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Default A Fond Farewell
Sweet words of comfort, love and affection
Flowing and expressing your emotion
Offering my soul so little protection
From any untrue uttering of devotion
And yes, I didn't rush to love you.

Tender embraces of warmth beyond compare
Caressing and fondling your hand in mine
Giving my heart so little care
From any sign not genuine
And yes, my fondness slowly grew.

Changeable moods swinging to and fro
Hinting at jealously with some other
Suppressing my feelings to grow
From friendship to my forever lover
And yes, that is what you do.

Real love offers freedom and liberty
The heart finds its own way home
Let's not prolong this anguish and agony
Of breaking up and being on our own
And yes, fond farewell - adieu.
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15th Feb 2022 at 7:58 AM
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