus. His messy hair, glasses, sweatervest, and handsome features set him far apart. He was the perfect blend of intellect and rebellion, and although she didn't manage to speak to him, she did manage to find out where he lived. She didn't know how she worked up the nerve to go to his house and invite him to a study group. She was all sweaty palms and blushes.
He, on the other hand, was more interested in playing on his phone than studying, and although she tried to get to know him, all he wanted to do was watch tv. She quickly realized he was a snob and impossible to please, when he outright told her she was boring and he was done hanging out with her.
Ashamed and upset, she trudged home, angry at herself for being so desperate and wasting precious time. She dove even harder into her studies, befriending her professor during as she sought him out for extra credit work. He ended up being her first friend at the college, and then more.
It was close to graduation when she accepted his invitation to a bonfire party. She saw a new side to her rebellious, young seeking professor. He seemed so knowledgeable and experienced. Despite his position, he didn't hold with rules, and was always tempting her to come to his parties. His passionate nature made hers flare in turn. Dizzy from juice, she gave into the heat of the moment and kissed him. It seemed an eternity before he responded, shocked as he was. Then he smiled.
The last few days of her college career were a daze. Although she tried to meet up with him outside class, she knew she had to prioritize her education. Graduating with a perfect GPA was EVERYTHING to her. But she couldn't wait to go on her first date with him.
Finally, she got her report card. Perfect A's. For 4 terms she'd lived on candy bars and sodas, perfectly planning every second of her day to maximize her grade. It had all been worth it. She felt she could have died happy as she recieved her diploma and her recognition as a rare mind, a master of tinkering and gizmos. She smiled out at her professor. What could the future hold?
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After college, Meredith returned to her hometown, but suddenly, it felt too small for her. She moved several times, trying to find a place where she belonged. In the process, she lost touch with the college professor. It didn't concern her over much. Their one, heated kiss barely seemed real.
Monte Vista was beautiful, the countryside drew her in. But the quaint cottage felt wrong, a step into the past when she wanted to step into the future. The sleepy air suffocated her rushing desire for progress.
She got the option to transfer to lunar lakes, and took it. There she could reach her full potential. Soon enough though, she realized once again she didn't know who she was here. Almost before she finished unpacking, staring out across the strange landscape, she felt lost and alone. She had vague ideas of raising a family, and fond memories of rolling green hills from her childhood.
She settled in sunset valley. The science center was opening a new public building, and she had access to technology advanced beyond her wildest dreams. It was almost as if it were from the future.
The future... she started considering the possibilities.
She advanced rapidly. She made friends with coworkers and some local women. The local men were disappointing at best. As her birthday approached, she feared she'd die alone, with no children. The birthday had a strange effect on her. Afterwards, she got a makeover, redid her hair, bought a new car. Nothing seemed to satisfy her. A task from work presented the perfect opportunity. She had to travel to China.
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