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It's almost Halloween, so enjoy my blog(s) zombie'ing back to life for a while, woo! Insert spooky noises here.

Lawful Chaotic 3.1 Eating Dinner Alone

I am not okay. I was terrified of people before they were carrying the plague, how do you think I'm doing now? Ha ha ha.

That's off topic though.

Quills 2.5 Some Twisted Feeling
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Originally Posted by Skyegal19

Just an FYI, I went to your page and clicked on your table of contents, to which prompted an ad, and that add gave me another pop-up that alerted my anti-virus. Just letting you know you might wanna look into that.
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Spooky post for spooky week.

Lawful Chaotic 3.3: To Change Yourself
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