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Default Go to Jail!
As the title suggests, this is a challenge about running a jail. First, build your jail. I suggest these items and/or lot at TSR by the lovely cyclonesue!
Or, just use any crappy looking build you like. The important thing is that you have cells, each with their own door, bed, toilet, and light. You need a separate room for a kitchen, library, entertainment room, and fenced in yard. Every room needs an actual door so that it can be locked by the warden. The warden's bedroom should be a lot nicer than the cells and he/she has their own private bathroom. The inmates share a dirty bathroom.

Now for the warden!
Make one YA/A sim with lots of muscles and a serious face. He/She can have any traits you wish, but keep in mind what traits might be helpful for running a jail full of sims all by yourself.

And then come the inmates! You can either ctrl+click 'add to active household' with sims in town who have the required traits, or ones in the criminal career OR you can make them in CAS. Inmates must have evil, mean, grumpy, klepto, insane, coward, hot-headed, or rebellious traits. They can look however you want.

GAMEPLAY: The only controllable sim is your warden. Every day, you must make sure the prisoners are at least fed, hopefully clean, and possibly well-rested. Each night, and any time your warden leaves the lot, the inmates must be in their cells. Assuming you gave the cells the appropriate doors, you can click on the door and 'lock for all but myself' once the inmate is inside and they can't leave. The warden is responsible for all cooking, but can 'ask to clean up' on any inmate at any time. The warden may have a job in the law enforcement, investigator, or military tracks.

Any inmate's sentence is up to you. All inmates can be in jail for life, or for several weeks or whatever. The longer they're in there, the harder it is going to be for your warden to keep them alive and reasonably happy.

+10 for every day that the inmates go to bed full, clean, and happy
+100 for every level up in the warden's job
+5 new inmate
+1 for every cleaning task completed by an inmate
-200 for inmate death by hunger
-100 every time the repoman comes
-25 every day the inmates go to bed with the hungry moodlet
-5 for every fight
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Do inmates live in individual cells or do they share some? And are the inmates free to roam the lot any time as long as the warden doesn't leave?
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Originally Posted by misslaheela
Do inmates live in individual cells or do they share some? And are the inmates free to roam the lot any time as long as the warden doesn't leave?

hmmm interesting idea! I guess they can share as long as you don't have couples living in jail and producing children....

They can roam as long as the warden is home just keep in mind that they are in jail...they shouldn't have too much fun! lol
26th Jul 2012 at 5:22 PM
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This sounds fun. I'm definitely going to try this. Thanks, Beautifulansuz!
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Definitely going to do this !
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