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Default Death House Challenge
So nobody liked the last challenge I posted, but that's not going to stop me from setting myself up for failure again! Maybe in the spirit of Halloween this challenge will be welcomed.
(Apologies if the category isn't right, but none of what I can see really describe this challenge.)

I've had this idea rattling around in my skullflesh for a while now. The challenge is as such: Your job is to create a house as full of dangerous/broken objects/features as possible, and kill sims with them. You're allowed to use debug to break objects, but not allowed to control any sims or make them USE the objects. The idea is that you, the player, are essentially the house that wants everyone inside of it to be dead. You are NOT allowed to control or influence the sims in any way, unless and until you have killed 10 sims: And then you can only "posses" one sim of your choosing until they are also dead. You MAY use mods such as guns, knives, etc, with this sim, in order to better complete your goal. You may NOT save this sim from any traps it may fall into while being possessed.
*It's highly recommended that you overstuff your sim household to 11 residents before officially beginning the challenge.*
It's highly recommended to use this sim to invite more sims into the household, if you haven't killed off the entire living sim population in your house. You are allowed to wait for any remaining adult sims to reproduce to add more sims, but may not personally direct them to.
You MAY use money cheats and build/buy as you go. Anything that doesn't involve any direct interaction with a non-posessed sim in question, is allowed.

The challenge ends when all of the sims are dead, and no more can be invited to join the household. Your score is as follows:
Adult sims: 1 point each
Elder sims: 1 point each
Teen sims: 2 points each
Child sims: 4 points each
Toddler/Baby sims: 10 points each
"Unlucky" sims: 15 points each (This only counts if they STAY dead. That's why it's worth so much!)
Meteor death: 1 point, regardless of sim age or trait (Meteors are arguably a too-easy way to kill sims without making any real effort regarding their environment. Killing babies/children/teens/unlucky sims this way will default their point value.)
Point value is determined roughly by how difficult it is to actually kill these sims, with or without direct control over them. I haven't included pets in this tally because as far as I know, they can't be killed other than of old age, so they aren't worth anything to this challenge.
You do, however, lose points for every sim that "escapes", namely by being taken away by CPS. -20 points per escape. More risk, more reward! You can choose to only move teens and adults/elders in, or you can add households with children for a bigger score...if you think you can kill them off in perfect succession!

You are allowed to do whatever it takes to kill your living sims, short of actually clicking on them and making them die. Wall off refrigerators, make rooms of highly flammable objects, build walls around pools and seal them when you have a victim in place, break electronics in puddles of water, use the weather to your advantage...the choices are endless! Any questions/suggestions are of course, welcome.
I personally like to see how many different ghost types I can get in a single house.
Happy simming. Bwahahahahahahahaaaa

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I have Supernatural, so I may just try putting jelly bean bushes in pots throughout the house, and making them the only source of food for the victims.

I have an idea for a challenge like this, only it's a Death Labyrinth instead of a Death House, and the challenge ends when one sim is left. I'm also planning to arm the sims with Dexter the Bear and/or the weapons mod, in the hopes that they'll get desperate enough to kill each other.
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How many sims do we have to start with?
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The original post says at least 11. For some reason I can't quote anything.
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Thank you!
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