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Default The Tropico Challenge (Must Have IP)
Tropico Is a game where you play as the dictator of a small island nation. Since there are no elections in the land of Sims, it can be assumed that Sims who achieve the top level of the political career track is a dictator by default (even though the title is "leader of the free world")

Anyway, this gave me an idea for a challenge y'all might like.

Step 1. Create "El Presidente" and family. The only required member will be The sim you plan on making the dictator of the island. They must be YA or older, and have the charismatic trait. They can have any lifetime wish, but the only career track they will ever be allowed to join is the Political career track. No other family members can join the political track unless they are the heir.

Step 2. Move the family into Isla Paradiso. The family does not need to start off wealthy or in a nice house, but they must hold onto every piece of property that comes into their possession, so I recommend moving them into a large, empty lot where the presidential palace will be built in due time. You are also free to use the Discoverallunchartedislands cheat to get the hidden islands if you can't be bothered to "earn" them. Put El Presidente in the political career, and rise to the top.

Step 3. Accumulate properties around the islands. Rising to the top of the political track is NOT the end of this challenge, it is only the beginning. Invest in businesses and properties around the islands so they are owned by the family and are, therefore "government property".

Step 4. Leave no lot unfilled. There are to be no empty lots, each property must generate income for El Presidente's family, whether it's a park, a business, or a resort. Get creative with different lot types, but try not to have multiple rabbit holes of the same type.

Step 5. Make everyone in the islands know El Presidente. It's not enough that El Presidente is leader of the free world, he also has to be the most popular guy in the islands! Have him know all his citizens, Put his picture up wherever you can, make the Islands bow down before El Presidente!

I recommend playing this without cheats (other than Discoverallunchartedislands). For the challenge to be complete, the following criteria must be met:

-El Presidente is Leader of the Free World
-El Presidente has a sweet presidential palace somewhere on the islands (residential lots don't need to be money generating)
-El Presidente and family owns every commercial lot on the islands
-Every lot owned by El Presidente's family is a level 3 investment OR is the full owner of the business
-El Presidente's Family has $1,000,000 in cash

Have fun... And hail El Presidente!
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