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Default Pet Collector Challenge
I've been doing a bunch of challenges that I found here. Each one was fun so I thought I'd make one of my own. If there is already a challenge like this and I'm 'coping' someone please let me know. I don't mean to.

Story/Plot: You (your sim) has always wanted to have pets but since your parents didn't like (or were allergic to) animals they didn't let you get any pets. So you decided when you grew up you were going to adopt and raise as many animals as you could.

I do use mods when I play. I find it makes doing certain challenges easier.
Mods you may need:
*Nraas MasterController
*Nraas MasterControllerCheats
*Nraas PortaitPanel

For those who don't know Portrait Panel will help you have more sims in your household along with the other mods listed

Setting up your sims:
*You can have as many sims as you wish in your household but two sims of opposite genders are recommended for easy family making as well as taking care of the animals
*You can start out with ONE animal type (one or more of that animal is fine)
*Your sim can have any traits you wish but traits such as Animal Lover and Neat are helpful

Setting up the lot:
*You can start on any sized plot, empty or other wise. Though empty is recommended as well as a 64x64 plot.
*You must live in a separate building then your animal companions excluding one pet that you pick out as the 'family' pet.
*Each animal must have their own individual room excluding 'family' pet. If you decide to pair off two pets as a 'couple' they can share a room
*If a pet is pregnant it must have it's own separate room that is decent size for mother and baby(s)

*No cheats that affect moods, relationships, incomes (excluding MasterController for editing familyfunds)
*You CANNOT sell pups, foals, kittens, or elderly animals
*You CAN sell adults as long as they DON'T have any negative traits and are happy (all needs full)
*You can befriend strays and adopt animals from your neighbors as well as adopt from the in game shelter
*You CANNOT buy any animals (ie. Equestrian center)
*If you plan to sell any of you're animals you must have a space created to "show" them off to other sims
*You can collect one type of animal if you feel collecting all three including the minor animals will be too much
*You CANNOT have a full time job
*You MUST be self employed since taking care of the animals you collect is your main job (You can use horses to race if you have any)
*If a pet runs away you must find it before you can adopt (collect) any more. You will also be fined for any run away pets since they caused 'trouble' while away from your care
*Animals are not allowed to leave the lot unless they are hunting or being riden
*If an animal fights or has a mean interaction with another animal both MUST be scolded and be locked in their rooms (basically a form of time out) for the rest of the day. They are not allowed to do anything when in 'time out'
*If you befriend a stray or wild horse you can use cheats to make that animal pregnant if it is female (duh) and you feel your household could use some extra friends
*You CANNOT use cheats to modify any animals you find or breed
*You can buy extra lots to fit your animals as you expand your collection
*You can have ONE ghost pet but you CANNOT breed it

Your goal is to collect and or breed as many animals as you can. You are essentially trying to create or find the 'perfect' animal for you.

Selling your adult pets:
Dogs: $300 +$75 if it's purebred (if pet is from CAS ignore the mixed title it is given and count it as purebred)
Cats: $250 +$75 if it's purebred (if pet is from CAS ignore mixed title it is given and count it as purebred)
Horses: $1000 +200 if it's purebred (if pet is from CAS ignore mixed title it is given and count it as purebred)

Breeding your pets:
This will cost you a bit of money since you have to buy the needed supplies for the unborn younglings
Dogs: $50
Cats: $30
Horses: $70


Positive: Friendly, Loyal, Neat, Non-Destructive, Playful, Proud, Quiet
Negative: Aggressive, Destructive, Noisy

Positive: Friendly, Loyal, Neat, Non-Destructive, Playful, Proud, Quiet
Negative: Aggressive, Destructive, Noisy

Positive: Agile, Brave, Fast, Friendly, Neat, Obedient, Playful, Quiet
Negative: Aggressive, Hates Jumping, Nervous, Noisy, Ornery, Untrained

*Purchasing perks allows you to better care for your pets

Gifted Animal Lover ($15,000)
*Makes befriending a new animal much easier

Animal Specialist ($30,000)
*Allows you to specialize in a certain animal. (minor animals excluded. ie., turtles, birds, etc) You can instantly befriend that animal type (equine, dog, or cat) and makes training them that much easier (wild horses can be adopted that much easier as well)

Always Prepared ($20,000)
*Never have to pay breeding fees again. You are always prepared even if your animal is bred to by accident

Random Occurrences:
*These will happen randomly throughout your game while you play (I use a roller to help me) You can chose to have one of these happen at any time (You have to use cheats to make these work properly)

Sneaking breeding (1-10):
*Oh no! One of your females has been impregnated! You must pay double the breeding fee for your lousy observation!

Injury (11-21):
*Oh no! One of your prized pets has become hurt. Their highest skill will be lower by three levels!

Dumped (22-32):
*Someone has left a pet(s) at your door! You must take them in and care for them now. If pet is female it has a chance of being pregnant (roll using the Sneaking Breeding numbers)

Spooked (32-42):
*There was a strange noise outside! Some of your pets have been spooked and left the lot! You must find them quickly before someone else takes them!

I hope you all enjoy this challenge! If you have any questions please let me know! I may also modify this challenge in the future so keep an eye out.
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