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Default Embodiments Of The 7 Skills
DK if I posted this for TS2, because it might or might not be waiting for submission approaval, but anyway, here's this one for the sims 3.

Rules: Procreate/Adopt/Create 8 sims in a household. Seven of them will represent 7 different skills. These Embodiments must max out one different skill. All of them must master it within the seven weeks of the start of the game, or else you lose the challenge. Once all of them become talented with the said, they must perform it in every 3 hours (exception goes to sleeping and working) or else they die. Handiness embodiment must commit its related activity in said hours after the object brokes. If the skill embodied sims dies by not comminting their skill, and since they're the embodyment - the relative skill-activity will be forbidden from all the sims in the household (for storytelling, I like to make it hardcore and reasonable - so I’d illegalize in the neighborhood for all instead).

The Last remaining sim out of 8 is the one that keeps the embodiments alive and connected. If this particular sim dies, so will the rest do (resulting in losing the challenge).

Win: When all of the embodied sims die by old age.
Lose: When all of the embodied sims die by other methods.

General Rules:
  • You cannot move in and out the sims from this household.
  • Having pets in your household is allowed
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