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Life In Order
...........................Life In Order..................
Hi, Simmers. if this challenge need some more rules or challenges. tell me I will try to do it right oh way. Let's get started. Oh please tell me in the comments and tell me if you like it or add more stuff>$${}{}{Sincerly Keely (#LOVETWD)

You were born with the best parents.
They always kept you in order. You learned everything you needed to in toddler, Kid, and teen. At 19 you decided to move out with your sweetheart. When you were nine you made a list...(going to be below later).
so when you get to your new house you pulled it out and followed it

1. make and girl and boy. They have to be fiancé. Make them how you want to.
Girl: Traits
perfectshinst. neat. The rest are up to you.
Boys traits can be anything

1. Get married at 20(6 sim days)
2. Have a small house. Then move into my dream house when I'm 30. (aldult in sim)
3. have twins or triplets.
4. Never say no to my kids.(means if you say no to a lifetime thing for you kids NO No.)
5. Work for cooking.
6. Learn all the cooking recipes
7. Eat out twice a week
8.(If you have pets then this is a must) Have a mom and daddy dog and have puppys for each of the kids.

Ok This is The points \]
Twins +10
eat out once a week -3
Thats it for now _
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This actually seems like a short and sweet kind of challenge. I'll have to try it
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Thanks I'm really happy you comment
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People please comment i will be happy from Keely I LOVE THE WALKING DEAD TALK TO YOU TOMORROW NIGHT NIGHT
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Night Hope You Will See My Perfect Genetics Challenge 2 :d;d;d;d;d;d;
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