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Default Apocalypse Challenge
Hey guys, I was looking for a new challenge and after going through a few that weren't exactly what I was looking for I came up with this. A meteor is set to strike the earth, but luckily your sim has a friend in NASA that gave you a heads up. Your sims have 1 week to prepare. Then they must move to an underground bunker and last with 3 generations being born underground.
You may start your game with 1 couple or up to 4 couples all living in separate households. This game takes a lot to set up so choose your amount of sims wisely. If you play with more than 1 family you must have a sims 2 style aging so that the houses you aren't playing doesn't age. change the aging in options so that ages go as followed: baby=2 days tot=4 days child=8 days teen and elder = 15 days Y. Adult and Adult= 20 days.

1. Start each house with a 1 room shack on top and have stairs leading downstairs. There are 4 categories to setting up your bunker: building, food, furniture, and appliances and skill building. You'll need a die.
1=5,000 2=10,000 3=15,0000 4=20,000 5= 25,000 and 6=30,000.
Roll the die for each category.
example: If I roll a 6,4,5 and 1. I get to have 30,000 to build my bunker; 20,000 to stock up on food; 25,000 for furniture, and 5,000 for appliances and skill building.
Electronics only work for week 1 and then once a week on Sunday. This means if you want to cook a meal you can only cook on Sundays. If you have the canning station you may use it to make rations. Any raw food such a meats and vegetables that are not cooked are not allowed except on Sundays. Any other days of the week they are to be thrown out. Nothing kept in your inventory either unless it is a ration or a preserve.
2. Make sure you give your sims something productive to do that is a way to make money except for writing. There is nowhere left to sell books and no such thing as royalty checks anymore. Paintings, jewelry making, sculpting etc.
3. If your sims are running low on supplies a sim teen-elder may take the risk of going topside on sunday. 1st grab whatever it is your sim is going to sell such as a painting or sculpture and place is in there inventory. Head to the consignment shop to sell those. Then head to the store and purchase whatever food supplies you may need. You may also fish if you'd like. Remember the air is toxic thanks to all the gases released from the meteor so your sim must be home by midnight or they will die. The world is also a dangerous and hostile place so for each lot your sim moves to they must roll a die.
1 or 2= your sim is safe
3= your sim caught a life threatening illness, they were barely able to drop off whatever they received at the current lot before they perished
4= Made it back but whatever you grabbed from that lot or intended to drop off was stolen
5or 6= Your sim never made it back and anything they had with them is gone

4. When someone in your house reaches Y. Adult send them out on Sunday to find a spouse. Sim them to a community lot preferably a park. When you spot a sim roll a die.
1= You two get in a fight. If you lose your sim will not survive there injuries.
2= They look scary run away to another community lot.
3= They looked nice but they were really a thief. Anything in your inventory is gone.
4 or 5= They're friendly see if you can convince them to marry you and join your bunker.
6= They lead your sim away to who knows where and your sim is never seen again.

5. If your lot is too crowded pick a sim to go out and explore to find a new bunker. Go to a community lot and ask around. For each sim you ask roll a die.
1= you find a new home
2 or 3= sim is hostile get into a fight. You lose you die from injuries, if you win you can take there house
4 or 5= Too scary run to a new lot
6= You find a new house but you are too sickly to continue leave a note for your family to the location of the new dwelling before you pass on.

6. All new dwellings should be set up with the dice rolled to see how much money you have per category, except for food. That is taken from the previous house. No week of prep time since the meteor strike already happened.

7. Once you have had 3 generations born in the bunker they may all come topside to rebuild there town.

8. There is no point system the only way you lose is if all your sims die, you have no one to take care of the little ones because all your teens and up died, or You are left with no way to continue the family.

This is my first time posting a challenge and I hope you guys like it. If anyone is playing please post to show how your story goes.
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I think it's too easy to die. There's a 50% chance of death every time a sim enters a lot! Maybe make 3 the same as 1 and 2?
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Zombie apocalypse challenges are one of my favorite challenges to play. I haven't been playing sims lately, but after reading this I think I'm might now! I like a challenge, so the harder the better!
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