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Default The Sims 3 - Babies & Toddlers (v3)
Cute little babies and toddlers go here!

- S2/S3 Sims For Download
Tiberius Arthur Glover - 06/09/09 / Atticus Oliver Leigh Glover - 08/12/09
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and Nicole

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Jane Shelley

(she carries her rabbit with her everywhere, even now as a child)
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I'm in love

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Jacqueline Conrad
Firstborn of Gen. 3 heiress, Olivia Conrad

xTarmilx: Love that you brought the alien theme back into Sims 3 (:

"Going to the chapel of Love"

the girls club . statistics . yearbook .
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Jules first daughter, Maya:

Her second daughter, Wallis:

Shut up, Quadratic Equation!
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This is what I have to deal with.
Never ever

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These are the children of my legacy founder Aphrodite .

First born is Cesare. He's got purple eyes so I have a soft spot for him. This is an old picture- he's got the maxis skin, I hadn't changed it yet, haha. At the moment, he's a teenager.

Next is Leonardo. When I created his mum, I gave her dyed blonde tips in her hair- I didn't think this would actually get passed down as a genetic trait. Anyway, he's a teenager to at the moment, but younger then Cesare.

And these two are the twins, Anya and Anastasia. They're kids at the moment. I really love them both- they are so adorable.



laughingtoleave: those three are so cute!
shiggityshwa: love the style of your sims, they are adorable.
dreamydre: she's so cute! i love the dummy.

Call me Lily :).
I'm beginning to upload some of my sims online..please go check them out here :).
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Mary Says

Mary with mom Amy Bull

and Mary with her new brother Maddox Says *updated 7-13-11* please leave a comment if you read it!
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Madison Conrad
4th and final child of Generation 4

He was preceded by three sisters. Jacqueline, and twins Chloe and Aubrey (of whom have never been posted in this thread).

"Going to the chapel of Love"

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Originally Posted by Eat_ToAst

Wow..shes adorable...I would pick her for heir or w/e its called in these legacies...Shes gonna be so pretty when shes older.

This! there it is. James Marashino. Hes cute...i like him, but one thing i noticed earlier today is that all the sims in my town the game generated, all have the EXACT. SAME. FACE. Almond eyes and fish lips. So now i have to go through and change the facial structure of at least half my town. James mother happens to be one of these generic townies. Well...from what i can tell...he got his fathers nose and lips (thank god)
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This is Lavender, an adopted Sim playing with her new Imaginary Friend (:

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#14 Old 1st Jun 2011 at 10:59 PM
So many cute toddlers!
Eat_ToAst: I especially love yours <3

Heres Hermy & her daughter Amber going for a stroll! I love the prams :]

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#15 Old 2nd Jun 2011 at 12:26 AM
Finally got Generations and a new computer with much better graphics..(Yay)!
And these are some of the kiddies that attend my sims daycare..I'm totally in love with the new Flower hat <333

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Triplet hellraiser sisters. (Was not expecting triplets at all )

This is Lyn, the middle born of the three.

Due to their mother's good pregnancy she ended up loving the outdoors and being artistic.

Eldest sister Fenn (Short for Fennella)

She's very tomboyish, I went to change her to be more girly like her sister but it just didn't suit her, I love that she's the only one who ended up with brown eyes.
She's also a fan of being outdoors but is a genius.

and the youngest of the three - Juno

She's a virtuoso along with the shared trait again.

I feel so bad for their mom, the three of them are crazy little ankle biters, can't imagine what they're going to be like as children (especially since I should have Generations tomorrow so they can be even worse!)

not indorsed by Hypno toad... all hail Hypno toad @_@
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The Last of Wallis Braddock:

Her little sister Leika (Like-A):

With mom, Jules:

Shut up, Quadratic Equation!
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Twins: Cindy (front) and Candace (back)
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The last of Leika:

With older sister, Maya:

Their little brother, Zeke:

Shut up, Quadratic Equation!
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Haughton Hollins

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#22 Old 4th Jun 2011 at 10:42 PM
I was about to kill Kathy here for adopting ANOTHER child on story progression, But who can deny Cassidy's adorable face? I forgave her after that.

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#23 Old 5th Jun 2011 at 1:40 AM

I love taking my sims for a stroll with the new strollers.
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#24 Old 5th Jun 2011 at 4:37 PM
Yuya Ren with his big sister Kaede. He's since grown up, but he was one of the cutest toddlers I've ever had in my game~

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this is callie jane born in the game i think she is very cute!!!!

i take my sims photos using fraps!!!!
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