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Default RTD(oot) Challenge
RTD(oot) Challenge
Run the Dogs (out of town)

Supernatural is required! (it's a werewolf-specific challenge)

The point of this challenge is to be so plain-Jane that no one would believe your family is harboring a terrible secret: your lineage carries the curse of the wolf! Dip below 100 points, and your family (or heir) must move to a new town to start again. These points are a guide, and can be changed to suit each players' tastes, but basically your goal is to live as hum-drum as possible while keeping the beast tamed. So you're looking at the nuclear family (two parents; kids) settled snug in the suburbs. But if you earn enough points, you can bend the rules.

Have fun with it, though. Having done a couple of dry-runs, I had one singer Sim who turned into a werewolf for her performances (it was her stage character), and, of course, Halloween is a great time to transform and revel in wolf-hood while going undetected. I'm also loathe to tell people what "normal" is, so, again, the points system is a guide. If anyone has any other ideas for what should add/subtract points, let me know and I'll add it to the list!


Nightlife - multiply negative points by .5 for celebrities (rumors circulating around your Sim aren't good!)

-100 for public transformation
-10 for maid quitting
-10 for repo man
-10 for failing grade
-10 for demotion/fired
-5 for public pants-wetting
-20 for child-out-of-wedlock
-30 for breaking-up a marriage (breaking up boyfriends/girlfriends is fine, however)
-20 for passing on werewolf curse (with every new wolf, there's a chance of being caught!)
-10 each enemy or (disliked sim)

+5 for each friend (a healthy network of friends can downplay/refute the rumours!)
+5 for each job promotion
+5 for each successful party
+10 for marriage
+5 for each kid
+5 for each successful party (BBQs are the lifeblood of the suburbs, after all)
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