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Default The Good Husband Challenge
Well I saw a bunch gameplay of the good husband played by Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. It encouraged me to make a challenge. I hope you enjoy it.

In cas make two Ya sims. They can be any gender. But I would recommend you create two of the opposite gender. I would also like to recommend you play in a 50s style but either era is ok with you. Heres a place where you can get the clothing.

The husband must have these following traits: Perfectionist, Hopeless romantic, Workaholic, Natural cook, The last one is up to you.
The wife must have these traits: Mean spirted, couch potato, Grumpy, Snob, the last one is your choice.

You can use cheats to build your lot or change some things at the beginning. But right after your done set your familyfunds to 20 you'll find out why in the goals.
No money cheats afterwords.
Your relationship with your wife must be really low since she always tries to argue with you alot.
Your husband should only be in these careers: Business, medical, Political, or Education
Your wife must not doing anything but watch tv all day.
Your wife don't do the cooking and cleaning. You do. Since you love her dearly.
The husband does all the chores. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, dishes, and taking out the trash while working at the same time.
Pets are allowed and so are children.
No supernaturals. We don't want any powers to make our life easier.
No maids or butlers. That's why your here.

Your Goal: Just like the game you have two choices.
You can either earn 50,000 dollars from work or skills to have enough money to leave your wife behind and start new.
Or you can earn her trust to end up killing her in the end. I would suggest you get the weapon system mod since it sorta stays faithful to the game.

Husband cooks the food perfect food for your wife. (+30)
Husband cleans the house. (+50)
Husband takes out the trash. (+20)
Husband gets a promotion.(+60)
Wife is actually impressed with Husband. (+100)
Husband rejects anything from what your wife asks him to do.(-30)
Husband leaves anything uncleaned. (-35)
Husband disturbs wife from watching tv. (-40)
Husband hurts wife before goal. (-100)
Wife becomes Hungry.(-25)
You complete your goal. (+1,000)

Wife catches Husband leaving her.
Husband gets caught killing.
Wife or Husband dies before reaching the goal.

I really hope you have fun with this challenge. If you did it or working on the moment I would love to know about it. I would love to see your creativty.
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