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Default The Nightfall Challenge (Days 1-60, Updates will happen)
Dark shadows gather over your world. The forces of hell rise every night, cutting your town off from the outside world. Only the sun brings salvation. You have no idea if it’s like this everywhere, but you are determined to survive – and perhaps escape. But until you can do that, you must resist the darkness.

This Challenge uses the D&D skill- and rolling system (to an extent). That means, You get a Difficulty Score (DC) that you must meet or exceed to pass a check. To do that, you must roll a 20-sided die (or use an online dice rolling app). You will get different modifiers for different skills your sim has (meaning you add to your roll)
You gain 1 modifier point per two skill levels. That means, if you are level 6 in a skill, you would add 3 to your roll.
Some circumstances may give you Disadvantage, in which case you roll twice and take the lower result.

Skills and what they modify:
Martial Arts – Combat
Athletic – Physical Fortitude
Gardening – Herbology, Survival (includes tracking etc.)
Alchemy, Cooking – Identifying poisons, Purifying food sources etc.
Charisma – Anything social
Logic – Various mental things, and mental fortitude
Handiness – self-explanatory
Science – Medical checks, anything to do with technology

The Sanity System:
Some events may cause your Sim to lose a sanity level. That puts them at a lower sanity level, effects of which are detailed below. Your sim may recover one sanity level by spending an entire day only doing what they enjoy (meaning generic fun activities, or more specific to the Sim in question. Like, a Loves the Outdoors sim may go for a walk, a virtuoso may listen to music etc). During this recovery period, the Sim may not perform ANY skill building activities or chores.
The Sanity effects STACK, which means if you’re at a level 3, you suffer the effects of levels 5, 4 and 3.
Sanity levels:
6 – You’re fine and function normally.
5 – You’re feeling paranoid, and will not interact with anyone below Good Friends level.
4 – You feel a lack of motivation and energy. Once your Sim fills their energy bar by sleeping, Use testingcheats to drag it back to the middle.
3. You feel scared all the time. Your Sim may not be alone in a room, excluding bathroom activities. If they are, roll a Logic check (DC 12). On a fail, you suffer an additional Sanity loss.
2. Your Sim now has disadvantage on every check they make.
1. The Darkness surrounds you. If your Sim does not recover a Sanity level by the next Dawn, the shadows consume them and they die.

Throughout your story, you may come in contact with possessed Sims, or even get one of your own possessed. When in this state, your Sim will be violent to everyone other than possessed sims and attack them (Spar or Fight).
To recover, you must isolate the possessed sim from anything and everything. Lock them in a small 4x4 room alone and without any objects inside for 24 hours. If they are still alive after that period, they are considered liberated from Possession, but are at Sanity Level 3.

Combat and Injury:
If your Sim wins a Spar/Fight, you’re fine. If you lose, roll on this table to see what injury they suffer: (No modifiers for this roll!)
Combat with NPCs may also be a Martial Arts check

1. Blunt force head trauma. You may not participate in any mental activities for 24 hours.
2. Ankle Sprain. You must walk everywhere and your cannot stand for longer than three hours at a time
3. Heavy Blood Loss. Use testingcheats to drain your Sim’s energy bar so they pass out. Roll an Athletic check (DC 14). If you fail, your Sim is out of commission for the rest of the week (3 days if it happens on a Sunday)
4. Broken Leg. Your Sim may not perform any actions that involve standing or moving around a lot for three days.
5. Internal Organ Damage. Another Sim must perform a DC 16 Science check, or the affected Sim perishes.
6. Blow to the Stomach. Your Sim has vomited all their stomach contents. Drag their hunger bar into the red.

At some points in the story, you will be allowed to visit the Elixir Consignment store. In addition to their ingame effects, Elixirs have the following benefits:

Ad Nauseum: cures poison
Vial of Potent Bliss: Lets your reroll one check per elixir
Cure Elixir: Restores 1 Sanity level and heals 1 Injury
Essence of Magic: Gives your next Logic check a +2
Potent Invigorating Elixir: Gives the drinker a +2 on any mental check until the next Dawn
Potent Cure Elixir: Restores a Sim to level 6 Sanity and Cures all Injuries. Will also remove Possession.

Setting up:
Create a minimum of four YA sims and built them a home. You may use money cheats to build, but reset your funds to 5.000 when you’re done.
You will need the Martial Arts skill, so use buydebug to get the training dummy.
You may use buydebug to buy 3 fully mature base game plants.

General Rules:
All your sims must be human.

You can only cook with what you have. That means, if a meal has a price next to it, you can’t make it. No quick meals!

If you eat anything of normal or lower quality, roll a D20. 1-5: You’re poisoned and will die within three days unless cured. 6-10: You vomit your food. Drag your hunger bar back to where it was before the meal. 11-20: you’re fine.

You cannot go outside during the night. If you do, you die. The same applies to Storms, Rain etc. Basically anything that obscures the sun.

You may not use Build/buy outside of specified events once the game starts.

You may not use any stores (Including Consignment Stores) outside of specified events.

If a child is born during the game, Roll a D20. If you roll below 10, the child is born with the Evil trait.
The Evil trait attracts the shadows. If you have it, roll a Logic check (DC 12) every Sunday. If you fail, you get possessed.

Play with the lunar cycle. If your sim gets bitten by a zombie, they are considered poisoned and will die unless cured withtin three days.

When socializing with NPC sims, Roll a D20. Below a 5, they are Possessed and will attack you. You must fight them.

If you find a seed in the wild, Roll a Gardening check (DC10). If you fail, the seed is corrupted and unusable.

The Events:
Day 1: You wake up to blood in the streets. Something terrible happened last night. You tune in to your local news channel and listen to an emergency broadcast that instructs you to stay inside after dark and prepare for the worst. No one has been able to leave town since yesterday and supplies will run scarce if the town does not learn to be self-sufficient.
You may go out and spend up to 350 Simoleons at the local grocery store. However, the sights you will see on your way there are distressing. Roll a Logic check (DC10) if you fail, you lose a Sanity level.

Day 3: Your entire Household is plagued by a horrible nightmare. Voices whispering devilish things into their very souls. Roll a Logic check for each of them (DC 8). On a fail, they get possessed.

Day 5: A Solar eclipse darkens the sky. You may not leave the house during the day.

Day 7: The local Witch Coven has opened the Elixir store for the day. If your choose to go there, you will encounter a mad crowd swarming for supplies. Pick any random Sim and fight them.

Day 8: Something broke into your garden during the night. Harvest all your plants, but destroy the yield.

Day 10: The whispers are back. Roll a Logic check (DC 10) to avoid possession.

Day 13: At exactly 12PM, a locust swarm descends upon your lot. Any sim outside at that point must succeed a DC 15 Athletic check or suffer the Heavy Blood Loss effect and lose a sanity level.

Day 15: The Town is coming together to trade. You may visit your regular consignment store.

Day 16: A strange silence falls over the town. You may not speak to anyone or listen to music/Watch TV. Any Sim that is in the red with social by dusk must succeed a DC 14 Logic check or lose a Sanity level.

Day 18: You hear a loud, desperate pounding at your door. If you choose to open, roll a D20. Below 10, it is a possessed sim that promptly charges in and assaults you. Make a DC 14 Martial Arts check. If your fail, you suffer an injury. Above at 10, it’s a frightened little girl. Adopt a child to your household. She will be at Sanity level 3.

Day 21: The grocery store is open. You may spend up to 250 Simoleons.

Day 24: On your daily supply run, you encounter a clearly unhinged man. He threatens you with a weapon and demands whatever food you currently have in your fridge. You
A) attempt to reason with him: DC 15 Charisma. On a Success, he breaks down in tears and tells you that his elderly mother is sick and he’s trying to trade food for a cure elixir, but he barely has enough to keep his family fed. You can give him some of your food, or an Elixir if you have one.
On a Fail, he attacks you. Roll on the Injury table and delete 15 food items from your storage.
B) attack him before he can attack you: Roll a Martial Arts (DC 13) check. If you fail, you lose 15 food and roll on the injury table.

Day 27: The Whispers are back, and stronger than ever. Roll a DC 12 Logic check or become possessed.

Day 30: All water in town has turned to blood overnight. You cannot fish or use plumbing (except for toilets, peeing in the blood is permitted) for two days. If you eat any produce harvested during this timeframe, roll an Athletic check (DC15). On a fail, you are poisoned and will die within three days unless cured.

Day 35: Tonight, the horrors of the dark broke through your defenses. Roll Athletics checks for every member of your household (DC 12). Those that fail are caught and dragged away. Do not try to rescue them, there is nothing you can do.
Move your household to a different, empty lot and build them a house with whatever simoleons you currently have. You may take 20 food items and 3 elixirs with you. Everything else is lost to the assault.
All survivors lose a Sanity level.

Day 36: If you helped the man from Day 24, you will meet him again. He is overjoyed to see that you’re still alive and tells you how he’s been doing. Thanks to your help, his mother is on the mend, and to show his gratitude, he gives you items worth 1.000 Simoleons that he scavenged. Use kaching and buy what you want in Build/buy. You also recover a Sanity level from seeing a friendly face.
If you attacked him first, he will be furious with you and attack you on sight. Roll a DC 13 Martial Arts check to avoid injury.

Day 39: Another solar eclipse. You may not leave the house. Pass a DC 12 Logic check or lose a Sanity level, as you glance up at the blood red sky.

Day 41: The Witches open the elixir store!

Day 43: The horrors trashed your garden. Dispose of two mature plants.

Day 44: The infernal influence over your town has messed with written script. From now on, you may no longer read books. This includes using Alchemy Stations.

Day 48: The power is out. Use fires to keep the light level around your sims to avoid the horrors of the dark when night falls. If you have no fire-light sources, you may buy some in Build/buy. You may send two of your Sims to try and get the local power plant back online. They must both succeed a DC 15 Handiness check to do so.

Day 51: If you managed to gather 500 scrap metal by now, you can build a generator that lets you use electrical lights at night, or one appliance during the day – either one or the other, not both! If you don’t have that much scrap, it’s time to scavenge some more.

Day 53: The Whispers have returned. Succeed a Logic DC 14 roll to avoid Possession.

Day 55: The grocery store and the Consignment store are open. You may spend 100 Simoleons in the Grocery store.

Day 58: Something has possessed your plants. If you go near your garden, succeed a DC 14 Athletics check or suffer an Ankle sprain, as vicious vines lash out and trip you.

Day 60: You have survived this far. It’s only going to get worse from here on. Give yourself 2.500 Simoleons and upgrade your homestead to your wishes.

I will update this challenge with new events as time goes, if people like it. Thank you for considering my stuff! <3
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